Smart People Always Save Time & Money With Google Chrome Extensions – Read This To Know How


Google Chrome Extensions:- In this world, all humans from various types of professions actually need tools or equipment to support and facilitate their respective jobs. A programmer and blogger might need a computer that can go fast when used for typing.

An architect might need a combination of applications from Adobe and AutoCAD to produce high-quality building designs. Whatever the shape and type of the tool, they all have the same goal; make it easy.

Well, the same thing can also be found in the world of virtual browser alias browser applications. In the ecosystem inhabited by some of these applications (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera), tools appear in the form of add ons or extensions.

In cyberspace, there are already thousands of add ons available that aim to facilitate your life. Here we will be discussing the extension of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome Extensions Store

Google chrome is the best and most common web browser worldwide. As we know Google chrome is the lightest and fastest browser to launch. Along with the browser it provides many Google extensions for chrome which makes it easier to work on it.

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What is Browser Extension?

Before knowing about Google Chrome EXtension, let’s know what actually is browser extension be it Mozilla or opera or google. This is a firmware that extends (complements) the functionality of the browser, it is also able to integrate into the cloud software through the browser, and expand its functionality.

They are called browser extensions, plug-in, or add-on, and now they are supported by almost all browsers. The most popular extensions for google chrome and extensions for firefox. To create an extension, you need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and consider its functional load.

The finished extension is provided to the user in the form of an archive, or is downloaded through the official store of browser extensions and is simply activated.

Types of Browser Extension

The main purpose of the extensions is clear from the name itself – to expand the functionality of the browser. The plugin can embed its elements in any cloud service for the purpose of integration, additional features for SaaS, creating a microservice, or simply as an additional tool.

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Depending on the purpose for which the extension is created, the following types can be distinguished:

  1. Integration Extension:

Cloud software for CRMs, warehouse management programs and many other business management systems is becoming increasingly popular, and no cloud provider makes it possible to integrate into it and customize it for yourself.

In this case, the extension is a cool opportunity to take a well-designed cloud service, and embed one or more of your buttons into it. It can be assigned the function of exporting data, and to establish the process of exchanging data between different internal systems.

Thus, you can get custom functionality for someone else’s cloud software.

  1. Additional features in any browser:

These can be background services of a different nature: checks, tips, calendars, translators, helpers, and others.

  1. Microservices:

These are micro-applications that are called by button and interact with the page. They are needed for services that make sense to run in the environment of another site/application.

It is able to read information from the site on which it was called, and thereby greatly simplify the interaction between users. It can be any services of notes, screenshots or videos. They can not only save data, but immediately upload to the cloud, or send, for example, by mail.

  1. Developer tools:

Calling tools without closing the browser is a very convenient opportunity for developers. There are a large number of such extensions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Browser Extensions

  • Speed of access, usability, and ease of use
  • Cross-platform, the ability to work on any platform where there is a browser
  • The ability to integrate non-integrable, insert its functionality into third-party products in the sore of which there is no access.
  • The ability to combine their systems and cloud services into an integrated corporate systems landscape.


  • The need for periodic updates of the extension for browser or service updates.
  • For each browser, you need to compose a separate version of the extension.

The use of extensions is a frequent occurrence and is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, with its simplicity and functionality, they deserve special attention.

Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that can functionally modify and enhance Google Chrome and make more creative use of Google Chrome browsing.

Extensions are small applications that give you additional options when using the web browser. Google has numerous such extensions in the Chrome Web Store that can help you save, save your passwords, etc. and others can give you a more pleasing aesthetic when you browse online.

They are the small programs that add various functionality to the Google Chrome browser. If you know how to create web pages then that’s all you need to know to create chrome extensions.

Extensions are implemented using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript and so on. An extension is just a compressed folder, more precisely a zip archive with a signature containing several files.

It contains all the information about the extension, the version number, its name and can point to other components of the extension, which in turn offer extension functionality.

Ways to install the Google Chrome extension

The browser becomes just an application to surf the web if there are no extra features in it. But thanks to the extension, it has turned the browser into a multifunctional application.

It can help manage passwords, block ads, download YouTube videos and so on. If you are a Google Chrome user, here is the method on how to add various extensions in your browser. Check out the following easy way:

  1. To add extensions in Chrome, you can go to the Chrome Web Store and you can find a variety of extensions available. For this click on the three vertical dots that you can see in the corner of the chrome.
  2. Then click on the Extension. You will be taken directly to the page of chrome web store.
  3. After searching and finding the desired extension, click the button labeled Add to Chrome.
  4. Then a confirmation pop-up will appear whether you are sure to add the extension or not.
  5. After the extension has been successfully installed, you will get the notification in the right corner of the Chrome browser.
  6. Easy enough right. It is better to choose extensions wisely according to the functions and needs you need.

How to remove the chrome extension?

Extension on a browser is certainly mandatory because it can help users in running the browser to be more productive. But sometimes you don’t need extensions anymore, so the steps you can take are to delete them.

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Removing extensions can reduce memory consumption, as it is known that Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. If you don’t need certain extensions anymore, you can easily delete them from your Chrome browser. Follow these steps:

  • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  • Select Tools.
  • Select Extensions.
  • On the Extensions page that appears, click the trash can icon for the extension you want to delete.
  • If your extension appears as a button on the browser toolbar, you can also right-click the icon and select Remove from Chrome.
  • You can also temporarily disable an extension, instead of removing it altogether. On the Extensions page, uncheck Enabled for the extension.

Ways to avoid dangerous Chrome Extension

Extensions in the Chrome browser are indeed abundant. Lots of extensions that can be used to support all the activities of Google Chrome users when accessing the internet world.

But unfortunately, there are also many Chrome extensions created not to support user activity, but rather endanger user devices. For example, there is malware that can steal passwords or things that are detrimental to the user.

So there are ways to avoid dangerous Chrome extensions. So you only use safe extensions without having to worry about unwanted events.

  1. Don’t Install Extensions Outside the Chrome Web Store

Google has previously warned Google Chrome users not to install extensions outside of the Chrome Web Store. Because these extensions could be dangerous to the user’s device.

The search giant also stated that users who have already installed extensions outside of the Chrome Web Store, must immediately delete these extensions and look for alternative or similar extensions on Chrome’s official store service.

  1. Make sure to Install the Right Extensions

Beginning in 2018, a company that often offers products in the form of ad blocking services, AdGuard revealed a list of five dangerous Chrome extensions. Worse, this extension has more than 20 million users who don’t know if they are using dangerous extensions.

These five extensions are AdRemover for Google Chrome which has 10 million users installed, uBlock Plus (8 million users), Adblock Pro (2 million users), HD for YouTube (400 thousand users), and Webutation (300 thousand users).

Reporting from The Next Web there are various appropriate ad-blocking extensions that can be used. Like AdBlock, Adblock Plus, AdBlocker Ultimate, uBlock, uBLock Origin, to uBlock Plus Adblocker.

  1. Read the Description and Privacy Policy

Before installing extensions in the Chrome Web Store, it is recommended that you first read the extension’s description and privacy policy. Because, although Google requires extensions to display the description clearly, there are still dangerous extensions that often escape Google’s security system.

So by reading it, you can judge whether the extension’s description and privacy policy make sense to you or not. When in doubt, you should not install the extension.

  1. See Website of Extensions

Not all extensions in Chrome have a website. Because there are several popular extensions that have been programmed and managed by developers individually.

However, if you find that the extension you want to install has its own site, it is recommended that you check the site to help you make a better decision. Also pay attention to spelling on the site, whether it is a professional site or an amateur site.

  1. See Number of Users and Reviews

Avoid extensions that only have a few users. Even though the extension has just been launched and looks like it has many users, if you don’t have time to thoroughly examine the extension, you should undo your intention to install it.

You also need to see user reviews for the extension you want to use. That’s because reviews are very important for you to get information about the advantages and disadvantages of the extensions you want to use.

  1. Delete unused extensions

Go to the list of Chrome extensions and remove those that you don’t use. Sometimes you can find numerous while the user does not even know what it is and why they are needed. To perform this, click on the settings button in the browser – Tools and then Extensions.

A large number of them not only increases the danger of malicious activity but also leads to the fact that the browser slows down or inadequately performs.

  1. Access rights

Chrome has a permissions system. It shows what actions in your browser are going to perform a particular extension. About the same system works in Android when installing new applications.

When you install the extension, take the time to see what it is requesting access to. It’s bad if you don’t pay attention to this moment. After all, if you install some kind of extension for a quick image search, and it asks for access to your – this is an alarming bell.

  1. Source

Yes, this is not an option for everyone. However, those who are versed in creating extensions for Chrome should look at the source code of the installed add-on (if it is open). It is open-source extensions that always deserve more trust.

  1. Check your extensions regularly

Open your list of extensions and check it out right now. There are frequent cases when developers of popular extensions sell them to less conscientious owners.

A few years ago, this happened with the Add to Feedly extension, which, after the change of ownership, began to show ads. You’ve been using some kind of extension for several years and even forgot that you have it? Check it out. Read reviews, google the name. Maybe it has become useless or harmful?

How Using Google Chrome Extension saves your time, money and makes you more productive?

Despite the wonderful content offered by the Internet, one of its biggest disadvantages is that it can generate too many distractions. It has always happened to all of us when we sit down to work and realize two hours later that we have not done anything productive.

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We promise to spend only five minutes looking at Instagram and we don’t stop until we review all our social networks one by one. Regardless of what you do on the Internet, it’s easy to end up lost in a black hole of distraction and low productivity.

There are many Google Chrome browser extensions made to offer you solutions. The Google Chrome web store offers a variety of tools that help you increase security, act smarter and be more productive with just one click.

Such extensions are found in millions and can be categorized into many types. But here are some categories of some useful extensions that you can use in google chrome to save your time, money, enhance security and make you more productive.

  1. Security
  2. Social networks
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. New tab
  5. Content management
  6. Blog post
  7. Productivity

  1. Security:

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world, so it is not surprising that cybercriminals and hackers are lurking to get data, steal credentials or register on our PC.

One of the main features of Chrome is that it offers the possibility of installing extensions, small tools within the browser that allow us to have useful features.

Among them, there is a large number to keep security and privacy at bay. Because it is not only important to have a good antivirus installed so here are some extensions that you can apply in your chrome to enhance your security and privacy.

  • Wot

Would you like to know if the page you are going to enter is safe and reliable? Then this extension cannot be missing in your browser. Based on user experience, Wot or Web of Trust indicates with a color code as a traffic light (green, amber or red) if a website is reliable or not.

Of course, it does not block anything. Although it makes it much easier to identify if it is a suspicious page. It also gives you the possibility to see comments and ratings by stars.

So you can get even more information from the page in question in case it comes out in amber, which is a color that can invite doubt. You can also create your own opinion of the web and make an assessment of the site.

  • Ghostery

Ghostery lets you know who is tracking your Internet browsing. It gives you the option to view and block trackers of the websites you visit, thus controlling who collects your data.

This extension detects cookies, blocks advertising, or even speeds up loading times, always protecting our data. It should be noted that with Ghostery we can decide whether or not we want to block a tracker since it does not do so by default.

  • Lastpass

This extension cannot be missing in your browser if you want your passwords to be as protected as possible. Its data protection and encryption system it a great option for navigation, with so many passwords that must be entered daily on almost every website.

You will only have to remember one master password and this extension will take care of the rest. What it does is complete the logins for you, being able to synchronize them instantly from the computer to the laptop, from the PC to the smartphone.

From the tablet to the web … so you never have to worry about remembering a password again. This, in turn, will remain protected and secure. In any case, do not forget to change them every so often to be even more protected.

  • Fair adblocker

Fair AdBrocker is quite useful for protecting the security of Google Chrome since a single extension provides protection against malware and adware. This tool will protect you from malware and the awkward ads and pop-up windows that appear during browsing.

Once you install it, you can configure the lock, so that those ads that you are least interested in seeing are hidden, especially those that contain dangerous information that may put your PC at risk.

  • Zenmate VPN

With this extension, you can prevent any hacker from intercepting your information and data. To do this, it has different functions that encrypt network traffic, thus protecting your PC.

Another of its main advantages is that it gives the possibility to navigate anonymously by hiding the IP address, something that always comes in handy when you want to go unnoticed when visiting a specific website.

As if this were not enough, your VPN will allow you to change your location whenever you want, in order to access inaccessible pages from your current geographic location. They offer you about thirty international servers.

  • Password Alert – Protection from phishing attacks

Password Alert is created by Google, designed to provide protection from phishing attacks that generally use a fake login page to steal your account details.

Password Alert will detect when a web page that you open indicates a phishing page, and immediately gives a warning to immediately change the password if deemed necessary.

  • Privacy Badger

Every website you visit has a tracker that will analyze internet preferences by utilizing data in the form of cookies and so on. When you visit a site, Privacy Badger will analyze and uncover all the trackers that this site uses for later blocking.

  • Ublock Origin

uBlock Origin is an ad blocker on websites. Its function to block advertisements is not only useful to prevent infected computers from irresponsible advertising banners.

But also reduces the CPU and RAM load in loading certain websites. uBlock Origin is quite reliable because the number of installations reaches 10 million users.

  1. Social Networks

One of the advantages of using the Google Chrome browser is the abundance of additional extensions to support the performance of social media used for online business.

There are many choices of extensions that can be used as needed. Starting from arranging a posting schedule to several social media at once, looking for target consumers that match the products being sold and much more.

  • Buffer

Buffer is one of the popular extensions used not only in the Google Chrome browser but can also be used well on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

With its features that can share content to multiple social media at once like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, Buffer is a good choice to help marketing performance on social media.

  • Twitter Follower

For matters of following and unfollow Twitter accounts involving multiple accounts, Twitter Follower is the right extension to use. Once you use this extension, you will be presented with features that can follow everyone, including friends who are followers.

  • Facebook Invite All

This extension is a very good extension if we want to invite all our friends to the event that has been created. With just one click on the check icon found in the browser tab, automatically all friends on our Facebook account will be marked all.

  • Evernote Web Clipper

This famous extension among business people allows you to save every page of the website by being clip and saved in the form of articles, screenshots, bookmarks, or it can be a full page. In addition to Chrome, this extension is also available for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • Grammarly

This extension is very popularly used for the purpose of editing the words in every post on social media. A sign intended by using the green icon for each writing that feels right and the red icon if there are errors that must be corrected. Very easy to use.

  • Hootsuite

One of the perfect extensions to control the added value that exists on each of your social media. With Hootsuite, you can manage each ad campaign that is created, engage with customers and can collaborate internally. most importantly, all of that can be done without leaving your Dashboard.

  • Hootlet

Hootlet is an extension that makes it easy for you to share content easily from anywhere on the website. You will also easily find existing Tweets via location and share content via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with just one click.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Search Console

All unconditional web experts recommend using the Google Search Console. Thanks to this tool, website optimization for search engines will not be a problem for you. The console can:

    • Analyze requests, external and internal links;
    • Check the status of indexing and look for errors on the site;
    • Optimize a number of indicators, as a result of which you can conduct SEO website promotion.
    • Crawl web pages to check availability for search bots.
    • In addition, the Search Console is a handy URL removal tool on Google. If you find a site or page in a search that has lost its relevance, you can submit a corresponding request to Google.
  • Google Analytics

Thanks to this tool, you can independently audit the usability of your site: track traffic and check statistics about visitors. This will help evaluate which content is better and develop a publishing strategy. This tool can:

  • Analyze user visits, their actions and time spent;
  • Collect sales and conversion statistics
  • Google AdWords

As you know, Google’s keyword selection is the key to successful SEO optimization. Begin by searching for words or phrases related to your products or services. The planner finds the keywords that are most relevant to your business, which you can then add to your plan. This extension can:

    • Select key options for the given conditions;
    • Assess their effectiveness;
    • Provide statistics on popular key searches.
    • With Google AdWords, setting up contextual advertising will become much easier, because you will have statistics on key queries and an analysis of their effectiveness.
  • PageSpeed Insights

If you want to check the speed of loading pages on a site, there is nothing more convenient than this service. Because, starting in 2016, Google has prioritized the delivery of fast pages.

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This is especially true for mobile versions of the site. It can check the speed of both versions of the resource in two metrics: the first rendering of the content and DOMContentLoaded.It will offer solutions to possible corrections to speed up the download.

  • SEO & Website Analysis

Another useful extension on the Google Chrome toolbar. The application allows you to get an SEO report on any site. Moreover, the resource is rated on a 100-point scale and Google gives recommendations on how to upgrade it due to a change in the kernel.

  1. New Tab

Every day we open dozens of new tabs to search the web and to do work. You can say that the page that is accessed the most during your entire browsing session is the new tab page.

In the Chrome new tab page, you see your favorite website, search field or doodle from Google, but what if you could make this page interesting? What can you do to get a new tab page that really motivates?

There are a number of Chrome extensions that will let you turn a new tab page into something interesting motivation to get productive and focus on what’s important. Here are Chrome extensions that can motivate you every time you open a new tab.

  • Momentum

Momentum is your best place to motivate to focus on what’s important in a beautiful way. Every day it will let you enter assignments to focus on what you need to get done, and it shows new backgrounds and quotes every day to motivate you.

It also has a built-in to-do list where you can enter everything you need to do and easily access it every time you open a new tab. Momentum also has a premium version that lets you change themes and fonts, skip backgrounds and quotes.

Retrieve data from popular to-do list apps and fully customize your to-do list. It asks you to supply your email to synchronize changes on all of your devices, but you can decline if you don’t want this feature.

  • Mortality

One thing that many of us forget is limited time for everything, so we continue to place assignments today until tomorrow. Death is a rather harsh approach to remind you that today is a day to wake up and get things done.

You only need to provide a date of birth, and Death will show your current age in years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds on your new tab. The timer continues to run and tells you how fast the time is slipping out of your hand.

This really makes you feel that you have very little time, especially milliseconds – they are quite scary. The timer shows the total month spent in colorful circles and squares to let you know how much you have spent.

  • Google Art Project

If art is something that inspires you, then the Google Art Project extension will let you feast your eyes on a new art every time you open a new tab. You can see popular artwork for Monet, van Gogh and even street art taken from the actual Google Art Project site.

It shows full-screen art with a small description of the name of the painting, the name of the artist, and the location where the painting is located. By default, it will display one art design every day, but you can change the settings to display a new art design on each new tab.

  • Random Quote

Random Quote takes a simple approach to show random quotes every time you open a new tab. There are no bells and whistles, just a single plain background color with random quotes on it. The colors and quotes change every time you open a tab.

  1. Content management

The content management extension is for sites where the addition of new content is constant, which requires organization and also easier to modify or even remove something.

There are several extensions of this type offered for free on the web and it is wrong to think that the free options are too simple or with few resources.

  • Feedly Mini

You may already know its web version, in which you can create a list of blogs sorted by the topics you want. The new posts that you write in the blogs in which you have subscribed will appear in the feed so you don’t miss any news.

With the extension of chrome, you can keep saving posts and blogs as you see them so you can read them later. It is a great tool for content healing.

  • Pocket

Thanks to this Chrome extension, if you suddenly run into an interesting article or video but at that time you cannot browse it, you just have to keep it in your pocket to see it later. So all the content that you think may be interesting for you will be centralized.

  • Drupal

What do the Twitter section for developers, Popular Science, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology website and the United States government website have in common?

Everyone uses Drupal as its content management system. This all gives an idea that this PHP-based Content management is among the best rated in the industry, serving as one of the main options available today.

It works based on several modules that can be plugged together to put a page and its content on the air. In addition, it stands out for the way it manages multiple levels of content, allowing a high level of customization according to the needs of those who use it.

  1. Blog Post

For blog writers, the traffic info from the posts you publish can be important things that go into consideration. Especially you Bloggers who are serious, mastering blogging techniques from checking grammar to SEO optimization is absolutely essential to get into the list of basic knowledge.

For you Blogger, who is also a user of the Google Chrome browser, we have these extensions that can help your process of creating blog content to be more quality from various aspects.

  • Google Dictionary

When looking for references by reading the writing on the internet, of course, there are times when you find one or several foreign words with meanings that you do not know yet.

Instead of manually searching for the meaning of words, you can use the Google Dictionary. This extension will be active whenever you block a word, with the word definition popup appearing directly above it.

  • Google Tag Assistant

If you have started blogging for a relatively long time, surely you already have a reliable SEO tool. Introducing the Tag Assistant by Google extension, the Google Chrome extension that will make the SEO tagging process more concise by embedding it into the browser menu.

Tag Assistant by Google will analyze the tags that you have created and give suggestions if the tags are inadequate.

  • What Font

In order to make your article content look more attractive, there are times when you need to use font types that are more interesting and in accordance with the tastes of today’s readers.

For you who often look for font references on various websites, WhatFont extension can help you to identify fonts instantly, just by highlighting the text with the font you want to know.

  • What Runs

This extension is a must-have for those of you who want to know what tools are used on blogs with high traffic. Once installed, WhatRuns will automatically analyze what helper tools a website or blog uses from the backend side.

  • Toby for chrome

Sometimes, of course, you never want to restore a browsing session in Chrome which consists of several tabs. Toby for Chrome will organize tabs and bookmarks into minimalist folders that you can reopen at once, whenever needed.

  1. Productivity

For extensions, there is still no match for the superiority of Chrome, Google’s browser. In the Chrome Web Store, you can find browser extensions ranging from what you really need to absurd extensions that you never imagined would exist.

To the extent that Firefox had to give up and decided to integrate with the Chrome extension so that their browsers become more competitive. Well, that’s because the Chrome extension is more user-friendly for ordinary people because Chrome provides an opportunity for the community to make what they really need and users need.

Of the many extensions that exist in the Web Store, try to look at these extensions that you can use to increase your productivity when working on a thesis or other work.

  • Facebook News Feed Eradicator

Who likes to open Facebook during work hours? You are not alone. Now if you feel you are wasting too much time watching the Facebook timeline, just install this extension.

So when you open Facebook that appears, it is not a news hoax shared by your friends, but inspirational quotes that will make you refocus on your work.

  • Stay focused

If it’s not just Facebook that is disturbing your productivity, try using this extension. How to use it is easy, you just enter the sites that you feel will disrupt your productivity to my Blocked Sites, then select the third option when asked which sites do you want to block.

Determine what is blocked, how long it will be blocked, and start when the block will start. The hard thing is to set your will to focus on your work.

  • One Tab

Who here has a lot of hobbies to open tabs even though you don’t read them. Hobbies are collecting tabs, that’s what makes your laptop or PC slow. For you who like to collect just install this extension tab.

So many tabs were made into a list that you can open whenever you want without hampering the performance of your laptop or PC.

  • Noisli

For those of you who are easily distracted by the sound of music while at work, try using this extension. You can choose from many sounds such as the sound of rain, birdsong, river, wind blowing, or the waves on the beach to be a theme to listen to.

For example, you like the natural atmosphere, you can combine birdsong, gusts of wind, rivers, and leaves as background sound so that it keeps you relaxed and focused on your work.

  • Tab resize

Many tabs that you like to open and finally fuss yourself? This extension helps you to see all the tabs that you open in one screen. You can also choose the sizes.

  • Text-only mode

For extensions, this one can help you to focus on writing. Because pictures and videos can just bother us to focus. So, if you activate the Text Mode extension, all images, animations, and videos can be removed, so you can focus.

Google Chrome Extension that can save you money

When shopping online, it may be difficult to know if you are getting the best offer without checking other websites for price comparisons and promo codes – unless you use technology to your advantage.

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Here are chrome extensions that promise to save money every time you fill-up the digital shopping cart.

  1. Honey

Honey automatically searches for promo codes and coupons on the web when you shop. This extension works with more than 30,000 retailers and compares prices on various websites and merchants, including Amazon. This plugin even tells you when product prices will drop.

  1. Amazon Assistant

If you are a diligent Amazon shopper, then you should consider installing the Amazon Assistant browser add-on. It not only compares prices for products found on the website but also tells you about Amazon offers and discounts via push notifications. You can also manage or share your wish list while keeping your orders and shipments updated.

  1. The camelizer

The Camelizer price tracker can help you save money by giving the entire price history to any product and also notifies you when prices fall. This add-on even works internationally, including in Canada, England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and China.

  1. Fakespot

With FakeSpot, you will never wonder if a product is too good to be true again. The extension detects fake customer reviews and tells you which writings are trustworthy and which are pure fiction.

  1. Pricescout

This is an extension that automatically searches for lower prices and discount coupons during your purchases. Once you have installed this extension in your browser, you just go shopping as usual, and Pricescout will help you save money by using two main functions.

Automatic price comparison When you search for products in your web browser.  Pricescout automatically scans more than 21,000 stores for lower prices and informs you of the price found for the product you are currently viewing. You do not need to click anything, you do not need to open a new tab or go to the price comparison site.

  1. Shopping Assistant

Targeted and enhanced extension in Chrome, Opera and Firefox, Shopping Assistant is another browser extension that allows you to make purchases efficiently and effectively.

When you browse independent sites for products, Shopping Assistant automatically selects similar products from popular resources such as Amazon and eBay.

In addition to this, it also transmits a price history for the product you have chosen, which details how much was sold previously on Amazon. In an effort to save money and achieve value for money, this can be an extremely useful resource.

Google Chrome is about to add yet another feature

It’s about blocking children’s accounts from accessing adult extensions and themes. Such users won’t be able to install extensions and themes made for adults.

The timing of the innovation however has not yet been announced. As the developers explained, the installation will not be possible even with the permission of parents or guardians, since there are no working ways to get such permission.

The constraint will only apply to extensions and topics marked Mature (for adults) in the Chrome Web Store. At the same time, children can still view the description of such extensions in the store.

By enabling these extensions in your chrome browser, you can work on the internet safer, easier, faster and smarter. You can do more than one activity at the same time. You can save money. After the above-mentioned feature is added, you can even have parental control.

If you can use the authentic chrome extension and avoid the malware, you can be the smarter user and surfer.

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