Comparing Convertkit Vs Mailerlite | Which Is Better Option For You in This Year 2020?


Comparing ConvertKit vs Mailerlite for you in this year 2020: – How do you meet the right provider in a digital world with endless email marketing options? Many claim that they can help you increase your reach, audience engagement, and ultimately conversions.

And they all promise to help you increase your audience engagement, deliverability, targeted traffic, and increased conversions. The fact that you can use the best email marketing software to gradually cultivate leads, provide timely updates, and sell to existing customers has become commonplace.

What remains to be done and perhaps the most powerful function of the email marketing platform is the automation of email marketing. This is what will probably take you more time to manage all aspects of your small business than you would have liked.

So, if you could provide your company with a convenient email automation tool that really only requires your input in the initial setup phase and then continues to run almost autonomously, why shouldn’t you?

If you are looking for the best email marketing tool, you are likely to come across MailerLite and ConvertKit. A good email marketing tool should be part of your email marketing strategy for your blog or website. It really is the entry point of your email marketing funnel.

MailerLite (over 750,000 customers) and ConvertKit (developers made over $ 270 million in 2019) have similar features, but they both have a different approach to email marketing.

These differences are reflected in email design and customization, workflow automation, email marketing automation, A / B testing, reporting, email segmentation, and pricing. MailerLite and ConvertKit take a different approach to segment subscribers. I think ConvertKit is more intuitive, flexible, and simple because of its labeling system.

No one wants a free product that is flawed and unpolished. In fact, people are willing to pay higher prices for a product that meets their needs and wants. Of course, the price must match the characteristics of the email marketing platform so that they can consider spending cash on it.

For one, it has a free email marketing tool to reach more than 1,000 subscribers. It’s so sophisticated that it offers marketing automation features, embeddable forms on your website, and more. On the other hand, this email service provider charges you from the start and offers almost the same functions.

Convertkit Vs Mailerlite

Who is ConvertKit for?

ConvertKit is aimed at freelancers and small businesses who want to make money from their blog. Since it lacks a drag and drops email editor, it is best suited for people who have the technical knowledge and know enough code to be able to create an email using an HTML editor.

Who is Mailchimp for?

Mailchimp’s user-friendly interface, along with its personalized in-app tips, makes it a good choice for people who have never used email marketing software before, or companies who don’t want to spend a lot of time creating campaigns. But its robust feature set also means it’s suitable for email marketing experts.

Mailerlite vs Convertkit: their pros and cons

Email marketing tools are a complicated group. Many of them are excellent and offer more than enough value to justify your intention to choose them. Due to the unique features of both tools, you can quickly choose Mailerlite or ConvertKit depending on your business priorities.

At the same time, none of the best email marketing platforms is perfect. Apparently the best email marketing software has dents and scratches that didn’t show up until they were used.

This also applies to Mailerlite and ConvertKit. Although both tools are good, they are not for everyone. Therefore, you cannot blindly sign up for a paid subscription to any of the platforms without reading reviews like this one. It is my job to help you invest in the right email tool for your business.

Below are the pros and cons of each tool you should consider before making a decision.

Mailerlite Advantages

  • Affordable – There’s no question that Mailerlite is at the top of many people’s lists due to its affordable price. It doesn’t offer a free rate for up to 2,000 subscribers like MailChimp. Mailerlite is much cheaper in the long run than MailChimp or one of its competitors.
  • Many customizable features: If you want to mark all the emails you send, Mailerlite is for you. You can customize all available newsletter templates to include your logo and color scheme. With the “Unsubscribe from page” option, you can edit the message before unsubscribing from your mailing list, hoping to return to your good pages. Finally, you can customize all of your emails by uploading an image of yourself to create images that you can use for all of your emails.

Disadvantages of Mailerlite

  • Too many options: There are too many options because you cannot choose the correct one. If you’re not overwhelmed by email marketing best practices, Mailerlite can fall prey to the pitfalls of the wrong email. For example, there is a chance that you may include more than enough images in your newsletter, which can cause all of your emails to be moved to the recipient’s spam folder.
  • Non-transparent approval system: Unlike other email platforms where you can sign up for free or during a trial period, Mailerlite requires you to follow the step-by-step instructions for the system to approve your account. You must fill in all the details of your account, including your website, email address about the domain of your website, and other information. The problem is that you have no guidance on what to do next to complete the process. You must find out for yourself how to complete your process and submit it for approval. To make matters worse, the system does not say why your account is being rejected (if it arrives at this time). They did everything possible to complete his profile so that in the end he was fired without rhyme or reason.

Advantages of Convertkit

  • Simple and uncomplicated: ConvertKit follows the idea that less is actually more. While ConvertKit offers limited functionality compared to the most popular platforms, you can keep up to date with the best email marketing tools. As a result, the tool is very easy to use and intuitive for people with no email marketing experience. ConvertKit makes creating autoresponders fun and interesting instead of being arrogant.
  • Subscriber-based system: Unlike other tools that implement the list-based system, ConvertKit allows you to organize all your subscribers using tags. They are not divided into lists, which makes emailing them much more convenient. You do not have to start the same campaigns for each list. All you have to do is enter the labels of the subscribers from whom you want to receive your emails. This can be done in one action.
  • Excellent automation flow: One thing you can love about ConvertKit is that there is a good guide to what your subscribers get. It is easy to configure flows so that a subscriber running X receives Y series of emails. ConvertKit also makes it easier to view this flow in diagram form, which is much easier than what other tools offer.

Disadvantages of Convertkit

  • Relatively expensive: If you are running out of funds and want to develop an email marketing tool, ConvertKit is not a good option. The cheapest subscription ($ 29 / month) may be too high for some, especially for those who don’t have a single subscriber yet. ConvertKit may not be that expensive compared to other email marketing tools, but Mailerlite proves to be cheaper in this case. Given the simplicity of the platform, it’s also surprising how much they initially charge for their paid subscriptions.

Main differences between MailerLite and ConvertKit

  1. The initial setup process

Do you need to register for ConvertKit? It will probably be up and running in no time.

On the other hand, MailerLite persists for a reason. In order not to affect the delivery capacity of its clients’ emails, MailerLite verifies each new user. As with SendLane, you think registering for a SaaS product should be less complicated.

Most of the competition is doing this now. MailerLite goes one step further:

In three steps, fill out your profile with your company details, verify your company’s email address and domain, and wait for MailerLite to verify your request. Meanwhile, you can only access limited features and contact up to 500 contacts on your list. However, it won’t take long for you to get the approval you need to make more than 500 contacts.

Here’s the other thing (and it’s a big problem): MailerLite doesn’t offer a free trial version.   Instead, you get a free plan forever that lets you add up to 1,000 contacts to your list.

If this isn’t exciting yet, you can use the full features of MailerLite premium with the free account. Compare that to the hugely popular MailChimp, which offers the first 12,000 free emails, and learn how great it can be if you need a good business to get started.

On the other hand, you can try ConvertKit using the 14-day free trial before committing to one of the four plans. If you have more than 7,500 contacts in your to-do list, ConvertKit will ask you to request a personalized demo.

And if you’re wondering if you need paid training to learn how ConvertKit works or how to set up MailerLite, chances are you won’t. Both platforms are very intuitive to learn, and both beginners and veterans of email marketing software will be on the road to conversions fast enough.

  1. Customer service | Customer service

And I’m talking about the fastest way to get to the conversion path. If you need help solving yourself or setting up your new email marketing and automation platform, you can expect ConvertKit email and live chat support. ConvertKit also organizes live workshops where users can learn about the system and optimize their email marketing strategy in about an hour.

You can even chat with ConvertKit customer service before registering to learn how to get involved with the platform from the start. The company also has a FAQ section and a knowledge base that you can search to find a solution. Otherwise, you can also connect using your favorite social media channels.

However, live chat support is available between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., compared to MailerLite 24/7. MailerLite is also more generous. You will receive an email, a live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base to correct all learning curves. The resource offers around 30 videos and text instructions to boost.

Unlike ConvertKit, you can communicate with MailerLite at any time of the day or night. Please note that paying customers have live chat support, while customers with free plans receive 24/7 email support. However, you can almost certainly get the right support with either option.

  1. Subscribers Management

From the beginning, both platforms help you migrate your contacts from a competitor for free. You can do this with CSV, TXT or Excel files. Regardless of the platform you choose, your file type is automatically scanned and the data fields are processed accordingly.

If you want to import more than 5,000 contacts, ConvertKit will do it on your behalf within the first hours that you request them. However, there is a catch that you need to subscribe to the $ 79 ConvertKit per month plan for this to happen. Now you can also use email marketing providers to easily process duplicate, bounce, and unsubscribe subscribers.

In fact, MailerLite offers a dedicated creator to unsubscribe from the page. You can use it to customize your unsubscribe page so that you can at least encourage subscribers to leave to give them feedback on why they want to disconnect you.

Or, you can use a compelling copy on the page to convince the subscriber to go longer – you can even add a background photo/image to keep the page warm and friendly. This can be a powerful tool to help you learn what you should probably do best to motivate your audience and be less likely to leave your community.

Unfortunately, you cannot do this with ConvertKit. One of the best features of ConvertKit is that it is a subscriber-based system, unlike Aweber and MailChimp, which are list-based systems.

So you can use ConvertKit to segment and tag your audiences based on their interests, their subscription channel, a particular link they clicked on, their location, their subscription type, etc. You can also do this with MailerLite. Only one other name is given; Groups and segments.

Subscription management tools can be found under “Subscribers”.

  1. Segments in Converterkit and Mailerlite

While segments are more or fewer rules, groups are essentially what other email marketing services call tagging. Different approaches, but almost the same route. Wondering where to use which one?

As with ConvertKit, we want to help you segment your target audience so that you can easily send personalized emails that resonate with your subscribers, depending on the day you use on your system. Does ConvertKit make it less complicated here?

Since this is not a list-based system, when you send an email using ConvertKit’s filtering feature, you need to sort which emails end up in the subscriber’s inbox. If you send a broadcast email without doing it in advance, send the same unique email to everyone on your list.

This is not useful if you want to send personalized emails that increase conversions. Please note that the subscription management features of one of the two email marketing software are the foundation of your automation unit.

  1. Email Campaigns

This is a big problem. The two email marketing companies have similar functions here, but there is a difference. The big differentiator here is that with MailerLite you can drag and drop items into the built-in email campaign builder, but not ConvertKit.

Instead, you should use HTML and CSS to create emails that are not user friendly for users who are not tech-savvy. MailerLite also offers more than two dozen email newsletter templates that are extremely modern and easy to edit.

While two dozen templates are pretty stingy compared to the best MailerLite alternatives, ConvertKit doesn’t offer you any. So if you’re from MailChimp, you may have to consider MailChimp to be the king of email marketing platforms when it comes to delivering email templates.

There’s more … Once you click “Create Campaign”, you have five action options.

You can:

  • Create regular / outreach campaigns
  • As with ConvertKit, MailerLite allows you to automatically forward unopened broadcast emails. By using ConvertKit, you can change the theme and content of the text compared to the theme.
  • Use your website’s RSS feed to regularly store valuable information. ConvertKit can also help you with this.
  • You can configure email for A / B testing. Unlike using ConvertKit, MailerLite allows you to use multiple email variants, different email content, subject lines, and sender names in shared emails. And this is integrated directly into the email generator. With ConvertKit, you can’t test A / B on things like automation efficiency, lead time, and email content. ConvertKit also reduces the number of emails you can split at once, which can make you feel restricted compared to what MailerLite offers.
  • MailerLite Email Builder is also elegant and easy to use. Another plus is that you can also use rich text and HTML to create custom emails. If you choose email templates, the platform will automatically redirect you to the drag and drop editor. From there you can add various elements, e.g. For example, changing the color and text (which ConvertKit does not support) to further tailor campaigns to your brand. MailerLite combines a file manager and a photo editor to make the whole process easier. You can upload images from your computer or import them from a URL. Once you have done this, you can save the new email as a template for future campaigns. In the future, you can click Recent Emails to access and reuse this email. You can still customize email if you want, and MailerLite supports it, too.

With ConvertKit you can create emails in Automation Builder. This makes it very efficient because:

  • You don’t have to leave one generator to work on the other, as you do when using MailerLite.
  • You can track the context in which your emails should be integrated into your workflow and the effects it can achieve. You’ll see it in real-time, which is great.
  • The dual function achieved through the ConvertKit Automation Builder is perfect and still feels smoother than creating with MailerLite, even a little.
  1. Forms and form generator

Creating forms is a way to get subscribers on board. The ability to create great forms can help you turn more browsers into subscribers, leads, and loyal customers through signups.

ConvertKit allows you to create pop-ups, landing pages, and more using a variety of form tools. You can also use MailerLite to create popups and landing pages.

  1. Popups

However, ConvertKit offers three simple form templates (full screen, minimal, and simple), unlike any embedded MailerLite form template. If you trust templates to make creating your embedded registration forms quick and easy, you might not like MailerLite vs ConvertKit.

Where MailerLite provides some modern templates are popup windows. With MailerLite you can create clickable email popup windows. You can choose one of the four template styles. E-commerce, travel, design store, and full screen. MailerLite popup forms can be customized beyond ConvertKit’s capabilities.

You can change the background image, color, icon/lock, text, label, button, title, and entry. If you want to customize the ConvertKit form templates, you can. However, you have to play around with CSS, which not everyone can or does not want to deal with.

And although you can change the colors, it will remain the same text for all forms. MailerLite also uses a similar notice when using the free plan. However, upgrading to a paid plan removes it.

However, you can use both email marketing automation providers to create standard wasteland forms. However, you can add or change various elements such as subject/form title, input fields, button, and background.

Both email services have also added GDPR compliance hints, which you can use in their forms to encourage subscriptions. You can also create a custom subscription page on both platforms to welcome your new signer.

With MailerLite you can create a success page (confirmation page) that replaces the embedded form so that your new subscribers cannot be redirected. A fancy ConvertKit trick you can use is the dual option for lead magnets.

  1. Landing pages

As with the Email Builder, MailerLite helps you create landing pages for conversion. To do this, you can add conversion-oriented tools like demos/videos, links to social media, and countdown timers directly on the page. You can use the landing page however you want.

So if you create a rush offer, start or consolidate the foundation of your PPC campaigns, you can do it. It has 10 elegant MailerLite landing page templates.

Wait for 17 blocks from the sidebar to customize your templates and make them irresistible to your target audience. Blocks include adding a gallery, dividers, and videos.

While ConvertKit offers fewer landing page templates than MailerLite, landing pages are largely customizable, compared to the two landing page templates MailChimp now offers.

You can customize the colors and styles of the templates to suit your brand. Otherwise, the setting is restricted here. So if you’re just getting started and you don’t have to put it in your pocket to unsubscribe from an external landing page builder, you can use it for a while.

However, if you have reached a point where you need special landing pages and conversion tools, you can look beyond LeaderLite and ConvertKit to LeadPages, Instapage, or GetResponse.

  1. Automation

As mentioned earlier, you can use MailerLite groups and segments or ConvertKit tagging and segments to build the foundation of your email marketing campaigns.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out with workflow creators or coming from a sophisticated visual workflow builder, you’ll find the MailerLite and ConvertKit visual automation tool easy to learn and use.

The secret is that they are both clean and simple. You just need to configure triggers to add steps to your workflow. If you’re coming from a more sophisticated email automation service like ActiveCampaign or Drip, you may feel like MailerLite and ConvertKit are missing.

For example, here are the four triggers you can run when you choose ConvertKit to create autoresponders and more:

  • Prices

MailerLite is definitely the cheapest email marketing and automation service here. So if you’re just getting started and don’t have a lot of money to spend on email marketing software, MailerLite is worth considering.

It could be that the ConvertKit alternative is still building a customer base to change price levels in the near future after it has prevailed against the competition.

Or maybe the MailerLite price stays the same for the longest time. Here’s a recording that shows how affordable MailerLite is for the many performance features you get:

There is more … If you choose the annual plan, you will get another 30% cut.

Mailerlite vs convert it which one of them is right for you?

Compared to the review, both tools work according to different philosophies for their approach to email marketing. Mailerlite has most of the features and options to help small businesses find the best ways to build and connect with their subscribers.

The drag and drop generator is a huge advantage for people who want to spice up their emails and start eye-catching campaigns that leave a mark on their audience.

On the other hand, ConvertKit focuses on providing bloggers with a platform where they can present their ideas clearly and undoubtedly, without the luxuries that are ultimately unnecessary in the long run.

However, the price could be an important factor here. If you don’t have the money to qualify for your email marketing tool, Mailerlite is your first choice thanks to its free plan.

However, don’t check ConvertKit yet: you must first have your Mailerlite account approved before you can use all the features. Until then, you should be cautiously optimistic about Mailerlite as your first choice.

If simplicity is your thing, ConvertKit provides the most important and significant features you can use to expand your list and send important messages to your audience. Powerful marketing automation features keep you busy until you find the best combination of autoresponders to motivate your subscribers and keep your list healthy.

Since the tool costs so much more than Mailerlite, I’m sure people are more than willing to spend on ConvertKit so they can use all the features.

If I had to recommend a strategy for new site builders, I’d say you should start with a free tool like MailerLite or SendinBlue. If you have a decent list, move them to a paid tool like ConvertKit.

In the long run, it pays to pay a little more but has more power and flexibility. ConvertKit is very good at automation and flow because they want you to convert well. An additional conversion can mean a substantial income for you, much more than what you pay for a premium tool.

I think it’s also worth noting that ConvertKit is Spencer’s preferred tool. You use it with your niche watchlist and your niche website project list 4. The simple fact is that it is easy to use and convert well.


ConvertKit was developed for content marketers with features like advanced email automation, elegant pre-made templates, and an absolutely simple user interface.

Due to these factors, it is best to use the Convert kit. In summary, MailerLite is an inexpensive email marketing tool with beautiful visual templates. It is only recommended MailerLite if you are looking for an affordable option or a small business that wants to keep all customer-oriented materials on the brand.

Please note that ConvertKit recently released a completely free version, but does not include spaces for email subscribers. However, the good news is that we have a unique link that gives you 100 free email subscriber slots with the free ConvertKit plan.

While ConvertKit is more expensive because the more complex segmentation and workflow automation features are not yet available in the free version, I would say if you want to improve your workflow process and with plain text emails, ConvertKit, satisfied is your answer.

If you’re still not sure which option is best for you, you can sign up for a free account with MailerLite and use the free version of ConvertKit to compare your options.


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