How to Block And Unblock a Someone Contact on Google Hangouts? The Ultimate Guide


How to block and unblock a contact on Google Hangouts? :- Google hangouts are the messaging application developed by Google for its users. The application can be used in all platforms however, the application isn’t popular among the users like its competitive application like skype.

Google has announced to replace the classic hangout application with the new chat applications namely Google Meet and Google Hangout Chat.

Here in this post, we will discuss the classic hangout and new hangout chat application. Let’s begin.

Google is the place where work begins. This is the first place where you discover a new idea while for one. Your email partners, contractors, colleagues, they all use Gmail.

You make calculations in Google Sheets, record reports in Google Docs, and launch video calls in Hangouts so that everyone is on the same wavelength of the project. Everything seems to be fine, but what was missing until today is the connection between these services.

Absorbed in a bunch of letters, search histories, notes, and tables, the project becomes clear only to you alone. And this is the first reason to use the new Google Hangouts Chat.

The tool, which has become the coolest addition is Google Hangouts Meet video calls and Hangouts Chat which are fully focused on business tasks. Like the classic Google Talk text chat and Hangouts video conferencing, the new Hangouts Chat is the easiest way to discuss ideas with colleagues.

This time the whole team works in one service. The new hangouts chat has the same features as that of classic hangouts with additional features and benefits.

First, know what google hangouts are.

What is google hangouts?

The word Hangout is used to designate a place to hang out, that is to say, a meeting in a club or similar. This is about Hangouts, meeting in a place, of course virtual, to develop a meeting with others to discuss different topics or talk about hobbies and others.

Of course, it also offers the possibility of using it in the business world to organize meetings, all with high-quality video and audio.

Origin of Google Hangouts

Video calls have long since ceased to be something more related to science fiction than to the reality of every day. Positioning themselves as a real alternative to the traditional telephone service, with all the benefits and advantages that this entails.

It was Skype, first of the hand of its creators and then of the hand of Microsoft. The application that opened the way for it to begin to seriously consider the possibility of replacing part of the services offered by telephone operators. With applications that the user could install on your computer and use in the way that best suits you.

Hangouts were originally developed by Google to replace and unify services that were previously provided by Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Google+ Hangouts separately.

With the criterion of obtaining a greater market share and being able to offer users a reliable and modern communications system, Google put several teams of developers to work. They used parts of the Google Talk code to create a new tool that in their Early phase would be known as Babble, but that would later be renamed Hangouts.

Over time, Hangouts has become one of the most interesting messaging tools, and this has a lot to do with it being cross-platform. An option that other applications of its kind are not able to offer, at least in a way direct.

What can you do with Google Hangouts?

The interesting thing about Hangouts is that using them to interact with customers brings many of the benefits that are typical of blogs. But they are also a great channel for the advantages of the video format.

Video is a much more didactic channel than text with images to explain, for example, what a particular product or service consists of, or how it is used. As you probably do not know yet what exactly can be done with Hangouts, before starting to talk about how to take advantage of the. Here is a shortlist with the main features of this tool:

  • Make video conferences
  • Create a public or exclusive video conferencing, upon invitation
  • Connect different cameras to the Hangout, being able to switch them so that this would allow seeing. For example, different areas of a room or different people
  • You can access a Hangout from mobile devices (Android and iPhone)
  • You can upload documents to the Hangout to share them with attendees
  • You can share your screen (completely or partially, that is, concrete windows)
  • You can utilize other channels at the same time to communicate

Despite being a free tool, it already has good features, more than enough, to take advantage of them.

Benefits of Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts have numerous advantages which you may not know. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Organize your business in a much more flexible way

If you have a small business or are self-employed and outsource to people, you know how complicated it is to support a fixed cost structure with those tremendous ups and downs of work.

That you suffer from such a company, more in a situation as complicated as the current one in those great difficulties arise to collect, etc. For this type of organization, the development of freelance marketplaces can be a very interesting alternative since there are already very good sites such as

In this way, you can maintain a small business core and hire specialized professionals on-demand (for specific projects).

This in itself is nothing new, but what a tool like the Hangouts adds is that it makes it a much more viable and operational way of working. Because it makes it possible to work practically the same in the distance as in the office, especially when several people have to meet to discuss something.

  1. Be more productive and save time and money

Most of the meetings and displacements of professional life are unnecessary, it could be resolved perfectly with a medium such as a videoconference via Hangout.

All this without mentioning that most of the meetings tend to be somewhat unproductive and uninteresting. The problem of this is only cultural, many clients may not feel comfortable because they simply have not tried it yet. But others, although few, will be open to this new possibility, they will even know how to value it once they see its benefits.

Consider it not only with customers but also with suppliers and collaborators. Even if you only manage to create this habit with a few, every improvement in productivity is good.

  1. Perform marketing actions with minimal costs

An unlimited number of people can participate in the variant of Hangouts on Air (or Hangouts live). This fits very well with the organization of marketing actions such as the webinar format that is increasingly popular in training and online marketing.

Think that there are many reasons why webinars work very well, among the most obvious are the comfort for the participants. The fact of being able to reach a large audience that otherwise could not attend in person and the accessibility of the speakers (usually use some form of direct feedback type chat).

Of course, there is a way to take advantage of this for your business and all at zero cost.

  1. Make free live demonstrations of your products

A good demonstration of a product is one of the best selling points. The problem is that using traditional means implies displacement and is not efficient to reach only a client. Or it requires considerable effort in time and money (organizing a small event).

Hangouts are a fantastic alternative, but it is more, you can add a very interesting twist. Do the Hangout first (which gives that touch of personal contact to the demonstration), but at the same time look for ways to take advantage of the video to keep it on your own YouTube channel and keep receiving visitors.

Also, it is possible to give a tutorial format (especially effective for its usefulness).

  1. Expand your service portfolio and generate new revenue streams

A medium such as Hangouts makes it possible to create new services that before, due to travel and cost, would have been unviable. The most obvious example is perhaps training, a new service that was created following the demand of people in smaller cities.

That could not be satisfied by not reaching a sufficient number of students in these cities to cover the costs. The webinars formula has allowed covering this demand.

This is just an example of infinite small services in principle unfeasible due to limitations such as physical distance, etc. And that, however, can be provided with competitive prices and maintaining good profitability with Hangouts.

  1. It improves the quality and deducts the cost of traditional services

Many offline activities can be perfectly transferred to the online world. In this case, the advantages of using a Hangout are evident instead of having to organize traditional training with the room, catering, etc.

It is a great opportunity to reduce costs and be more competitive, although it is not about banishing traditional activities. Such as presentation training, but of complementing the traditional offer with new options.

  1. Get out of your country to compete without leaving home

Of all the great advantages that Hangouts provide, the most important of all is the fact that cloud services can be provided outside your country practically as easy as within the country.

Hangouts largely compensate for limitations related to physical presence. Thanks to technologies such as Hangouts, the problem of physical presence limitations can be largely replaced.

  1. Can communicate with many people in one group

The advantage of this hangout application is that through it, we can communicate with many people in one group. For example, you have 100 contacts in the group, you can communicate with the whole group. The number of contacts that can enter the group is based on the number of contacts in your smartphone.

Another example is you have a work project. If you and some of the people involved have a Google account, then you can create your groups easily and quickly. You don’t even need to use other instant messaging applications.

  1. Can express interactions with status messages

The communication made with Google Hangout is not only through a message, audio, image, or video. But we can also take advantage of other interactive features through Google Hangout.

One of them is with a status message. By utilizing this status feature, we can send our current situation or can contact your group using the status message function. We can add distinctive features in chatting such as emoticons and very interesting GIF animations.

Not only status in the form of text. With this Google Hangout feature, we can send statuses in other forms of multimedia such as photos, videos, or your current location.

  1. Can chat simultaneously

Usually, if we want to contact someone, we can only go through conversations with one person. However, if you utilize Google Hangout, you can have conversations with many contacts at once in one whole group.

For example, you have 5 people in one contact group, then you can contact the five people together. This is certainly very helpful if you want to get together but cannot come physically. You can also add new contacts in the group as long as they do not exceed the recommended limit.

Amazingly you can have a conversation for free by using the Google Hangout application. Besides being able to make calls together, we can also carry out conversations through the chat feature as usual even though we are receiving calls from video calls. This is quite helpful for us in multitasking.

  1. Can be used on all devices

To be able to access Google Hangout features, it can not only be obtained via smartphones alone. We can also access Google Hangout via a PC or laptop via a browser.

We can even synchronize each device with a single Google account only. It also makes it easier and convenient for us to change devices from a smartphone to a PC or vice versa. Another benefit of this Google Hangout is that it can be opened on any of the best web browsers.

So, this Google Hangout can be used on Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and various other browsers. Operating systems that are used can vary, ranging from Android, IOS, and Windows.

  1. Automatically sent even though there is no internet network

Another plus of this Google Hangout is that messages can be sent automatically even though there is no internet connection. Usually, in some other instant messaging applications, we have to resend messages that we send when there is no internet connection.

This is quite different from Google Hangout. In this application, we don’t need to bother having to resend messages when there is no internet connection. When there is no internet connection, the system on Google Hangout will delay sending the message until the internet connection reappears.

This also applies when the internet connection goes slow or irregular. The speed of delivery will run slowly, but will not break up in the middle of the way as long as there is internet flow.

Disadvantages of Google Hangouts

  1. To participate in a videoconference, it is essential to have a Google account. Although the technology giant is undoubtedly one of the world references, in certain age segments and in a good number of countries it is not the reference email service.
  2. When you share the screen, the student only sees your screen and stops seeing you, so the communication between them is more complicated and colder.
  3. It doesn’t have a specific desktop application and that forces you to use the web browser.
  4. Although it can be recorded through YouTube, the process is not suitable for all audiences. And in the end, the class video is on YouTube, not on your computer.

Features of google hangouts that you may not know with additional features of hangouts chat

  1. Make phone calls using your computer

Did you know that Hangouts allows you to make phone calls with Hangouts in Gmail, and the Chrome extension? To do this, just have a Google account and one of the latest versions installed on your computer.

To make a call, just click the phone icon located at the bottom of the chat window for your chosen version of Hangouts. Click on the magnifying glass to search for contacts already registered or enter a phone number you want to call and click Call.

If your voice calls in Google Chat don’t work after upgrading to Google Chrome 42, you’ll need to use Hangouts to avoid this problem.

  1. Make video calls

Making video calls in Hangouts is extremely simple: just open the chat window with the desired contact. And then click on the camcorder icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

A pop-up will open and you will be able to select the conversation link in the upper right corner and also add new people to the chat. Also, if you move your mouse to the left corner of the screen, you will see several interesting tools.

Such as Google Effects, which allow you to add fun animations on top of live videos. Before starting your first video call, Google alerts you that you need to check the system requirements for Hangouts. Such as:

  • The latest software is required for the webcam.
  • For the best video quality, place a light source behind the camera so that it is well lit. Webcams do not work well in low light situations.
  • Connect your headset. For the best audio quality for your call, it is recommended to use a headset with an integrated microphone.
  • Download and install the most recent and latest version of the Hangouts plugin.
  1. Create groups on Hangouts

You can also use Hangouts to chat with multiple people at the same time, including by video. You can send messages in a group discussion with up to 150 people or have a video call with up to ten people.

To start a conversation, just open a chat window with a contact you want to be part of the group. Click on the + icon in the upper left corner to open your contact list. Finally, just select the people you’d like to include in the conversation and they’ll be invited to join.

  1. Send photos and GIFs

You can also add photos directly to your Hangouts conversations from a variety of sources. Just click on the icon that shows a mountain in the lower right corner of a chat window to open a pop-up with a series of option tabs. Your options are:

  • Upload photos: here you can search for a file on your computer to send in the chat;
  • Automatic backup: refers to any photos that you have allowed Google to automatically store from your Android device;
  • Photos: refers to any image that has been uploaded to Google’s Photos cloud storage service;
  • Albums: are images organized from various sources, including previous chats with specific people;
  • Video search: allows you to search for video links on YouTube ;
  • Webcam: allows you to take photos with the webcam to send to your contacts.
  • You still have the option to drag a photo that is already open on your computer and play it in the open dialog box and still scribble freely on top of them.
  1. Emoticons and stickers

If you like to compliment your conversations with fun images, Hangouts is packed with options. To access the library of emoticons and stickers (some of them animated), just click on the famous smiling face in the lower-left corner of a chat window. Unfortunately, Hangouts does not yet allow you to send multiple emoticons on a single line.

  1. Make drawings

Hangouts also offer the service of making drawing for its users. To use it, just hover your mouse over the image icon (mountain drawing) in the bottom corner of a chat window for a pencil icon to appear on the screen. Click on this icon and a free area will appear for you to draw.

You can choose brush sizes, shapes, colors, and desired transparency. An interesting detail about the pencil feature is that it can also be used to draw freely on other images, such as photos and stickers. Just hover your mouse over an uploaded image and notice that the pencil icon appears in the upper right corner.

  1. Know the configuration options

With a chat window open you can see a gear icon in the upper right corner. Just click on this option to see the configuration options specific to each user. For example, you can choose whether to receive notifications, save your conversation history, archive or delete messages and even block the user.

Also, if you’re accessing Hangouts in Gmail, you can access general settings using a small arrow next to your name, just above your chat contact list on the left of the screen. Here you can set your status, show your contacts which device you are using, configure your notifications, among other things.

8. Basic Communication Features

Like many other instant messaging platforms for professionals, Hangouts Chat offers many useful features for users in most of their actions. Such as sending private messages, or making voice and video calls with contacts, creating group conversations with friends, sending documents, texts, maps, videos.

All the elements that allow you to personalize your conversations and illustrate your different messages… It is also possible to join calls audio and video already launched, at the touch of a button.

Hangouts Chat was developed for use at all times: developed as a software and as an application. This tool synchronizes perfectly on Windows or Mac OS computers for optimal use regardless of the device used, but also with smartphones.

This makes it easy to communicate with colleagues or loved ones from anywhere!

Hangouts Chat has also been developed in an application form, so you can download the dedicated application via your Store, whether you are on iOS or Android. This is a complete solution that supports people who use Google’s productivity suite daily.

Its sleek design allows the user to easily find the action buttons to create a conversation in a few clicks and start discussions.

  1. The Google + for a resolutely digital hangout

You can link all of Google’s apps in Hangouts Chat, which other competitors don’t. This allows you to easily share a folder using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. So, during a work meeting, sharing documents online is faster and easier, using Google Drive for example.

Participating in meetings, even from a distance, becomes a child’s play! Scheduling team meetings is very easy with Hangouts Chat.

Hangouts Chat is currently equipped with 26 bots which all play an essential role in the development of your discussions, to facilitate all your interactions.

Collaboration and project management will, therefore, be easier to implement, communication between the different participants will also be more fluid. For management teams, customer relations, human resources, or for the management of tasks such as accounting will be provided by other bots.

You can also create your tasks, but also for your team or other people. You are also notified when people assign tasks to you or when a member of your team changes their timetable.

You will get real-time updates directly in your Chat. You can also join a video conference on Hangouts Meet. Indeed, Google has set up a Google Drive and Hangouts Meet bot, which simplifies the sharing of files hosted on your Drive and your Google Calendar.

You should know that Hangouts Meet, uses artificial intelligence to plan your different meetings. The Hangouts Meet bot can scan your calendar as well as those of your colleagues or other people, and suggest dates and times that best suit both parties.

Making an appointment is, therefore, easier, saving time that is not negligible daily. As a company, you too can create your bots, which correspond to your different interactions. Hangouts Chat is currently a tool available in 28 languages.

It, therefore, allows you to be in contact with the whole world at any time of the day. So wherever you are, you stay connected, and securely!

How to use google hangout easily?

If you already have a Gmail account made, move directly to the next process below to use Google Hangout.

  1. How to use google hangout on PC

Use of Google Hangout on a personal computer (PC) can be done by opening the address or opening Google Hangout in Gmail. After this, the user is asked to click on the top new conversation + icon.

From there, enter and select the name or email address that you want to contact so the user can directly type a message to send. In addition to instant messaging, users can make video calls as well.

2. How to use google hangout on Android

It is a powerful videoconferencing service developed by Google. It has an Android application, which is an interesting alternative to WhatsApp or Line. You can download the Google Hangouts app for Android from the Google Play store.

To start the application, click on its icon, on the phone’s home screen. When it has opened, slide your finger over to the left. This way you will access your contact list. Keep in mind that you can only talk to those contacts who also have Google Hangouts installed on their phones.

Click on the name of the contact you want to talk to. A conversation window will be displayed. In the base you will see two options:

  • Click on this option if you want to write to your contact. You can also send photos and videos.
  • Video call. Click here if you want to hold a video conference with your friend. It is recommended that you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

3. How to use google hangout on iPhone and iPad

Like in android, you can use the hangout application n iPad, and iPhone. Open the application and select the bottom and tap on add+. hen type the person’s name with whom you want to communicate.

Below are some tips and tricks on how to use Hangouts Chat correctly so that the project will be as productive as possible.

  1. Conversations in Google Hangouts Chat

Starting hangouts chat is very simple – all you need is a G Suite account because everyone from the team is already invited to the chat. Hangouts Chat is included in any of the packages (G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise). So if your company uses Gmail you can already start using Hangouts Chat.

  • The first thing you notice on Google Hangouts Chat is the focus on conversations. Older chat applications such as AOL Instant Messenger and Google Talk focus on messages, individual things that we talk about in the chat. You think to say something, open the necessary chat. Perhaps the message is due to what you already discussed with your colleagues yesterday. In the chat, it will still be a new message since it was published today, while all other messages in which your group regularly communicated earlier will be after it.
  • And in Google Hangouts Chat dialogs, only new ideas will be displayed in new dialogs. All other answers fall into old messages. You will always have a whole conversation in one place. Some things in Hangouts Chat are organized in the same way as in older chat apps or channels. The chats are organized into rooms, and when you want to talk with someone specific, you send them a direct message in private, focused on dialogs. In chat rooms, however, the focus on dialogs is slightly different from how we usually chat.
  • If you want to share something new – the thought that you were thinking about, the document you just finished, the video that you found this morning. You open the chat room you want, click the New dialogue button in the bottom center and write a new message. But if you are the other way around – just came up with a solution to the problem that your team discussed yesterday. Or thought of a witty answer to your friend’s joke from last week — you tighten up the early conversations and respond directly to the old message.
  • It is much easier and simple than it sounds. Google Hangouts Chat itself displays conversations with the most recent replies at the bottom of the chat list. Whenever you open a room, first of all, you see conversations with the most recent answers That is if someone started a new conversation 10 minutes ago, and someone answered a weekly conversation 5 minutes ago, you will see two of them when open chat.
  • If you need something older – search for help. Click the search icon at the top of the Hangouts Chat or press the Alt + / key combination on a PC or Option + / key on a Mac to search your dialogs. First, the search will check the current room; select All chat rooms and direct correspondence on the left sidebar to search through all the dialogs. Then search for what you need and Hangouts Chat will show a full dialogue with the context and the GO TO CHAT button so you can return to that dialogue and resume the discussion.
  • Whether you are answering an old conversation or starting a new one, sometimes one text is not enough. You may need to contact a colleague right away or create a video call. Hangouts Meet video conferencing is also integrated into Hangouts Chat. To start a call with everyone in the room, click the Meet button (icon with a chat and a video camera) in any field. Or dial only one person by opening a direct message with him and clicking the Meet button in his dialogue.

How to block a contact in Google Hangouts?

Today, social networks have become an essential part of communication for many users who, through them, can communicate with people who are on the other side of the planet.

Undoubtedly, these platforms have become more popular over time, and that is why their utilization has been extended on a large scale. Undoubtedly one of the media of communication preferred by many users is through the video call.

Blcok and Unblock Someone on Google hangout
Blcok and Unblock Someone on Google hangout

This permits you to have a telephone conversation while the possibility of seeing you with the other person. Among the most prominent platforms that offer this service effectively, we find Google Hangouts. It is a Google messaging service.

The problem of this appears when we have contact with whom we do not want to have more relationships or do not want to know that we use this service. This or other reasons may be those that make us block the contact.

If so, here’s how you can block a contact in Google Hangouts in a few simple steps.

  • On your computer, go to the URL or open your Gmail.
  • Select the contact from your contact list to open a conversation.
  • Click Settings at the top of the conversation, then click Block and report blocking.
  • To report abuse, check the Report also box.
  • To block only the person, clear the Declare checkbox as well.
  • Click confirm.
  • If you report abuse, a copy of the last 10 messages of your conversation will be sent to Google for review.

If you block someone, you can see that they are online, but cannot send you messages. If you block or ignore a user, you can also report abuse.

How to block someone in Google Hangouts on mobile devices?

There are minor differences in this process, depending on whether you have an Android or an iPhone:

  • Open the Hangouts application.
  • If you are using an Android, open a call by pressing the plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen for a new call. Or by selecting a call on the main screen.
  • If you are using an iPhone, tap the Conversations tab at the end of the screen, then open a call.
  • Press the three dots, then select People.
  • Select the contact name you want to block, then press Block (or Block users if you have an iPhone).
  • Touch Block again to confirm your decision.
  • Once the person is blocked, they will no longer appear in your contact list and you will no longer be able to see them in your list or chat with you. If you have Google Plus, they will be removed from your circle and cannot see or comment on your messages. However, you can still see their public activity on Google.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked on Google Hangouts?

Above you have learned how to block contacts in hangouts from whom you don’t want to communicate anymore. But if you have also become one of the contacts for others whom they want to block, and say if you have been eventually blocked. How would you know?

  • A clue that something is wrong is if the person is not responding to your messages, as the recipient is simply not receiving them anymore.
  • The next step is to send a message to the contact in question and observe.
  • If Hangouts returns the message Message not sent. Tap to try again, it could mean that you’ve either been blocked or the app is experiencing connection issues.
  • To clear up the doubt, what you should do is send messages to other contacts, and see if they receive it. If so, send another message to the contact that you suspect has blocked you.
  • If Hangouts again warns you that the message could not be delivered, but you can send them to others, there is a 100% chance that you have been blocked.

How to unblock contact in Google Hangouts?

If you have regretted and want to unblock a contact that you have previously blocked in Hangouts, you have to do the following.

  • The first thing you should do is enter your Google Hangouts account and click on the three dots icon in the left sidebar.
  • In the menu that is going to be displayed, we have to scroll down until we see the Setting option.
  • Now we have to select the people whom you want to unblock.
  • Finally, we have to tap on Unblock so that this contact appears again in our friends’ list. And we can receive notifications again and exchange messages with him as usual.

In this way, we would block or unblock the contacts that we have considered appropriate in Google Hangouts.


Indeed, Hangouts Chat takes the confidentiality of your data seriously and offers you a secure interface throughout your experience. The Google suite is evolving more and more and allows Google users to have a complete experience by staying on the same platform.

What cheer up a large number of people but also to drive away a large number of competitors. The functionalities of tools such as Hangouts Chat allow users to communicate effectively, quickly and calmly, in the office or on the other side of the world.

In short, a real revolution that must be watched closely.


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