14+ Evidences That Google Has More Expert Knowledge Than A Real Doctor


About Dr Google expert knowledge: – There are many search engines but there’s no doubt that Google is the most trusted, popular and highly used search engine in the world. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, Google has an answer for you.

Not only in the USA, but also in Nepal. Type one word say DOG, and it will generate all the information you need or you don’t need about the animal dog.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it has helped all. Primary school students, college students, graduates, Doctorate all have sought and taken the help of Google search engine. You are an engineer, Google is there for you. You are a chef, Google is there for you. You are a dancer, Google is there for you.

We have seen in many reality shows on TV that participating contestants get the training at home via the internet. And specialize in the talent or career they want to pursue.

Google doesn’t discriminate between people in giving the information. It doesn’t make you stand in line, wait for your queue. There’s no language barrier, it is available in your own language.

dr google doctor

You can communicate easily what you want with Google keeping yourself hidden. You don’t have to shy away from your problems anymore.

This proves that Google is better to search engines.

Questions That People use to ask in the Search Engine About Google, Knowledge, Smartness

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What about Health?

The same has applied in the health and medical faculty as well. There’s evidently not a single person who has access to the internet not look for the information regarding the symptoms they are feeling.

Just type in the question on the most famous search site in the world, Google, which he makes available in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of thousands of information, which previously were not available to the layman, and which the doctor himself was slow to receive.

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However, there are people due to the misinterpretation of information that has often self-diagnosed and self medicate. This cannot be considered as the fault of Google.

It is based on the understanding and perception of the people how they take the information. Google hasn’t advised people to take this medication or follow this and that. It all depends on the choices of people what they want to do after gaining the information.

However, after a criticism worldwide, Google has determined and promised to control the misguidance of people regarding their health. It has been taking major steps, has been coming in collaboration with popular health agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and health professionals.

So that it can ensure accurate health services and information to people.

Yes, Google has been using the data and information of people for marketing and advertisements. But it also has accepted that it has used these data to make the information world and ta services more accurate and up-to-date. To make tools with which professional and even layman can take advantage of.

How Dr. Google became popular?

Not long ago around 2017 or 2018, a subject dominated television news and newspaper headlines: yellow fever. Frightened, the population ran long lines at health posts across the country in order to immunize themselves against the disease.

In parallel, another important movement occurred, but in a more discreet way. In addition, there was an unrestrained demand for the vaccine. And which triggered the number of searches for the term yellow fever on the internet.

Google Doctor Health

According to Google data, until December 6, 2017, the volume of searches for the virus fluctuated from one to four points. This is within a popularity scale that ranges from zero to 100.

This rapid rise is a clear demonstration that the Internet has become an important health information tool. This behavioral trend is confirmed by some official data.

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Google itself claims that health is one of the most recurring themes. In other words, one in 20 searches in the website’s database is for information on issues related to illness or well-being.

Most searched terms in Dr. Google

It is not just epidemics or unknown diseases that appear with high frequency among the most searched terms. But, more everyday ills are also frequent topics.

According to data from Doctoralia, polyps of the large intestine are the most sought after subject when it comes to health. Next are depression and obesity.

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The ranking can be confirmed when compared to data from Google Trends, a tool that analyzes the volume of information searches on the site.

Thus, the popularity of polyps research has remained in the range between 50 and 100 points, since April 2017. In the same period, depression did not fall below 60 points at any time in the same period. In addition, it reached peak levels in a few evaluated months.

Advantages of Dr. Google

He is easy to contact, available anytime, anywhere, has unlimited time and offers expert knowledge for laypeople: Doctor Google.  Around 70 percent of internet users consult the web to find out about health issues.

Basically, that’s good because informed patients understand their doctors better. One thing is certain: online search also carries risks.  It is difficult to distinguish good websites from dubious ones.

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For example, two-thirds of health surfers have problems correctly assessing the trustworthiness of the information.  In addition, the amount of information is classified as confusing rather than helpful.

  1. Regarding health professionals, Dr. Google has forced them to seek new knowledge for the use of new therapeutic instruments. Such as telemedicine, distance surgery, reports on complementary exams, etc.
  2. Regarding patients, Google created an immediate behavior, so he no longer accepts to wait in lines or wait hours for an appointment. In addition to becoming better informed about your illness, your treatment, and the reputation and technical training of the health professional.
  3. In relation to healthcare companies, this change in client behavior, which is immediate and better informed by Google, required more agile decisions. The well-informed customer seeks a quality service that satisfies them.
  4. Google gives millions of people easy access and worldwide coverage information in a matter of seconds.
  5. It is not necessary to leave home or office, saving time and money. Dr. Google provides a 24/7 service.
  6. Instructed patients can make different groups of doctors aware of different treatment methods. A person who owns knowledge has a greater opportunity to question. In the past, doctors have provided information, now they have to discuss instead.

Disadvantages of Doctor Google

  1. The problem with Dr. Google is that it gives too much information that makes analysis and selection difficult.
  2. All the information that Dr. Google displays are not always reliable.
  3. Googe provides limited options to assess quality care. Unlike traditional medical consultation, online services offer limited options for patients to assess the quality of care they receive.
  4. Incomplete evaluation of the patient by Dr. Google’s online consultation. In many cases, it is impossible to establish a solid diagnosis without performing a physical examination of the patient.
  5. Many people value human contact. Even a doctor slap on the patient’s back can make him feel comforted.  For those people, dealing with the doctor through a screen can be too cold.
  6. Not all internet offers are barrier-free. What seems normal for many people can be an obstacle for others. In order to get information about health, more and more people with disabilities are using the Internet. Stones are often put in your way. On the one hand, it may be that the texts written on the portals are too complicated to understand. And not in so-called easy language be available. On the other hand, it can cause problems for visually impaired people when capturing websites. If the font or the text does not stand out sufficiently compared to the background, this can lead to reading difficulties. Sometimes the font is simply too small and there is no option to enlarge it.

14+ Evidence/Proofs That Google Has More Expert Knowledge Than A Real Doctor

From what started as a simple search engine, Google today has become the ultimate answer to all questions people have. Health is no exception. Google has become the source of information for all our queries regarding our daily life. So the topic whether referring to Dr. Google is beneficial regarding health is correct or not is obvious.

More and more, people are divulging to Dr. Google, if it’s so bad as experts are saying. The question arises why then young people to old, all age groups are consulting Dr. Google.

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It makes us think there must be something advantageous to Dr. Google that we are taking help from Dr. Google. Overall, Dr. Google has been proving itself to be better than real doctors. Here’s how:

Proof no. 1

In 2015, Google announced the agreement with Twitter to show the tweets of the social network and a new service through its Knowledge Graph. With this service, Google gives an answer when the user asks about the symptoms of diseases.

It offers an answer through its Knowledge Graph that will provide the user with the relevant medical data. As well as the symptoms, treatments, and details about whether the disease is critical, contagious, at what ages is frequent and many other data.

Google is working with a team of doctors led by their employee Dr.  Kapil Parakhom carefully compiled an accurate and transparent database. And all of the information collected was gathered from the clinical experiences of their doctors.

And medical sources from the Internet, the accuracy of which was checked with doctors from Google and the Mayo Clinic.

In some cases, Google also displays some high-quality illustrations that qualified doctors have added as additional information. Referral websites or what questions to ask the doctor to provide more complete and true information through their search engine.

The Google application database also disposes of an additional 900 illnesses in the search engine. And display information on the symptoms, treatment, and incidence of each disease.

They introduce a new Download PDF feature so that the Google diagnoses found can be easily printed and taken to their doctor’s office.  Google says that this feature was added, at the request of doctors. As they are tired of straining with patients who have misinterpreted symptoms to read online.

But according to Google, this does not mean that these search results should be taken as recommendations or final medical advice. And therefore it is always recommended to consult medical specialists who can assess your symptoms accurately.

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Proof no.2He also adds that the information is for educational purposes only and of course he does not want anyone to take it as a diagnosis online.

The doctor Google becomes a true doctor with a video call. Although doctors advise against it, Google has enhanced this aspect by contacting a doctor directly by video call.

Specifically, they have developed, although only available in some regions, a new service that consists of directly contacting doctors through the video call service.  In this way, Google intends to professionalize this type of search giving it a truly useful character and based on truly credible knowledge.

Therefore, this type of clarification makes us think that soon, when the service is extended, Google will make this payment service. At the moment the information we have is scarce, but everything indicates that Google intends to cover all fields of medicine, in a regulated manner.

And providing a paid video call service, although at the moment it is completely free in the regions where they are available.

Proof no. 3

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has proved that Google has helped doctors diagnose unusual or rare diseases. The experiment was performed among the doctors of Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

They searched the symptoms of 26 cases and Google has come up with the correct diagnosis in 15 cases. They discovered that Google found the correct diagnosis in just over half of the cases.

And among these was Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), the hormonal Cushing syndrome of the condition and the autoimmune disorder Churg-Strauss syndrome.

It is because Doctors have to have vast knowledge and information about diseases, treatment, and prevention. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for doctors to immediately come up with the information when some unusual or rare cases come in front of them.

We should not forget that doctors are also humans and that only 10% of the human brain is in function. Whereas Google can generate billions of medical articles at a time.

It has become common to have computers connected to the internet in the outpatient department of hospitals. And that doctors and other health professionals can have access to the information about the rare maladies in a matter of minutes.

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The use of Google by those who have good health knowledge can be very beneficial.Therefore Google has now become a useful tool for clinical remedy. And for the doctors to attain training to become experts.

Proof no.4

Dr. Google is considered the least qualified source for making any health diagnosis by experts. However, a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia suggests just the opposite.

According to the research, doing an internet search for symptoms, before seeking emergency services, can be useful to ensure more effective care.

The explanation is as follows: the quick search allows the patient to be better prepared to ask questions, which can improve communication with the doctor.  However, the researchers warn that the network should be consulted only in milder emergency cases, where there is no risk of life.

The researchers also assessed health knowledge from the network using a specific questionnaire.  Analysis of responses showed that people who scored higher on this assessment were more likely to have researched their own symptoms before seeking an emergency.

For the team, this may be an indication that these individuals are more likely to seek professional help sooner and ensure early diagnosis, whatever the disease.

Proof no. 5

Searching the internet for a symptom or illness has many advantages, such as the quick and easy availability of a large amount of information. As well as the anonymity of the user, which gains importance when it comes to, for example, mental illness or sexual abuse.

In addition, searching for symptoms and possible treatments helps the person take an active role in caring for their health. But sometimes, experts or doctors don’t think so.

They think that googling for symptoms and then diagnosing oneself without being the health personnel is just a poof. One such incidence has happened to a British citizen. Not all doctors accept Google diagnosis which can have a negative result as well.

The British Bronte Doyne died in 2013 at the age of 18 after her doctors told her to stop googling her symptoms. She has with the help of Google has suspected that she was suffering from Liver cancer.

For months she tried to convince the doctors of her medical condition after doing hours of online research. Every time she was sent to the reed with a clod. She was eventually admitted to the hospital, where she died 10 days later from the effects of liver cancer.

The hospital has admitted their mistakes and is now looking with the mother of the teenager on how they can learn from their mistakes.

Proof no. 6

According to the report published in the journal Nature, Google is developing artificial intelligence to help doctors around the world identify breast cancer.

The X-ray scanner has reduced the number of inaccurate analyzes by 9.4 percent. A jump that would greatly help doctors who statistically misdiagnose 20 percent of cases, the New York Times reports.

Breast cancer is today the second largest cause of death in women – it is only surpassed by lung cancer. Furthermore, early detection is currently the best defense against this dangerous disease.

And mammograms most commonly used to detect breast cancer serve as an effective method of identifying the disease in many cases giving misleading results.

In a recent Google study, scientists used anonymous mammograms of over 25,000 women in England. And 3,000 women in the United States to detect cancer traces using the same principles used by radiologists.

According to an official Google blog, the team first trained artificial intelligence to scan x-rays. And then track down cancer after recognizing changes in the breasts of 28,000 patients.

Thereafter, artificial intelligence assessments were compared with the concrete results of further analyses conducted in concrete and long-term analyses.

The end result was impressive – the number of misleading findings in which cancer was not recognized was reduced from 20 to 9.4 percent. In the US and England, where two radiologists double-check results. Artificial intelligence helped to reduce false-negative results by 2.7 percent and false-positive results by 1.2 percent.

The team said, the system is not perfect. Although scientists have concluded that artificial intelligence recognizes cancer more effectively than doctors.

Proof no. 7

Google program has been invented that detects lung cancer more efficiently than doctors. This is suggested by a recent study of scientists from Northwestern University in Illinois, United States. They together with Google hope that this technology can increase the effectiveness of cancer detection.

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They have conducted a study that used artificial intelligence to determine if the tomography analysis could be improved. The first step was to train computer software with 42,290 lung CT scans of almost 15,000 patients. The researchers did not tell AI what to look for, they only revealed which patients had cancer and which did not.

The results of AI were compared with the analysis of a team of six radiologists who are experts in the interpretation of CT scans. The program was more effective than radiologists when examining a single CT scan. And was equally effective when doctors had multiple CT scans to interpret.

The results, published in the journal Nature Medicine, showed that AI could increase cancer detection by 5%. And at the same time reduce false positives (people falsely diagnosed with cancer) by 11%.

It has been proved that the program is able to diagnose the nodule to be malignant when doctors thought it to be benign. The technology is still at the baby stage but if applied to a large number of people. There’s no doubt that this can be very beneficial in detecting cancer in an early stage.

Proof no. 8

Google is improving it’s a search function for disease symptoms. Google has always been the first platform to search for health and medical information.

Therefore, Google has been determined to make the symptom search function to be more precise. So with the help of Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic, Google has made its search function more accurate.

The Google search updated app would match symptom searches through a medical database. The results will appear as digital cards, according to the Wall Street Journal. And users can swipe to find out more information about possible medical conditions.

Proof no. 9

Dr. Google is changing the role of Doctor, it has been forcing the doctor to adapt to the changing situation. The time when the Doctor in white coat used to be compared to God.

The time when his advice was considered the law has gone. Today it is more about the doctor and the patient arriving at what is to be done. Even though it is still the doctor’s experience and knowledge that sets the guidelines.

The meeting may take longer, especially when patients come with a diagnosis that they want to be investigated. Doctors usually work on the basis of the symptoms and then narrow in various conceivable diagnoses by means of examinations and tests.

In cases where patients already have a clear idea, it is possible to talk about it. But it is the doctor’s responsibility to think broadly and point out other possible causes of the problems.

The network enables patients to quickly access the latest findings. The internet has democratized the doctor-patient relationship. The patient can snatch up the latest study and ask the doctor. A working-class patient can read as much as anyone else, and that creates cultural capital.

The scenario has changed as good access to information can also reduce stigma. People do not go to doctors as much as before when memory problems were linked to shame and a fear of being considered insane.

Proof no. 10

Dr. Google has proved itself to be the doctor without BORDER. He can reach to any community, any locality, any nation at anytime a PATIENT wants. Dr. Google knows no boundary, nor he discriminates between patients for their sex, for their gender or for their religion. He doesn’t pass judgment, he doesn’t make his patients shy away from themselves.

Dr. Google has given the patient a platform where they can talk freely, and gain the information. Especially when it comes to sexual diseases or mental problems.

Still, today, whether it’s a developed nation or developing nation like us. People still hesitate to see Doctors if they have any veneral diseases. Or any type of mental illness, especially in our society it is still considered to be the stigma.

We often hear and see the news that in rural communities, a mentally ill person is tied in cow shed assuming him to be dangerous to society. If doctors were better, they would have fulfilled their Hippocrates oath and provide their services in these rural areas as well.

But the place where Doctors have denied to step. Dr. Google has reached and taught people that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and it is completely curable. The same goes for viral diseases as well.

One such incidence happened in Kathmandu some years ago when a husband killed his wife because she has transmitted him the disease. The thing to be noted in this incidence is that he killed his wife after he visited Doctor.

If Doctor Who has seen the patient has explained to him all about the disease clearly like now it has transmitted, what precaution should have taken. That the disease is completely curable, it would not have happened. This is the difference between the real doctor and Dr. Google.

Dr. Google educates such patients, give him all the required information that he needs. This proves that Dr. Google is far better than the doctors of our society.

Proof no. 11

Dr. Google gives moral support to the patients. The patient forums where people suffering from the same illness as others share their feeling.

They share their fears, their pain and the measures they have taken to relieve pain. They share what measures have helped them, what positivity they have in their life and how.

When the patients discuss these things, with the people suffering from the same illness. This gives them moral support making them feel that they are not alone in this world. There are thousands of others who have also gone through the same and have emerged as winners.

These moral boosts and psychological support is much needed for those who are suffering from the disease like cancer, AIDS or other unusual maladies. It is said that half of the pain is reduced when someone talks to the patient kindly. And Dr. Google is providing this support which the doctors in the hospital are not doing.

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It is also not the fault of doctors that they can’t communicate well to the patients. Because of the rush, long duty hours, less sleep, etc. However, Dr. Google is fulfilling the responsibility of the doctors.

One of the duties of the doctor is to communicate and give all the information to the patient as required. What they do is check the patient, ask for some tests and prescribe the Medicine.

Proof no. 12

Google Deepmind has developed an algorithm capable of successfully detecting more than 50 types of eye disease. By examining 3D images of the retina, with a lower margin of error than ophthalmologists.

In July 2016, DeepMind, a Google subsidiary specializing in advanced research in artificial intelligence (AI) from Google. Announced the launch of a partnership with the British healthcare system NHS and Moorfields Hospital in London in order to develop AI capable to detect eye diseases.

Two years later, the first results fell and were published in the journal Nature Medicine. The system put in place by Deepmind would be better than eight retinal specialists from Moorfields hospital.

The algorithm is thus able to successfully diagnose more than 50 types of eye disease, simply by examining 3D images of the retina.

Thus, the Deepmind system can not only detect pathologies such as diabetes or macular degeneration. But can also recommend the best treatment for patients and suggest urgent care.

These tests were carried out on retinal scans of 997 patients.  On average, the DeepMind algorithm was credited with an error rate of 5.5%. While it was between 6.7% and 24.1% among the eight doctors.

In addition, artificial intelligence was able to analyze the images immediately. So it usually takes several days before a human specialist can examine the images.

The fact remains that the specialists’ error rate dropped significantly once they received, in addition to the scans, contextual information on the patients.  The fall error rate was then between 5.5% – the same error rate as AI – and 13.1%.

It is not the first time that artificial intelligence has proved more effective than doctors in diagnosis. The journal Annals of oncology published an article revealing an artificial intelligence system capable of distinguishing skin lesions and moles according to their degree of severity.

Proof no. 13

One other incidence in Nepal also shows that Dr. Google if use if used in the correct way, better than any doctor. The back of Pabitra Lama used to ach in an unbearable way.

The doctor was counseling her saying that she did not have to worry.  After repeated follow-ups, doctors advised her to go to a psychiatrist, saying there was nothing wrong with her. She started to see other doctors.

Most doctors dismissed her saying the pain was a mild one and that she had nothing wrong. She said that she was terrified of going to the doctor because they didn’t hear and help her. But there was no other alternative.

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Then her help came in the form of Dr. Google. Through Google, she found a doctor who advised her to go to a physical therapist, saying that her pain was not normal. Now that she is fully cured, she feels that the Google doctor has helped her a lot.

Another hep that Dr. Google has provides to the Doctor is that he has been informing patients. This helps the real doctor save 10-15 minutes of his time while counseling the patient.

Proof no. 14

Dr. Google has empowered patients with information. The vast information that Dr. Google has been giving has given the patients power over the Doctor.

When consulted with Dr. Google before and after the diagnosis, the patient can know all about the instructions that the doctor has written. Moreover, Dr. Google has also motivated people in preventive medicine. That prevents any ailments before it gets the opportunity to attack your body.

Accept it or not, our hospitals and health centers have become money-oriented than service-oriented. Because of which Health personnel focuses more on curative treatment than preventive measures.

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Education, campaign which is needed for motivating people toward prevention of diseases were used to be the responsibility of health worker. This responsibility in today’s world has been fulfilled by Dr. Google. He has made people aware about the malaise, their cause, symptoms, and prevention.

* Though proofs have been given signifying Dr. Google to be better than doctors. But it doesn’t mean that you should always consult Dr. Google. For the proper diagnosis and treatment, you have to go to hospital and specialist.

Google has been improving but the time hasn’t come yet for Dr. Google to be operating us. Or prescribing us the medicine. There are incidences where Dr. Google has proved to be efficient than a doctor. But there are also incidences when Dr. Google has been the cause for severe side effects.

Dr. Google is neither bad nor good. It is the source of information and knowledge. How to utilize that information is up to us. Blaming or praising Google for something we have done on the basis of our own choices, wisdom is ridiculous on our part.

*Source: forbes.com, bloomberg.com, citizen.co.za, news.com.au, thehealthsite.com, webmd.com, mdlimx.com, onlinekhabar.com

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