How Can You Download Themeforest Themes For Free? The Easiest Ways To Download Template


How can you download ThemeForest themes for free? :- The latest technological developments, however, often force everyone to be able to interact virtually. This also applies to the development of the business world. Moreover, the internet has created various media to support it.

We know various forms of websites to blog platforms that can be used according to the tastes and needs of each person. In practice, a website must be developed.

All methods need to be applied, so that not only support the vision and mission of the owner, the existence of the website is also able to attract visitors. In the long run, the number of visitors/viewers becomes one of the benchmarks, which determines the success/failure of a website/blog – even if only on one side.

Other benefits, you can enjoy with the arrival of advertisers or even visitors as potential clients. The use of themes and templates on a website plays an important role. Not only as an element of decoration (which attracts the eye).

The use of themes and templates also guarantees whether or not visitors linger or even come back to a website/blog, for example through responsive theme features. So, not only functional (containing information needed by visitors), but also aesthetic and friendly.

ThemeForest itself is known as one of the large marketplaces that sell a variety of WordPress themes and templates that are able to accommodate the entire purpose of forming a website/blog. Not only in terms of business, here, but you can also find a large selection of templates and themes with a variety of categories, such as corporate, entertainment, blogs, non-profit, e-commerce, and so forth.

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is an online platform that offers thousands of theme options for WordPress and works since 2008. The proposal is to be a true template bank for those who need a new design for a project that is going to start, or even with the idea redesign of an existing website/blog.

Simple and practical, ThemeForest offers its website with several category filters, which facilitates the task of finding the appropriate theme. It is important to note that these templates are paid, once the user purchases the package with the code, support, and everything that is necessary. However, the values vary, which democratizes the platform a lot.

On the home page, the site says that users can find themes starting at $ 2, however, the first model offers to vary a lot, but always starting at $ 19. Of course, anyone looking for a low-cost option can make a more detailed search and with filters that show only templates within this price parameter.

Envato Market WordPress Themes ThemeForest
Envato Market for WordPress Themes ThemeForest

Origin of ThemeForest

Launched to the public in 2008, ThemeForest is known as the most popular theme marketplace. Especially in its function of accommodating all WordPress theme developers in the world. Not only that, but ThemeForest itself has also recorded many buyers, along with loyal customers, who come from various countries.

Based on the history of its formation, ThemeForest is part of Envato Markets which was first launched in 2008. Founded in 2006, Envato – mother/parent of ThemeForest is based in Australia (though the network is spread all over the world).

As for not only ThemeForest, as a large company, Envato’s network also includes many marketplace sites. Such as Tuts + online educational education network, aimed at learning and developing graphics, audio, and motion production.

AppStorm (the latest technology site); Creattica (gallery 3D online, advertising, web design, etc.) and Rockable Press (an online publishing brand for freelance writers).

As can not be denied, the most profitable and well-known Envato site is ThemeForest – a market for templates, themes (WordPress, Joomla, Magento). Working closely with WordPress theme developers, ThemeForest is also part of the WordPress plugin marketplace CodeCanyon.

The presence of ThemeForest in the end not only acts as a portal “seller” / commercially, but a vehicle for the practice of designers who want to develop. Here, designers can submit designs/themes for potential buyers to download. In other words, through ThemeForest, designers learn to develop online often through mistakes or criticism delivered by the buyer while looking for income.

Of course, as a process, designers must also continue to develop themes, upload them to ThemeForest. And after going through the stages of validation and quality control will be sold and marketed to many buyers. The salaries obtained vary depending on sales volume with a commission range of 50% – 70%.

How ThemeForest works?

Themeforest is the market specialized in WordPress themes and HTML templates for classic websites and related solutions. It works in a similar way to any e-commerce, with the difference that instead of physical products we will be buying digital products.

We can search, filter, evaluate, and purchase dozens of themes, templates based on our needs. With ThemeForest, you can browse through thousands of themes of the most varied freelance designers, or go hunting for your ideal theme in one place.

Once you have found it, in addition to being able to watch the preview before purchasing the theme (functionality offered also by normal designers), you can read the comments of other users who have purchased the theme.

And see how many times it has been bought, all in favor of maximum transparency. Support (in English) is not provided by ThemeForest but is provided by the freelance designer who developed the theme. Precisely for this reason, the quality of the support is variable, depending on the seriousness of the designer. Pay close attention to this when buying a theme on ThemeForest.


ThemeForest provides the possibility of a live preview of the theme, so as to try to understand if it has the features you are looking for and actually see how it looks in reality. If you are looking for themes with specific features, surely in ThemeForest you will find what you are looking for!

Know that each theme has its own functionality. Search among the most popular themes (even if doing so there is the risk of having too many sites with your same layout, first check among your competitors if someone has a similar theme).

Then do a search in a category that suits your need and select a dozen themes that you think you might like. Now check the details of each theme and mark the ones that have what you are looking for.

Finally, check user comments and make the last decision. In any case, each theme has its own technical data sheet, so it is easy to understand what functionality it offers.


Even for graphics, each theme has its own design, from the classic to the futuristic ones, but surely there are some (usually the most popular) that are graphically very beautiful and professional.

Among the 2780+ themes present, you will certainly find something that will impress you. All these themes are cataloged in the following categories: Blog / Magazine, Creative, Corporate, Resale, Technology, Non-Profit, Entertainment, Mixed, Mobile, FrameWorks, BuddyPress, eCommerce.


Support is provided by those who release the theme, it has nothing to do with ThemeForest. Precisely for this reason, there may be excellent support or very poor support. And if support is a fundamental part of a good theme, then pay close attention to this factor before purchasing.

Each theme has its own page on ThemeForest, which contains the technical characteristics. But above all a comments section and a FAQ, with all the most frequent questions (and related solutions) that users ask.

In any case, on the theme page before each purchase, check the comments that other users have left and see how the freelance designer reacted/responded. In this way, you can evaluate his professionalism and know if you will have good support or not.

Advantages of ThemeForest

If you are a humble user who wants to change the look of your website, Themeforest offers interesting advantages.

  1. You get a visual and attractive design for the user

If you have ever created a web page, you will know that the platform offers the user quite a few free themes of their own but that they have a very simple design and are oriented towards blogs rather than the web. In ThemeForest, you can buy themes and templates oriented to web pages with different approaches and e-commerce.

  1. It saves time

Obviously, buying a theme to create a web page is not the same as having a totally custom design. But it is the best method to save time in the process of creating a web page from scratch and making it professional. In addition, using a Marketplace like ThemeForest guarantees you security in the purchase.

  1. Templates are responsive

When choosing a template for a web page, it is very important to consider whether the design is responsive, that is, it adapts to all mobile devices. In addition to user-friendliness, Google subtracts points from those pages that do not have a responsive design, preventing it from appearing among the first search engine results. However, before buying it, check that it has this feature.

Disadvantages of ThemeForest

Despite the volume of customers who buy from ThemeForest, it is not universally popular and there are some disadvantages to buying in that market.

  1. Bad design can negatively affect SEO positioning

It is important to know how to choose well the template or theme to be used for the web page since, if it is poorly designed, SEO can be affected. ThemeForest is a Marketplace that brings together the work of freelance designers.

Although the platform ensures a good job through the review system, on occasion you may find an error in the template that affects your website. Some designers err on the side of introducing too much functionality into the template, which is more suitable for plugins. This will slow down the website or not allow proper SEO optimization.

  1. Some templates can be misleading

As in any store, when we present a product, we must do it in the best possible way. That is, decorating it so that it is perfect. For example, many of the themes and web templates sold through ThemeForest do not include photos. This can affect the final result of your website since you will need photographs at the same level as the presentation.

  1. ThemeForest does not offer help support

All the themes and templates offered in ThemeForest have specific documentation to launch the theme, configure it, and modify the options themselves. The Marketplace also offers a forum where you can ask questions. However, the support which is not mandatory is offered by the designer of each theme and not by the platform. This support is usually offered in English.

  1. Topics with too many options

ThemeForest requires designers to have lots of mod options and functionality for themes. This in itself should not be a problem, but if the theme is not well designed it will make your website load very slow. If this happens, it will affect the SEO of your website, in addition to your visitors getting tired of waiting for your site to load and going to another.

  1. Not everything is as beautiful as it seems

The themes are presented with wonderful photos but they are not included in the purchase. So you will need your photos just as good if you want the subject to be so spectacular. Think about that before choosing a subject or another since in many cases the entire design is based on a great job of photography.

  1. Low quality

ThemeForest has historically given virtually any WordPress developer a platform to sell themes, and not all are created equally. Although ThemeForest now has a team to check the quality of a theme (something it hasn’t always been particularly strict about), quality control is still an issue.

Especially when considering many of the older themes for sale. Not all themes are coded according to WordPress best practices, and this has given ThemeForest something of a bad reputation among many of the top developers.

  1. Lock in theme

When you choose a multipurpose theme for your site, you have an almost unlimited level of flexibility in terms of layouts, customization options, and features. To use all of these options, however, the theme often relies heavily on tailor-made access codes.

Problems arise when you want to change your theme later because of the new theme you choose does not recognize these access codes. Instead, they will be displayed on the page as useless code (instead of as any passcode was designed to display). And all of those adorable layouts that you spent hours creating will be reduced to rubble in a matter of clicks.

Unfortunately, there is no way around the problem, and that means that the penalty for changing the themes can be high.

  1. No updates available

In relation to many ThemeForest themes, some new developers will upload a theme, make a lot of sales and move on, that is, they will not continue to develop and update them. If the theme was well designed, this need not be a problem, but it is worth considering whether you plan to use the theme in the coming years.

As it may end up becoming unstable and / or out of date. There is no guarantee against this, but if you do a little research on the author (looking at the history, the current portfolio, and so on), you can at least limit the chances of this happening.

Another good indicator is the number of sales that the theme made, since popular themes are, to a certain extent, more likely to be continued.

How much does it cost to buy a product in ThemeForest?

Themeforest offers different options for the purchase of its products.

  1. Individual payment for each product

The products that we can find in ThemeForest have different prices that vary according to the type of product and the seller. For example, a WordPress theme can cost 16 euros and go up to 80 euros in its regular license, that is, only for a web page.

ThemeForest offers the user to acquire ownership of the theme, template, or multimedia kit for a much higher price (normally it reaches 3,000 euros).

  1. Envato monthly subscription

As Themeforest belongs to Envato Market, you can choose to subscribe monthly to its services. It has a cost of $ 35 (VAT included) and allows you to make unlimited downloads of all the multimedia products on the group’s market places.

More than 350,000 stock photos; more than 40,000 graphics packages; more than 1,000 courses; more than 240 eBooks and obviously templates and web themes.

Tips for buying theme on ThemeForest

From a professional point of view, it is very important to correctly choose a template or web theme. Since the design directly or indirectly affects SEO positioning, conversions, length of stay, and, ultimately, the success or not of a project.

Thus, it is important to check before making the purchase if the theme that we are going to acquire has a series of basic aspects:

  1. Use head search filters

With so many themes to choose from, limiting your selection is difficult staring at hundreds of different themes. However, ThemeForest comes equipped with a number of features and functions to assist you find your perfect theme.

For starters, ThemeForest supports a useful search function, allowing you to find themes based on your favorite keywords. The themes are also divided into 14 top-level categories (corporate themes, blog themes, e-commerce themes, etc.), which should help you find something suitable.

After conducting your initial search (or category selection), ThemeForest will return a long list of relevant topics. To help you narrow your search further, you can sort them based on six criteria in an almost hidden drop-down menu located directly above the returned list:

  • Best match (this is the default)
  • Most recent items
  • Trending items
  • Best sellers
  • Top rated
  • Price (low to high)
  • Price (high to low)

Likewise, to the right of this drop-down menu, there is a second drop-down menu that allows you to sort themes by date. Something that is particularly useful if you return to conduct a previous search and want to see what’s new.

To help reduce your list even further, ThemeForest also offers a user-friendly filtering system, which you will find to the left of the main theme’s results list.

You can filter the list based on the category, tags, price, sales, and overall rating. Having classified and filtered your list depending on your own specific requirements, you must work with a much more manageable number of topics.

  1. Find your right price

ThemeForest templates range from super simple $ 13 to hundreds. But most templates are around $ 60- $ 70. You should consider that some themes may include premium plugins.

This means that as long as the author updates the template and pays for the license, your included plugins will be updated. Logically, this fact can influence the price of the template.

The cheapest templates are usually too simple and with few customization options. Instead, the most expensive ones can include some premium plugin that you don’t need. To find out before you buy it to see if you really need everything it includes.

  1. Decide: Page builder yes or no

A page builder is a type of plugin whose function is to lay out your pages. In other words, with a designer, you can paint each of the pages of your website.

The truth is that a designer makes it much easier to design your website. It saves you from having to learn HTML. But you have to keep in mind something important: the layouts of the majority of themes in ThemeForest generate shortcodes.

A shortcode is a trace of code that is not seen while the layout artist is activated. But if you ever disable the plugin, the shortcodes will appear on the screen and everyone will be able to see them.

  1. Be careful with the demos of the ThemeForest templates

When we see a demo of a template we can think that when we buy it we will have the same as what we see on the screen. But no. The demos are usually very elaborate by the authors of the theme because they are the showcase for sale. It may not be easy for you to match the level of a demo and at the same time customize the layout.

The template will only facilitate a part of the job, which is to give your website a style. But then you have to put the content and lay out each page from top to bottom.

And that’s hours and hours discovering how the template works and putting your content aesthetically and appropriately. Before acquiring a theme in ThemeForest, keep in mind what graphic materials you have.

Try to buy a template that more or less fits your content: similar photographs and graphic style similar to that of your brand. This will greatly facilitate the work of adapting the template to your project as you will save hours of customization.

  1. Important information to look at before buying a theme in ThemeForest

Once you have chosen two or three themes from ThemeForest that fit your needs, there are five details that you should check. They will help you opt for one or the other.

  • Scoring: Make sure it has a high score and a good number of reviews that support the quality.
  • Sales: when something sells a lot, it is because it usually works well. A high sales number is a confidence factor.
  • Date of the last update: if the last update is from several months ago, be suspicious. WordPress is updated often and a good template should go hand in hand. If you don’t, problems can arise.
  • Support: take a look at the comments tab. Does the template author respond quickly? Do you solve pre-purchase questions? If you also put a private support forum for your buyers, even better.
  • Possibility to see the control panel: in the end, you will have to manage the template. Check if there is a demo where you can play with the control panel.

The best themes of ThemeForest

The offer of themes for WordPress on ThemeForest is really big and this can generate doubts when choosing the best theme. Naturally, each project has specific needs, especially in terms of purpose.

Regardless of whether it is for a Content Marketing strategy, to build a blog or is an institutional website, something fundamental in any scenario in Digital Marketing.

ThemeForest itself makes selections with the main themes, so it is possible to indicate what is on the rise or what has been most sold lately. However, there are mainly 4 themes which can be used for any purpose and they are:

  1. Good Space

The Good Space is a template that presents itself as a responsive and minimalist theme, basically. These characteristics justify its success and the indication in this list since they are widely sought.

Minimalism has long been an interface trend sought in web design, while responsiveness is essential to the browsing experience. The template presents some other attractive features, such as the configuration with the click and drag system, making the construction of the pages much easier.

In addition, it also features more than 450 sources available to design the site, in addition to already being a model with SEO optimizations.

Good Space theme wordpress
Good Space theme for WordPress
  1. Avada

The Avada template is nothing less than the best-selling option at all times on ThemeForest and this is already quite a reference to be aware of. The main reason for this huge membership is that Avada was designed to serve any purpose of the WordPress site.

Therefore, the theme is good for both a blog and e-commerce. More than 550 thousand users joined Avada and were able to enjoy some very important benefits for the design of a website such as:

  • the intuitive and very visual editor
  • more than 300 previous page options
  • SEO optimization
  • complete responsiveness for access on any platform
  • 6 premium plugins included
  • professional support
  • available in any language
Avada wordpress theme
Avada theme for wordpress
  1. Bridge

The Bridge is a template geared for developers to work in the field of creativity or need a sophisticated, modern layout. Its appearance adds the main elements and concepts currently used, such as minimalism and the enhancement of white spaces.

These characteristics make Bridge the ideal choice for design projects, photography, fashion, or for brands in general that have this modern approach and that values aesthetics. The theme is responsive and functional for any purpose, which makes it an even more interesting option.

Bridge theme wordpress
Bridge theme for wordpress
  1. Salient

The Salient is another template of the category of which allow a choice for a variety of purposes, which makes it versatile and one of the most acclaimed by users. Responsiveness is also another feature, which makes it even more attractive.

One of Salient’s highlights is the depth of changes and settings that the theme allows the user. There are more than 525 options, which makes the result of the work satisfactory and personalized.

Another highlight is the speed of the sites that use Salient, which directly impacts SEO and favors the ranking of pages.

Salient theme wordpress
Salient theme for wordpress

How to download themes for free in Themeforest?

Themes are the best way to design your website however these themes are not often free. They are either paid or premium. Well, just keep calm and there is always a way to get an alternative way to download it for free.

The biggest site that provides website themes (not just WordPress) is ThemeForest. You can see there is a myriad of cool templates. In there are many things ranging from website themes, coding, HTML, CSS, Premium WordPress Plugins, to Graphic Design and Logo Maker.

There are two things, first, at ThemeForest it really provides a free WordPress theme, but the number is limited and the features and quality is very bad. Then the second is ThemeForest provides themes with features related to the premium category.

This is the problem, Want to get the full features but don’t want to pay. There are two ways for you to download the premium themes of ThemeForest.

  1. First Method

This method shows you the way to download the themes that are freely available in the ThemeForest site. Yes, every month they issue some premium quality themes that you can download for free. You can choose according to your need and then store it on your computer. The steps are explained below:

  1. The way this one is fairly simple and very easy. You just need to visit their link: They upload a list of paid themes on a monthly basis so that you can download them for free and these themes vary monthly. You only have to have an account on their website to download it.
  2. Click the link then you will find a display where they suggest you to download their best free WordPress themes. You will be able to see that there are only 3 templates that we can download for free. Obviously limited and very limited.
  3. To start downloading, choose one of the three themes and click the download link for free.
  4. After that, we will be directed to another view, and follow the steps by clicking the button in the red box (sign in to download for free).
  5. Next, we are asked to log in to be able to continue the process of downloading the WordPress theme. If you already have an account, just log in, if not, you must register.
  6. After you have successfully created your account and signed in, the button in the red box will immediately change to Download it for free! This indicates it can be downloaded. Directly click the download button.
  7. Finally, just click ok to save the downloaded file into our computer storage. Yes, downloading the free WordPress theme was successful.

2. Second Method

The best thing about using premium templates is that it looks good, is responsive, supports SEO, but also provides demo data or there is a demo data import facility in the template.

The function of the data demo is that we can install the WordPress theme on the localhost or hosting with the appearance, content, and plugins installed according to the original. In accordance with the preview on the original template.

That way will facilitate the editing process template, especially for beginners. This is easy, have you seen the WordPress template demo preview when you want to download ?. Well, we can make exactly what was seen in the preview, by using a template that has a demo data facility. Look at the process:

  1. As before, open the website link. And choose one of the premium paid theme according to your need. You will be able to see the amount that you have to pay for the theme.
  2. To be able to download it we need help from another website, namely
  3. Open the link and enter keywords in the search with the same theme as you have chosen above to download.
  4. If has the theme that you have chosen available, the search will display the exact theme that you are looking for in Themeforest, only here we can download it for free.
  5. Scroll down to continue. There are two buttons namely Demo and Download. Just click Download, then the file can be downloaded.
  6. If it is Demo, it will be directed to the Themeforest page. If the downloading error occurs with the button, then you can enter the download link option below the download button.
  7. Next, you will be directed to the Zippyshare page to continue the download process. Click the download button again.
  8. Next, the download window pops up, just click OK. So we have got one premium theme, with a capacity of 49.5 Mb.
  9. Again, if the error occurs with the download button, then use the other download link option below the download button on the display on
  10. To prove that this is a premium, please open the extracted file and see the contents inside. Or try to install the template into WP.

Download theme from ThemeForest- Yes or No?

The answer is not clear because it has its advantages and disadvantages: it depends on your situation. To help you decide, here is a list that will help you decide if you want to use a product from ThemeForest:

  • If you don’t want to spend time designing your website, then a plug and play theme ThemeForest template is an excellent option.
  • Is your website with a very specific theme? In ThemeForest, you will find WordPress themes focused on your particular sector. You will get a colorful design without having to work on it.
  • In case you want to design multiple web pages, look at alternatives outside of ThemeForest. There are very good ones that also allow you to use the theme on an unlimited number of websites. For example, GeneratePress, which also has a free version.
  • If you like web design or you are a creative person, then it is recommended not to buy from ThemeForest. There are external options that give you much more creative freedom.
  • Are you not clear? Well, one of two: either take a freemium theme with which you can play or buy a template in ThemeForest and if you don’t like it, ask for your money back.

If you are looking for a new template for WordPress, it would be stupid to avoid ThemeForest, listening to some gossip about quality problems related more to ignorance than to reality.

But if you keep reading, informing yourself and understanding that very often the errors come from the lack of preparation, more than it gives bugs of the themes. If you try to work with solid themes that have a certain life time on the market, you will have no problems.

The possibility of being able to choose popular themes (the best-selling ones) to be on the safe side and to have a graphically updated (if not futuristic) theme is very interesting.

This transparency effect on ThemeForest is very important. The fact that it is possible to see how many times a theme has been downloaded and the fact that you can immediately see all the comments (and answers) of the users is an excellent possibility to make the most of it. Forewarned is forearmed.


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