How to Get Better Google Adsense Revenue Results | The Easiest Guide To All Bloggers


Google Adsense Revenue Results?: – The development of the internet world is currently opening up many opportunities to be able to make money from the Internet. One popular way now is to join Google AdSense.

Perhaps there is one of you who doesn’t know what Google AdSense is all about? So let’s see what really is Google Adsense and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Google Adsense?

AdSense is a CPC-based(Cost per Click) advertising program that allows website owners to earn income from ads that are installed. Since its first appearance, many website owners have been competing to register as AdSense publishers. Proven until now there are around 2 million more AdSense publishers spread throughout the world.

AdSense displays advertisements on websites in the form of text, images, and videos to website visitors according to their interests. The work of Google AdSense is to use the cache of the user’s browser to find out what is needed, the ads that appear will be according to your interests or needs.


Google Adsense Revenue

For example, you are looking for Cheap Hosting in the Google search engine, not long after, the ads will appear from various Cheap Hosting providers. The ad that appears will change by itself following from the cache stored in your browser.

Google Adsense Revenue

The main purpose of Google AdSense is to help advertisers and website or blog owners to get revenue and profits. Even though Google still gets the most payments, you will still get money. There are two ways to make money from Google AdSense, namely:

  • Per-impression. This type of payment depends on the number of page views you get each month.
  • Per-click. This type of payment depends on the number of people who clicked on the ad (you cannot click on your own ad because it will count as a violation).

The two ways above are the two most widely used ways to get money from Google AdSense.

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Reasons to use Google Adsense

AdSense is one of the easiest ways to get money from the internet. You also don’t need to worry because AdSense is a contextual ad network. The ads that are displayed on your blog will match the content of your blog.

For example, if your content is about web hosting, then you will most likely see advertisements related to hosting and domains on your blog.

AdSense also decides which ads are displayed using the cookie method. They will choose ads based on the search history of your website visitors. This method can help you to make your ads more targeted, which in turn will drive higher conversion rates.

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In addition, there are still a few more reasons why it doesn’t hurt to choose Google AdSense:

  1. Easy to use. After you get approval to use AdSense, you only need to add a code in your website’s theme file and the ads will run immediately on your blog.
  2. Known by Google. AdSense is one of the most well-known advertisement programs on the internet. Keep in mind that AdSense does not accept all types of blogs and they are not afraid to reject blogs that they feel can still be fixed. If they accept your registration, it means that your blog meets Google’s standards.
  3. One account for several websites. Most ad networks require you to enter your website manually. After you receive the approval, you can then start placing ads on your website. With AdSense, if they have received your AdSense account, you can enter ads on various websites that meet AdSense requirements. You don’t need to have different accounts for different blogs
  4. Support forum. Unlike other advertisement programs, AdSense has a broad category of advertisers and website owners. AdSense also has a special forum for support where you can find lots of tutorials and AdSense usage guides.
  5. You don’t need to worry about payments from AdSense because they are very transparent in that regard. Most likely, you also won’t find a problem when you try to take payments from AdSense.

Advantages of using Google Adsense

Nearly most website owners monetize using Google AdSense. Using this service is quite easy. AdSense offers a bigger commission compared to other similar services.

Of course, this opportunity does not want to be missed by website owners. They are also busy installing AdSense on their respective websites. If you are new to the Google AdSense and you want to start working with it, understand first its benefits which are:

  1. Additional Income

The main advantage of using Google AdSense is the payment offered. Additional AdSense ads installed on your website will make the website more profitable.

The income you can get from AdSense depends on several factors, including the level of popularity of the website and also the amount of advertising that is offered by advertisers.

The more competitive the targeted keywords, usually the greater the value in each ad click. Google makes payments every month.

  1. Advertisements According to Website Content

Content is an important enough part to attract the attention of visitors so it needs a good arrangement. When you use services like Google AdSense and similar services, of course, it will reduce the space in content. Of course, this makes visitors sometimes do not like it.

The advantage of joining the Google AdSense program is that advertisements appear according to the contents of your website content. So the ad is not too annoying. Just imagine if the context of advertising content is far different from the website.

For example, your website discusses web hosting services but the advertisements shown are related to plants or animals. Of course, this is quite disturbing.

  1. The Ad Form Can Be Adjusted

The appearance and uniqueness of a website or blog are certainly very important for visitors, especially the ease of navigation. Google AdSense ads are the size of the content that appears on the website.

But you don’t need to worry because on the other hand Google AdSense also offers customizable ads. Users can easily adjust the size, shape, and background or border of the ad.

For those of you who have webmaster skills or blogger background, of course, you can use Google AdSense as a complement to the design.

  1. Many references are available

AdSense is a very popular advertising program. Its popularity thanks to the documentation is quite complete. Not only that, there are many references and various tips and tricks related to AdSense that is spread on the internet.

Complete documentation is certainly very useful for those of you who try to use AdSense services. If there are problems, just do a search using Google Search. There are lots of references available that you can read about AdSense.

  1. Provides Complete Statistics

Google AdSense provides complete statistics and analysis of visitors and website earnings. All of these features can be found in your dashboard account.

You can even see the number of clicks, earnings per click and total earnings, website popularity, and popularity of web pages based on the ads that appear.

In addition to statistical features, another interesting feature of Google AdSense is the presence of security features that can be used to block unwanted advertisements.

How Google Adsense function?

The way Google AdSense works is by paying for every click on ads from website visitors, the more clicks the greater AdSense revenue. For that, you have to create interesting website content coupled with the correct SEO techniques. Here we show how Google AdSense works:

  1. Your first step is to provide ad space

For ad placement usually located in the header, article, footer, and sidebar. Paste the ad code in the form of a script in the section, the ads will appear according to the interests of website visitors.

  1. The most expensive ad will appear

Advertisers will offer the highest price in order to appear in the ad space that is available on your website.

  1. Get paid

The amount of payment that comes from ads that have been clicked/opened by website visitors. The amount of click fees depends on the type of product and the bid competition between advertisers.

How to make your website accepted by Google Adsense?

Before registering AdSense, you need to understand that not all websites can be accepted by Google AdSense.

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Only websites that meet the conditions that have been created by AdSense are accepted. This program does not carelessly accept websites or blogs. Therefore, there are several things you can do. Such as:

  1. Age

Google AdSense accepts users over the age of 18. If you are younger than this age, you can use the name of someone you know or your guardian. This relates to payments from Google to your account.

  1. Content Quality

Google will not accept blogs that use duplicated or stolen content. Google looks for quality content that is not yet on the market. One of the criteria for quality content is content that is useful and provides new information to its readers.

  1. Create a page with about, contact, and privacy policy

If you want to make money from AdSense, you must be serious about your website and blog. Don’t forget to include the About, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages so your website looks professional.

  1. Complete information

Don’t forget to include your name and email address on your website. You can put this information on the About Us or Contact page. This can help the Google AdSense team to confirm whether you really registered for Google AdSense and that your website is not a  or spam website.

  1. Check Your Content

In addition to the content strategies mentioned above, you still need to pay attention to whether your content contains things that AdSense doesn’t like. Here are some types and categories of content that AdSense doesn’t like:

  • Pornography
  • Pirated content
  • Hacking tutorial
  • Illegal drugs
  • Illegal things

If your website contains the things above, you should not register with AdSense. In addition, Google AdSense also supports several languages.

  1. Your website should be new and aesthetic

The other thing you need to pay attention to is the website that you submitted. If your website is relatively new, the priority is in terms of aesthetics and ways of presenting your website in a comfortable way for visitors to explore.

Choose a neat website layout, content that is unique, clear and easy to understand. To register a website or blog to Google AdSense, at least the website or blog should be 6 months old.

  1. Use top-level domains

Many blogging services like BlogSpot and so on provide free domain services. But it would be far better if you have a personal domain name for your own website or blog. Keep using top-level domains, those that end in .com, .org, .net and .id. Not a subdomain like, and others.

  1. Note the Amount of Content on Your Website or Blog

Make sure the website has a minimum of 20 articles/pages/content to meet the minimum requirements recommended by Google AdSense. You are not allowed to register a website that is empty or not yet fully made.

Especially if the website is under development or contains dummy content. This will only waste your valuable time. On the other hand, if you register a discussion forum, also make sure the forum already contains threads and clear posts.

If you violate the provisions above, the possibility of your application being rejected by Google is very large.

  1. Make a website or blog that is easy and convenient to explore.

Avoid using pop-ups on your website. Maybe for you, pop-ups look interesting, but it is different for visitors who feel disturbed. As a result, they are uncomfortable and end up leaving your website page.

  1. Add a Privacy Policy Page

Don’t forget to add a Privacy Policy page that matches the AdSense Program Policies. This page is actually simple but plays an important role in your website.

  1. Clicks and impressions

AdSense works by displaying advertisements on the website, then when a click occurs then revenue is calculated. To ensure all goes well, AdSense prohibits the act of clicking on the ads themselves, asking others to click on ad impressions. Placing ads that manipulate visitors and prohibited from promoting websites forbidden so as to bring less quality traffic.

  1. Make sure Navigation is Easy to Use & Clear

Navigation is an important part of the website. Navigation really determines the comfort of visitors. The easier it is easy and clear to navigate a website, the better the user experience provided.

Navigation can also be a factor of user effectiveness when interacting with your website. There are at least three things that you need to consider relating to navigation, namely legibility, structuring, and function.

Examples such as a good travel website structuring navigation like this Home »Destinations» Gallery »Reviews» About Us. But you can also determine navigation at will as long as visitors can easily and quickly understand and interact with website content. You can ask friends or visitors for feedback via a form if possible.

  1. Use Google AdSense Only

There are several advertising services besides Google AdSense. However, it would be better if you don’t use anything else before AdSense approves your account activation request.

If you want to leave an ad on a billboard, definitely do not want other people to also use the billboard to display the same ad. The same is the case with Google. Your website will be more trusted if you only use advertising services from them.

  1. Already Have 10-15 Active Articles

One other vital thing is the existence of articles or active content on your blogs. At least 10-15 articles. How would you recognize a website if there are no articles there? Of course, it will be difficult.

The articles that you add on the website will become Google’s identifier to classify the type of content suitable for the website. In addition, quality content will certainly be a positive indicator for Google to assess your website.

  1. Make Sure There Are 100 Visitors Every Day

You should have at least 100, active visitors, every day. However, that number is still tentative. Even though you only have less than 100 active visitors every day, it could be that Google approved the activation request for the AdSense account that you submitted.

If you have already registered for YouTube AdSense, there are explained several conditions that you need to fulfill in order for your YouTube AdSense account to be activated.

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Requirements that you need to fulfill such as at least 100 subscribe and have been watched more than 4000 hours aired. It could be that similar conditions (such as the number of articles and visitors) also apply to activate AdSense on the blog.

How to Register Google Adsense

Registering for Google AdSense is very easy because you only need an email and a website that is already active. There are at least four steps that you need to do, namely creating an AdSense account, activating an AdSense account, creating AdSense ads, and adding AdSense ads to the website.

  1. Create an AdSense account

  • First, create an AdSense account. Please visit the AdSense Sign Up page, then click Register Now.
  • You will be asked to fill in several registration forms. Fill in the form in accordance with the website and email you want to register.
  • Enter your Website URL, your e-mail address, and choose whether you want to get help from AdSense.
  • Scroll down then click Save & Continue to continue. There will be verification again.
  • Google will ensure that your URL and info are correct. Select your country of origin, and don’t forget to check Yes, I have read and accepted the agreement. After that, click Create Account.
  1. Activate Account

  • Your account is active. But it can’t be used yet. You must activate it first. After the registration process is complete, you will then enter the Google AdSense dashboard. Then fill in the information requested.
  • Enter the address correctly. The address is the destination where you want to withdraw AdSense payments. If it’s wrong, you may never receive a cashed payment.
  • Then click Submit when it’s finished.
  • You will be asked to copy several lines of code into the website. The code is used as an AdSense identity on the website. If it’s wrong, you won’t receive AdSense ads or ads that appear invalid.
  1. Enter the AdSense verification code into WordPress

The AdSense verification code is entered into the head section of your WordPress website. There are three events you can do, namely by using a plugin, entering the AdSense verification code manually into the header of your website, and using a widget.

    • Enter the Google AdSense verification code with the plugin
  • The first thing you have to do is install and activate the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. This plugin will help you insert Google AdSense and Google Analytics verification code scripts into your WordPress website header.
  • You can also use it to enter other verification code scripts.
  • After you activate it, select Settings on the left side of the screen and click Insert Headers and Footers.
  • Enter your Google AdSense verification code in the top box. All you have to do is click Save and your Google AdSense verification code has been entered.
    • Enter the Google AdSense verification code manually
  • If you don’t want to use the plugin, you can enter the Google AdSense verification code manually.
  • Select Appearance in your WordPress dashboard and then choose Editor.
  • After that, the screen will appear where you have to look for header.php on the right and click on that option.
  • Enter your Google AdSense verification code after </head>

You have entered the AdSense verification code on your website. After this, you only need to continue updating your website and wait for approval from AdSense.

If you’re not sure if you’ve uploaded it correctly, here’s how to check that the verification code has been entered correctly using Google Chrome.

  • Open your website in a new private window
  • Right-click and select view source site
  • Press Ctrl + F and search for ads by google

This way you can see if your code has been entered correctly. When you search for the code, make sure that the code is the same as what AdSense gave you.

    • Enter the Google AdSense verification code with widgets
  • Select Appearance then selects Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.
  • After that, select the Custom HTML widget and enter your Google AdSense code there.
    • Enter the AdSense verification code into Blogger / Blogspot
  • Sign in to your Blogger account
  • At the top left, click the down arrow
  • Select the blog that you want to register to Google AdSense
  • On the left screen, click Earnings
  • Click Sign Up for AdSense. If you don’t see any buttons, that means your blog is considered not qualified for AdSense.
  • After you click that choice, fill out the form with a Google account. Remember that they need at least 48 hours to review your application.
  • Then after adding to the website, don’t forget to put a checkmark in the I’ve pasted the code into my site section. This is to ensure that the line of code has been added to the website. So that Google AdSense can check and audit your website whether it is feasible to activate AdSense or not.
  • Don’t forget to click Done to continue.
  • If successful, you will receive a notification. If your application is rejected, AdSense will also send you an email with information about the reason for the decline.
  1. Create AdSense Ads

Google AdSense has approved your account and is now active. It’s time to make an ad and put it on the website. Of course, this will be interesting because you will arrange the ads according to your needs and desires.

There are at least three things you can do to manage AdSense ads -create ad units, choose ad types, and choose ad text styles.

    • Creating Ad Units (Ads)

Enter the dashboard of your AdSense account then click the My Ads tab. You will find several menus related to ad content settings.

Click the Add units option in the Content menu. This tab will bring up a list of ads that you have created. You can use an existing ad or create a new ad.

To create a new ad, click the + New ad unit button.

    • Choosing Ad Types

You will see the display of several types of ads. Google AdSense offers several types of ads, such as Responsive, Leaderboard, Large Rectangle, Large Mobile Banner, or Large Skyscraper.

In addition, you can also choose the type of ad. There are at least four types of advertisements offered by Google AdSense – text and display ads, matched content, in-feed ads, and in-article ads.

You can choose one of the ad sizes and types according to what you want. For example, you choose responsive ads with the type of text and display ads. Click Responsive and select Text & display ads.

    • Selecting the Text Ads Style

Not only you can choose the selection of ad sizes and types. You can further customize the appearance of ads. There are several choices of ad styles to choose from. You can also choose the border color, title, text, URL and background. This feature is one of the advantages of Google AdSense.

  • After everything is finished, don’t forget to click Save and Get Code.
  • You will get a few lines of code. These lines of code are advertisements that will later appear on web pages.
  • Copy the code and add it to the website in accordance with the place you want.
  • No need to worry about the size of the ad because it will adjust to the size available on the website page. Click Close to complete the unit creation process.
  • You don’t have to add a line of code right then. Access units that you have created at any time can be accessed via the My Ads» Content »Ad Units menu.
  1. How to set AdSense payment options

Depending on the address you entered, there are several payment options that you can use to receive AdSense payments, namely:

  • Check
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Electronic Funds Transfer via Single Euro Payments Area
  • Wire transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  1. Here’s how to set Google AdSense payment options:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account
  • In the navigation panel on the left, click on the Settings
  • Click Payment
  • Click Manage payment methods
  • Click Add payment method
  • In the Add, a payment method section, select Western Union Quick Cash
  • Verify that the recipient’s name is correct and click save.
  • Make sure that the name you use for Western Union payments is the same as the name on your ID card.
  • After you enter these data, you can check the status of your Google AdSense payment. You can check it directly from your Google account in the Settings menu > Payments then click View Transactions. There, you can see the details of your Google AdSense payment status.
  • In that section, you can also view the detailed report by clicking on the transaction you want to see in more detail. Don’t forget to record the information, especially the Western Union MTCN Number because this is a valid code for receiving your money.

Secret To Success in Google Adsense

It is undeniable, the position of Google Adsense ad placement has become one of the crucial factors that can affect the size of the income received by the publisher.

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Therefore, as a blogger or web developer, we certainly have to pay special attention so that the results of ad clicks become more maximal even though there aren’t too many visitors. Here are some secrets for you to earn more income from your Google Adsense.

  1. Types of sites where contextual advertising is placed

This is the first thing that you need to consider if you want to earn more revenue from Google Adsense. First, you need to figure out which site will be more viewed. The type of most visited website can be divided into two types. One with the community and the other without community.

The one with the community means the site that includes forums, blogs with an approximately constant audience. In this case, we must take care of each user (subscriber) so that the advertisement does not annoy and interfere with it.

Sites without a community are projects that are accessed by search engines, social networks, and so on (that is, they are most often visited once). In this case, only the effect is important to us: come – clicked – left – well done! Therefore, there will be qualitatively different approaches to google AdSense on such sites.

  1. Size matters

In contextual advertising, the size of the ad unit matter. Of course, the bigger the size, the better it’s not suitable for all sites, but you should stick to it. The effective blocks are as follows:

  • board of honor (728х90);
  • large rectangle (336×280);
  • wide skyscraper (160×600).

In most cases, these blocks get more clicks. If the site does not have such a great advertising space, then you can use smaller sizes, since there is a choice.

  1. Placement of announcements

The correctness of the implementation of this paragraph will largely depend on your earnings on AdSense. In the contextual system, you can place up to three ad units per page.

But the other thing is there can be an increase in bids with a decrease in the number of AdSense blocks. This is due to the fact that additional ads with lower bids are published on the page.

The average price decreases, but total revenue tends to increase. More clicks get more of those ads that are, firstly, near or in the content of the page, and secondly, on the first screen of the monitor (that is, if you do not use the scroll down).

For a board of honor, save a place in the header of the page or after all the content (if the width of the text field allows). But best of all, the board still clicks in the header.

Large rectangles are more clickable in the content immediately after the heading or after several lines on sites without a community. It’s better to place the ad on the left because people read mainly from left to right and their eyes are more likely to fall on advertising.

If the content of the site is read, but not immediately flipped down, then you can apply the wrap to a large rectangle.

The free space around advertising is also a very important point. Advertising should stand out a bit from the content, so it’s most effective to separate it a bit from it.

As for the skyscraper, the best place for it, of course, is in the sidebar. It’s better to use sites with the right sidebar because people are mostly right-handed and hold the mouse pointer more to the right.

The title on the page should not be large, especially for projects without a community. First of all, attention should be drawn to the title of the ad, not the title.

Also, an important area for determining relevant advertising can be identified with a special code. It will help the bot google AdSense to select more suitable advertising positions. You can, for example, highlight the main content on the pages (articles, notes, and so on). This is done in the code of your template.

  1. The color scheme of Google Adsense ads

After we have chosen the right ad format, correctly placed them on the site page, now we need to effectively colorize our Google Adsense ads. Here, there will be just the division mentioned above.

If the resource is with the community, then we must in every way care first and foremost about the appropriate color scheme. If the site is mainly visited by one-time visitors from search engines, then, in theory, we should still care about the user. All we need is to make the color scheme attract his attention.

For sites that have their regular visitors, we select a color scheme similar to the color scheme of the project itself. This does not irritate the eyes and visitors initially perceive them as useful ads.

Of course, there is a moment of memorization of advertising. When viewing the site, the user no longer pays attention to those places where the context mostly hangs. Therefore, you must either change the location, which is not always convenient or slightly change the color.

For sites without a community, if we use the color gamut of the resource for our ads, we must place them so that they are perceived as part of the content.

But here do not forget about the google Adsense system rules, otherwise, you can get a banned account. If this does not bring the desired results, then you can change the background to attract more attention.

  1. The Top Side of the Title

The top position of a website usually has a very high level of readability. Especially in the title section where the identity of the logo or blog name is lodged.

As a result, some experts often advocate placing one advertisement to the right of the blog title so that the ad is more readable by visitors. It is recommended that the types of ads displayed in this section also only consist of images (not text) to attract more attention.

In addition, the Cost Per Click (CPC) value for ADS text is sometimes smaller so at the same time it can filter out low clicks or Smart Pricing.

  1. In the middle of the article

Placement of ads in the middle of the article is the best option besides placing ads at the top alongside the title. In this position, you will be given at least two benefits as an effect of the placement of Google Adsense ads.

First, your ad will get the most focus/attention from readers because the ad position is between the content they need. Second, the look of the website looks more user-friendly because the ads are quite obscured by the images in the content.

  1. In the post after the first paragraph

The ease of accessing sources of information through search engines has more or less contributed to people’s reading patterns which are getting faster and jumping up and down.

As a result, only a few people who currently still like to read at the same time examine the article in detail from beginning to end. Following the above phenomenon, the publishers began to rack their brains to boost the level of readability of their advertisements.

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Well, one way is to set the position of the ad so that it wants to appear in position after the first paragraph automatically in each article.

If you are interested in trying to place ads in this position, one of the plugins that you can use is Ad Inserter. In addition, you can also try the Quick Adsense plugin to set Google Adsense ad placement on the sidelines after the first paragraph.

  1. Under the Article

For ads in the final position of the article, it is recommended to choose the type of text and responsive images with large and wide sizes. This is one of them aimed at direct visitors to see the display of ads after reading the article or while scrolling towards the end of the page.

The position of Google Adsense ad placement under the article is also a favorite of many professional bloggers because it can be a profitable exit option after the reader has been successfully influenced by the contents of the article.

  1. The Most Used Google Adsense Ad Unit

  • Text Ads

Just like the name suggests, this ad looks almost like a text link in general that is commonly used to display links to related information sources. Although it is less modern, this type of advertisement is in great demand because it does not take up much space and has a fairly high percentage of CTR.

  • Responsive Advertising

It seems no need to explain again why responsive ads are eligible to be included in the list of the best Google Adsense ad units on this occasion. In the mobile era, this type of ad size is able to adjust to the conditions of the screen area and operating system. As a result, the user experience will not be disturbed by the size of the ad banners that are installed.

  • Advertising In Article

Along with the changing times, Google continues to strive to bring innovation in each of their products. One of them is the innovation of In Article advertising on Google Adsense, which is very dynamic in form according to the dimensions of the device used. Its position in between the content also makes this ad-friendly to clicks.

  1. Block Ad Categories

If we want our ads to be relevant to our users, we can block categories that have nothing to do with the content of your website. If your website talks about dogs, does it make sense to show ads for creams to rejuvenate?

To block categories, click on Lock Controls, select your website and to the right, where it puts General Categories is where you can block them. You do not block at the general account level (All websites), but at the domain level. Because categories of ads that do not fit on one website you have may do so on another.

Do not block categories as soon as you start with your Adsense account. Wait a while until you have more or less reliable data and then look at those categories that have generated less than 1% of income during the last 30 days. Those are the ones you can block (up to a maximum of 200 categories).

  1. Take A / B Test of everything you can think of

When setting up your Adsense ads, you create your own style for each website you have. In this way, your ad units will use the same colors and the same typeface as your articles, being perfectly integrated. You can also use those offered by Google itself.

The fundamental thing here is that when you are already generating a relatively stable amount of income, you change the colors, the font and keep them in the same location. After a month, check which combination has worked best. A / B tests are essential if we want to improve our income.

  1. Find out which Pages Work Better and Generate More Income

This would be another step in our strategy to improve revenue with Google Adsense. In this way, we will know which pages perform better and which ones worse in terms of income.

For pages that work the worst, we can rewrite articles or change ad placements. And for those that work best, we can replicate the type of content in new articles, promote them through social networks or give them greater weight in terms of SEO On-Page and Off-Page. How can we know? Very easy.

  • Link them from Adsense

We click on the cogwheel that puts Account. Then we click on Access and authorization and, finally, click on Google Analytics Integration. We will leave all the Analytics properties that we have and click on the one we want to link with Adsense will take us to the Analytics account.

Once there we click on Behavior-Pages of the editor and click on the button that appears on the right How to start.

It will lead us to a new screen: Configure the Adsense Link. We see our Adsense property appear. We mark Adsense for content. Click on the Continue button and a small box will be displayed that says 0 views have been selected. We deploy it, select the Analytics view and click on the Enable link.

We already have linked our Adsense and Analytics accounts.

  • Link them from Analytics

We go to the Manage tab (Cogwheel), select the Property and click on Adsense link. Then it is to follow the steps that we have explained before.


Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways for you to make money from the Internet. But it takes effort from you to create a website that is rich in quality content and useful for your website visitors. Having good SEO can also help you to make money from Google AdSense.

Google is very concerned about the SEO of a website before they accept the website for Google AdSense. So, you must ensure that all your content is optimized for search engines. Research keywords and use them in your content.

Google AdSense is the most reliable and powerful ad network available today for bloggers and webmasters to make money from their websites. Be sure to create content for your targeted audience, gather more traffic by using the right keywords and increase your click-through-rate by positioning your ads well.

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