Why You Should Stop Using ‘Dr Google’ To Self-Diagnose Your Disease Symptoms


Why you should stop using Dr Google Self Diagnosis for your disease symptom:- The most important thing that should be considered while we have disease or we are much sick is that symptom should match perfectly according to any other disease.

There will be thousand of symptom matching almost the same disease or may be only slightly changes can differentiate the disease. So before consider any disease we must check it so clearly and perfectly that there should not be any mistake about it.

Otherwise, it might bring huge problem regarding to health issue and other unnecessary problem in near future. We should properly conscious towards our health and should not take it lightly.

Now, as we are talking about the symptom, most of the people of the world these days use Google as their personal doctor. Now days, Google has been a lot help for most of the people to check their health issue and jump towards the conclusion of it which may lead to serious fetal problem very soon.

Now as we are talking about it, I want to add one example as whenever people felt little uncomforted with their health than they start to search Google about their issue.

Now there is thousand of list out there which may be seems matching towards those symptom or inside Google, there is pretty very easy to see almost same symptom disease everywhere.

What you will think when you have small headache and Google show you the huge list of serious metal problem. It will be pretty much scary to everyone and they start to freak out like hell.

Why To Stop Using Dr Google Self Diagnosis For Your Disease Symptoms

Even sometime doctor doesn’t get what is happening to you unless they perfectly check up all your blood and other substance or test than how can technologies which have thousand of almost same list to show will show you, your final result.

Nowadays it’s been a huge joke happening around us that, even having a professional doctor we use Dr Google to search our health issue which is very easy for all of us to see.

When now people start to freak out they start to Google more and more about those issue and finally reach to the point of having something big almost like cancer or damage of some part of body etc.

I am not saying that never Google anything about yourself when you are sick but at least don’t jump into the conclusion that much fast which is not sure about anything.

Google may be the help for some common disease or first step but never make it final for you. There are a lot case is going on where because of misleading of Google people have even worst health problem and they have taking to the hospital for cure.

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Your anxiety may increase more and more after you may search for it and who knows it will make your brain to believe to have really scary health issue which may sometime lead to death for almost rare people.

Let’s talk about some of the most really important point to avoid searching your symptom on Dr Google:

Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Dr Google Self Diagnosis For Your Disease Symptoms

  • More information than needed

As we are talking about the vast information of Google, it is really huge and more than needed to us related to health and symptoms.

We can see that if just a simple thing we search in Google it give you really amazing long and similar list of that topic. It may be very much useful for all other field but not to medical one.

We turn Dr Google to check our disease and compare that if we have it or not and people forget one thing that more you compare some symptom upon yourself, more it turn out common.

If you have back pain and now you search for it on Dr Google for cure, first there will be more and more questions that answer like if you have back pain than you may have broken backbone, your bone marrow may be reducing and you need more of it?.

So like this there it contain more and more information about those problem and it bring more and more question to us rather than just a simple question which going to be more panic for everyone.

People used Dr Google to search symptom and it start to show more rounding and rounding things which may sound like your own but actually they all sound similar to each other. Google is such a large platform that, there were million of topics with very different answer and all sound familiar to all answer as well.

It will be very much better if we consult to our doctor near to medical hall rather than searching our symptom on Google so that; our health becomes better than trapping on some unknown website.

If you even get all your symptom matching than how even can we are sure that, that website is real or the owner of that website knows all about health issue. We must think twice before going to some unknown link for our life. It may seems easy for all of us to check or compare it with Dr Google but it will also lead to really scary view or imagination of issue.

Diseases like common cold and headache sometime is very common on each human because of lack of rest or hygienic food and it is very much simple as well.

If we search same topic on Dr Google than you have bring huge mess and Even a common phase of disease is very deep for Dr Google because it is just a tool to use but not a human to trust fully.

So, rather than going on Dr Google for final result to your health issue, just take it as normal as you can and real human doctor may be the best idea for all of us to check up.

  • Website may be unreliable

I really want to talk about the most important and vital issue which is almost used to happen with every patient of Dr Google. Let’s see it on other way like how many of us know that website of which you are searching about your symptom is actually reliable and trustful.

Have anyone ever notice that they are even not a doctor who makes that website. Rarely some site will be from medical sectors or that website will be as official website of hospital but most of them were made to earn money.

Their main concern is to earn money rather than support your health. When all of us pay much more attention towards that website which show symptom of your particular diseases, all they were almost copy from another.

Like that they also search from other website and made their own where all real information were lost. We cannot pretend to get real information about our health problem and we hope that which will be the top website will give right info to us.

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How can we think that look alike or same type of website will be highly beneficial for us from all the side? So, we can’t only feel safe if it show nothing to you even if you are feeling worst and worst from inside.

It may be vice versa like you may be feeling too much painful from inside and it still show very common symptom for you. It’s really hard to explain about everything which is going inside you and we expect that Dr Google knows everything about us which cure without any hospital recommendation.

  • It may lead to misdiagnose your health

Let me tell you one thing clearly that last year I have really hurtful situation on my stomach. I have search more than 5 different sites to see what is going within me because I feel little hesitate to go doctor for that small pain.

All the symptoms were perfectly match for weakness on my kidney. Now I got too much freak out about that because more than a lot sites were showing me that it may be the case of kidney failure.

My sleeps gone for that day and I feel more and more like I really have kidney failure and my body itself start to believe that now it is more serious than I expect and when I go to the doctor and said him about that, he really laugh at me and it is actually little bit food poising.

It’s all by Dr Google who is showing me to more and serious problem but it is almost just minor. Like this a lot people fall in the trap of this type of things which lead to so panic situation.

I afraid of those people who really have some heart attack problem and if they search about it on Dr Google and find even more unusual and it may sometime lead to death as well who afraid so much.

Because you feel lazy and you feel afraid to lose money while going for doctor to show your diseases symptom than probably you are in danger. Health is more precious than money and time so it will be great if people go for hospital rather than taking conclusion sitting there with in 10minute and become a doctor themselves.

  • Sometime it may late for you

We all know that getting late is really harmful for us whatever topic or issue it may be. But if you mess up with your own health and it will total delay to reach up professional help, it may end up your life.

You start to search in Dr Google to find out what is actually happing to you and you keep going that finding various results but one after another you feel confused. You really end up with confusion like that with various opinion and ideas and thinking and fact and all of us keep continue like that.

Thinking like may be another one is right or may be after another is right and it goes like this hour and hour. Sometime you keep searching and more symptom start to show upon you because of your worry about what’s going on with me.

Worry and more anxiety will come up, more mind get confused and what you think going to happen next to you. Slowly your health start to feel more pain or situation may get more complicated but all we are after searching about our symptom and now you can’t hold it any longer and run for hospital but it may be late for you this time.

If you reach even little bit more in causal time than hospital service can save you but all we do is keep Goggling about our issue and we let our painful health in Dr Google hand.

A short delay and becoming own doctor, assuming everything by our self can really made condition bad and more bad until there is no final option left rather than going to hospital.

So, all we can say is that before it’s too late for our health and become little bit wise to our self than mostly it is a very good idea to run for hospital or professional to check up.

  • Information may be dangerous for anyone sometime

We know that each and every things provided by Google are not correct all the time even as any other topics. There are many scams and website which give false information regarding education or health issue.

They are just there to earn money and whatever is the content whether that is correct or in correct they just put it for the profit. So, how can we be sure towards our symptom that it is real and other is not? Fake information always leads to more panic or complicated situation.

It creates more damage than anything. Now, let’s suppose, one of us is really sick and we start to match everything on Dr Google and it even match a lot, we conclude to our conclusion and give that one wrong medicine.

Now can we imagine what is going to happen next if that person goes totally sick? Well, that is not only the case if we run towards the hospital and doctor refuse to admit the patient and from that moment everything is over.

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So, half information or wrong information is totally dangerous for everyone and especially if it is case of our health. I have seen a lot that medical website where they used to suggest some unknown herbal product for all kind of diseases which they think that going to cure symptom.

However they don’t even know anything about that neither they have try that by themselves.

  • At least think of qualification

So if you think that some little bit educated person have search somewhere some health issue cure on internet and put it on their website which tell you to cure perfectly. And you will also believe it than it going to be your biggest mistake of life.

Thousands of students who study day and night and have proper experience of many years are out there.

Working perfectly their job and curing many people with proper qualification, knowledge, and with experience and now you have more faith on that person who is unknown neither you know about his or her study level, experience, right or wrong and hope to be alright.

Each of us need to realize it as soon as possible that Dr Google is not even close to those educated doctor who are out there for you sitting day and night for your health condition.

Dr Google is only for those who wants check little bit common healthy habit to maintain in daily life. If you want to live a healthy life than you need Dr Google to see how you can maintain it, what are the quality of food and how much you can eat all this to be healthy regard to Dr Google?

Well, that’s why first you need to understand the meaning of healthy life and instead of searching on Google about your health issue, go for real doctor who knows a lot at least.

  • It is not a Doctor

Google is not a doctor as we used to think it is. All the information and medicinal cure has been written by people who own that website. Those people may be from different sector but we used to think that they all are doctors.

Most of the people feel secure to Google their symptom and take medical advice from it. Sometimes we are convincing ourselves to have those disease which is never been a part of us. It is all happing because we have full trust on Dr Google rather than other real one.

In this modern era, the most important thing is time for us. We never really have small amount of time as well for us that’s why to save time as well we used to search or use Google to check our health issue.

If we go to the doctor than they start to take test and a lot report for small health symptom and we feel that it is waste of time to do so.

But in reality, we even don’t have that much time for us and many people afraid as well to go to doctor instead there is the easy and cheap way and that is Dr Google for everyone. We love to do self diagnosing than going to hospital.

Now days, self Goggling is increasing day by day in worldwide and now many professional doctor from many countries start to give suggestion of not to do so.

If you start to be your own doctor than you are just increasing your own anxiety and depression and once you start to see what is happing with you, now it will go more painful.

  • Create bigger health issue

Let’s say it like this, if a person takes advice from Dr Google first time and it may cure his diseases than from next time he or she going to take it every time.

We can say that sometime it may be the case that, it may right because of some small symptom or minimum level of disease. But it will not happen every day like we used to think and it really going to create huge problem in future.

If a person is happy to cure through first day and now that person going to see each and everything things on Dr Google and result may not be the same all the time. When really serious injury or some big diseases got him than also he will going to search it on Google and  Which may lead to confusion.

Now, this time he will run for homemade cure like last time and like this just wasting his valuable time because instead of Goggling on internet he can run for hospital where his life may be saved.

So, it may cause more and more huge health problem and not only that but sometime cause of death may be because of delay on treatment.

  • Wrong concept of treatment

Actually people may have wrong concept of doing good thing by searching on Dr Google. Many of them may thanks to god as well for giving idea of cheapest way to solve health problem and thinking of saving their life through it.

Sometime other people also play vital role to spread of false news and idea among each other. Friends and relatives may tell you or give you suggestion of how Dr Google helps them to cure their symptom and now you also need to do so.

Like this with one another, wrong concept and idea spread like a virus among all in the family. Many of them even never search in internet and used it to cure symptom but they will surly tell you that it is the best way to cure disease because some other person have told that to them.

That is the biggest problem among us that even we have never tired it once neither we have ever see its positive and negative side but still we used to tell other as like we have our own experience.

So, our whole generation goes like that and when they really stuck somewhere very serious problem or issue than they realize that how big mistake they have done by believing in other.

Last time one girl has really bad hiccup and she start to search on Dr Google about her symptom. It gives different tips and way to stop it within a minute and she start to do it whenever she got hiccup.

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One day it goes too much for her and even she tried a lot to stop it just like Dr Google recommended her but it won’t stop this time. Now, finally time has come to run towards hospital and towards doctor and she went.

It takes almost 2hr to get appointment and her condition become really worst till that time. After check up from doctor she knows that actually that type of hiccup is not normal one.

They are the first symptom of overdose of stomach acid on our body and it may be almost delay if she doesn’t run for hospital this time.

So, like this thousands of people get wrong concept about these types of things and we really need to aware from all of it.

  • High risk of mental disorder

Psychologist has given a lot of clue and information about these types of mental case due to over thinking of their symptom. Well, we even can’t take it normally as like other case and people need to stop it right here before it goes too far for everyone.

Sick person almost spend a lot time searching about their symptom and cure for it but people got all wrong concept about it. Keep thinking of same things more and more and giving your head more pressure more than require end any one of us in mental hospital.

Those who take small things much more seriously than other and now what can be done for them rather than prayer and Hours of searching on net for help.

People used to imagine their illness by their own head and start to calculate about what is going on within me and like this Dr Google take you nowhere but definitely to mental hospital.

Neurology Chief Lyle Dennis from New York has alert about the maximum people day by day becoming doctor by their own and curing their illness until they suffer in extreme level to reach hospital. He also enlist that people get more mental tension and anxiety after they find out what is happing with them or all of other possible problem.

They feel more scared than before and if we don’t stop it here than in near future, nobody ever going to have any good trust on neither internet nor anything.

  • Trending subject

Online or internet is more freak out sector than human ever assume. Human has nature to find out more and more for what is going everywhere and inside them.

They also follow the trend of people like something gone viral on internet and now every youth and any age people follow that for entertainment as well as thinking of benefit.

So, one got answer on Dr Google for his health problem doesn’t mean all of them will get that but the trend is going on like blindly. Now all of us have mobile or laptop and the entire device to assess on internet which is reliable source for information.

All can be doctor within one swipe to the source than why not. Humanity has change a lot from past decade and it go on like that.

So, it’s time to look at what is really important for us whether we really need to look on internet for everything and all the health issue.

  • Really hard to change the habit

Anybody is thinking that one time will not make it too much for us. Just one time to search about my symptom and I will know what is happing within me so that I can cure myself.

It make me also feel like I am doctor and I know a lot of the knowledge about it. It gives unnecessary attitude of false knowledge which really takes us to bad ending.

Once a person start to look his or her symptom and illness diseases than it will soon change into habit and it is not good for us. Regular whenever we feel little bit unhealthy than we start to search about reason of illness and we goes like that forever.

We will forget that there is hospital out there which is for us but we keep continue our process to know more and more. now after knowing a lot we start to see ourselves as real doctor who knows a lot about medicine, homemade organic medicine and many more.

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Like this we may get closer to death rather than curing our own disease because whatever we are thinking about symptom may not be what we actually calculating it.

We will not only affect our health system but now if someone says they have some symptom than we start to give super affective recommendation and suggestion. All our imaginary mind doctor start to assuming their symptom of illness and inside our mind we start to considered about his or her reason of illness.

We need to understand that like that we are not only risking our life but others too and it may cost a lot for us. We need to stop acting like real doctor by just reading some information on Dr Google and with pretty good confident.

This isn’t going to help for anyone but instead we put them in so much danger of even losing their life as well.

  • Miscalculation

It is not right thing to do when you are having really hard time to dealing with yourself and your health condition. It may be found on especially on women when they start to pretend like pain healer or doctor of their own.

Last month I have heard a little unexpected news about the lady who miscalculate the time and pain and birth of child in pregnancy.

Woman pretends to be like doctor and she start to say that it will be okay to deliver another woman because that first lady knows everything about child birth where she read really great articles on Dr Google about it.

She says that it’s been a two years that she is reading it every day and now she is ready to do it and just what is expected is done there. She just miscalculate the weight and size of child which lead to over blood flowing and now she start to panic about that.

Just ambulance arrive in time so professional handle that and nothing bigger problem arrive but just reading something on some freak website and take that in action is too much hilarious.

How even some parents can let it happen and like that lady put danger on both life of mother and child because of her experience on reading.

This is not only being the case happen in one day but it seems to happen every day by a lot people who pretend to be professional one. it is not as easy as we see in some picture and photo or reading somewhere to do this and that but when time come to real action than everything just spoil there.

Too much care, properly handle, and focus, experience, when things go wrong more we need to search for solution rather than just reaction and many more other things need to be considered while doing it.

People really act like immature when I hear this type of news everywhere.

  • Confusing questions

Let me put it in this way that while searching your symptoms suddenly some question pop out their like what if this symptom lead to cancer, what if this symptom really is last stage of lung damage and like this.

Dr Google can show you all the related things which you search in it. It can show you a lot real life story, mainly a lot question ask by many of them as related to your question and now your concern also goes on that part as well.

More and more question was pop out on your screen and they are not even close to your health issue. People fear so much these days when it comes to their life and health so because of curious and fear they click on those what if you were suffer from this and that question.

After you enter in that site now you really need to face a lot because people have also given their opinion about that, different people various opinion but totally confusing right and wrong.

When you find out unnecessary serious illness may be matching on your symptom than there come money, where to find that much big amount of money, start to getting tension more and more which is even not necessary for you. Some people are like solid attach with Dr Google that whatever you say to them, they will denied each and every proofs of yours.

How much you tired to convince them about dark side of Dr Google with proper hand proofs but still you will be the wrong at last.

  • It force you to assume so fast

Having a symptom doesn’t mean you are really that much sick to considered yourself as last stage. When we see that sometime Dr Google give you sure answer and it tell you that how much worst it is even you may not close of it.

Just a simple disease but Dr Google make it super big and force you to take his advice to cure it. We all don’t know how much real it is until we go to hospital but Dr Google will make you sure that if you don’t take his suggestion than what stage it will lead you in future.

Assuming that much fast just by hearing some internet instruction which is even not official and trust worthy is really absurdity and we all need to get out of it as soon as possible.

As a conclusion, I am not saying that just searching some disease symptom will lead to death on Dr Google but we need to understand this like never come into result as fast.

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Just take that information and whatever it tells you just take that suggestion as minor as you can. Healthy habit can be built up through Dr Google but it can never cure your illness just by recommending tips to you.

Many studies by different student has proved that, we really likely to trust on those things which have list all most same like your symptom and if just two of them is correct doesn’t mean all of them were right.

Dr Google just put you on those situations which bring more and more worry for you day and night, you trap on that middle part where neither you can go to hospital nor is any recommendation medicine by Dr Google helping you to get better again. Health is not something which you can take it lightly, you can’t say that today I am sick and I will go to the hospital some other day to cure me.

Health is our first and foremost important in our life with so much care. We earn to keep us happy and joyful, so how can we just let it be on the hand of unknown site to be curing itself. If it comes into our health than how much money and time it takes, it will much more worth than any other thing in this world.

Sometime, simple natural and small pain used to be in our head or in any part of our body for short period of time and even for that if we use Dr Google than next is all your choice.


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