The Ultimate User Guide For Google Drive File Stream


Google Drive File Stream: – We all know that Google Drive has already been replaced by two applications namely Backup and Sync and Google Drive File.

Google stream. Still, we need to know what Google Drive is or has been since the function of google drive will be discussed several times as we deal with our topic of discussion.

So first let’s find out what google drive is.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is Google’s online storage service (cloud) which has been launched since April 2012. Google Drive was formed to make it easy for users to save files over the internet, so your documents won’t be lost as long as you know your email and password.

This will automatically synchronize with other Google services like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Photos, and so on. WhatsApp even allows users to backup all data on their account in Google Drive.

Google Drive makes it easy for users to save files of various types and sizes via the internet with a Gmail account that is owned. Google Drive provides a free storage service of 15GB and can be added with certain payments.

The function of Google Drive itself is quite diverse ranging from storing files, sharing files, to backing up files in large numbers. The function of Google Drive has apparently also begun to shift the role of physical storage such as a hard disk or flash drive.

User Guide For Google Drive
User Guide For Google Drive

Unfortunately, many users only use Google Drive to store word processing documents, numbers or presentations. In fact, there are many other hidden advantages that can increase user productivity. The following are the hidden benefits of Google Drive.

Functions of Google Drive

  1. Note

To note something important, you do not need to rely on applications installed on your computer. Google Drive can save your notes by using Google Keep. Google Keep can be integrated with your Google Drive.

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If you need a reminder for this note, you just set the reminder day and date. The reminder will notify you directly via the computer. This application can also be used on smartphones.

  1. Save the link

You do not need to copy and paste the important links that will be needed later on. All you have to do is connect your Google Drive with your Chrome browser extension, and that is Save to Google Drive.

This extension can be found on Chrome’s website. You only have to click on the triangular icon in the browser to save the link that was opened at that time. If the link is in the middle of the page, you can save it by right-clicking on the link, then choosing Save Link to Google Drive.

  1. Saving File

The other function of Google Drive is to store various user files. Google Drive can store even personal files such as diplomas or certificates, the security offered by Google is guaranteed confidentiality.

You can also store Photos, videos, presentations, PDFs – even Microsoft Office files. Whatever the file type, everything can be stored safely in Drive.

Google Drive provides a free storage service of 15GB. You can expand it again with a feature called Google One. With Google One you can have cloud-based storage from 100 GB to 30 TB.

  1. Mindmap

For those of you who work in an office and need a mind map or business planning for your ideas, MindMap is the solution. When you create Mindmap and save it, Google Drive will automatically add to your storage. Mindmap can also be found on a smartphone.

  1. Concept Board

You can have discussions with coworkers or friends in real-time. This makes it easy for you to tag specific objects and chat with your friends to discuss these objects.

  1. File Sharing

In addition to storing files privately, another function of Google Drive is that it can share large files at once with certain people. You can quickly invite others to view, comment, and edit the file or folder you choose.

This is an online collaboration that makes things easier. All you have to do is upload it to your Google Drive, then share it via the link provided by Google.

  1. Editing Files

This function of Google Drive is not widely known. With Google Drive, you can edit files like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Edits will be directly saved on your Google Drive.

In addition, you can also create a new file or worksheet through Google Drive. Not only through a computer, but you can also use this feature through your Android phone. And you can access it for free whenever and wherever.

  1. File Backup

What happens if your computer or mobile device is damaged and must be reset, while the data in it has not been backed up on a flash or hard drive? Or when you’ve backed it up on physical storage, but the storage has been attacked by a virus.

This will definitely make you upset and sad at the same time. With Google Drive, you can backup all documents that are on your computer and mobile devices without using physical storage which is usually also often affected by viruses.

  1. WhatsApp Backup Chat

Another function of Google Drive is to back up WhatsApp chat and media to Google Drive. So when you change phones, especially new Androids, your chat history, and media will not disappear because they have been transferred through Google Drive.

To make a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is by tapping Menu> Settings> Chat> Chat backup. Tap Backup to Google Drive and choose a backup frequency other than Never.

Select the Google account that you want to use to back up your chat history. If you don’t have a connected Google account, tap Add account when prompted and enter your information. Keep in mind the Google account that you use to back up.

Tap Back up to select the network you want to use to back up. You can use a WiFi network if the backed up data is large.

When and how does Google Drive go?

Google doesn’t make changes to Drive only apps. Currently, with Drive, Google is offering 16 GB of free online storage space available on various devices that have the Google Drive app installed. These tablets, and phones with Android, iPhones, and iPad whose mobile drive app remains unchanged.

The company discontinued Mac and PC support on December 11 and the Drive app stopped operating on March 12, 2018. after the date, customers needed to use backup and sync. While business clients who subscribed to the G Suite application needed to use file drive stream.

As you come to know what Google drive is and why it has been replaced, now its time to know about the applications that have replaced Google drive.

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The first one is Backup and Sync.

What are Backup and Sync?

Backup and Sync is not much different from Google Drive and is made to fulfill the needs of its users. The additional features of this new application are the ability to back up files from the operating system of your computer. Especially from desktop, documents, and pictures.

It doesn’t mean that it cant back up other files. However, you have to have enough space in y our Google Drive to store the selected files. Backup and sync can back up any folders on your computer, not just the one folder hat you designated in google drive. It is also integrated with the Google Photo downloader.

What is Google Drive File Stream?

Drive File Stream is a newly created application on desktop that permits you to access and open all Google Drive files on demand, directly from your computer in no time.

It means that you will hardly use any hard disk space and you can spend less time waiting for files to synchronize. You will see the configuration in the administration console of the unit file sequence (located in the applications> G Suite> unit and docs> data access).

Drive File Stream is activated for all clients, but will only display download links in the drive interface if they are currently shown for backup and synchronization / Google Drive for Mac / PC.

With this release of the New Google Drive File Stream, Google Drive no longer supported since December 11, 2017. It closed on March 12, 2018. As an alternative to or in addition to downloading and installing Drive File Stream, you can upgrade to the new version of [Google] Drive for Mac / PC, called Backup and Sync.

Drive File Stream had been available to all G Suite organizations since September 26, 2017. You can now choose a synchronization solution and enable or disable synchronization in your organization as a pre-launch measure.

It is an Enterprise or Team solution rather than an individualistic approach. The special thing that this application can do is syncing the team files to your computer or PC. After its installation, G: drive is created in your computer with 1 EB(Exabyte) space. You should know that 1 EB is equal to 1 million Terabytes.

The best thing it does is s it treats its drive as the live internet storage drive so anything that is stored in this G: Drive is directly copied in Cloud. And your hard drive space is recovered.

Advantage of Google Drive File Strem over Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync work differently from Google drive file stream. It downloads and saves all the Google Drive files in the hard drive of your computer.

Therefore, syncing files by backup and sync are much slower. If you have hundreds of Gigabytes of large files, then the syncing process may take from several hours to days. In backup and sync, one can also use a standard USB device whose contents can be stored in the cloud.

On the other hand, Google Drive file stream copies no files on the hard drive of y our computer. Rather it copies only virtual links that are used to open your needed files from Google Drive. Therefore, syncing a large Google Drive with Drive File Stream takes only a few minutes even if your internet connection is slow.

Google Drive File Stream is described as the best alternative for companies since it ensures faster synchronization of files between one device and another, and optimization of the network bandwidth used and a reduction of the necessary disk space.

More targeted to the consumer user instead, Backup and Sync. For more basic needs, this tool can also replace the almost retired Drive.

Drive file stream was used only by G Suites users but now the application has been activated for all users. But there is a major difference between consumer applications and the enterprise version is the choice for administrative control.

The drawbacks of Backup and sync don’t support Google’s collaborative team. But can be used in conjunction with File Drive Streaming to synchronize other folders with Drive, such as documents and desktop.

The difference between two is shown more clearly in the following:

Backup and Sync

  • Access files in Drive
  • Synchronize selected folders in Drive
  • The user of basic windows applications such as Microsoft word and adobe photoshop
  • Synchronize local folders

Driver file stream

Drive file stream can do anything Backup and Sync without syncing local folders. In addition, the application may:

  • Access files in team drives and content broadcast
  • Sync individual documents to My DRive

Changes of Google Drive File Stream in comparison to Google Drive

The main difference between the file stream and the google drive is found instability, access mode, and synchronization speed. Since the files are always saved on the cloud, the service will take up very little space on the hard disk.

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The synchronization technology, synchronization, and access to files will also require much less bandwidth of the connection. These innovations are particularly useful for those who use Google Drive to work in a team.

Since the files are edited directly on the cloud allowing all the users to always have the most recent version of each document available.

Why use Google File Stream?

Therefore the new application of google is completely user-friendly developed for the convenience of the users. Let’s look at other reasons why you should shift to Google drive file stream.

  1. Thanks to Google drive file steam, every, and folder that you need are now available on your desktop. That too without consumption of your hard disk drive space. Through the drive file stream, you font have to go to the DRive Web app to open your files anymore.
  2. Since the files are not stored in the hard drive of your computer, your PC will also work faster. The file stream also gives you the option to save your selected files offline so that even you have no internet connection, you can open those files and work on nit. This way all your drive files are on your fingertips which helps in increasing the capacity of your business, enterprise, and organization.
  3. Finally, the application has arrived which free us from the worry of the storage usage of our device. There is no need to worry about the file size or a number of files to be stored, you can freely store them in Cloud. Therefore the enterprise should use this application to decommission its file servers.
  4. With file stream, the files are stored in Cloud which you can easily open with a click on your desktop.
  5. File stream also helps in optimizing the searching and sharing process as the files can be opened or accessed from the desktop. Simple enough isn’t it? There is My DRive, there is Team Drive, in which you can easily locate your files, share contents to a number of in your team. You can also view what changes have been made in the files of your team. Even if one or more members of the team leave, there’s no reason why you couldn’t see and edit the files.
  6. The google drive file stream won’t let you worry about the cost of the server or about the time it consumes to sort through files.
  7. The files in the file stream are available in the format with which we are familiar with. So it is comfortable to work with and there is no need to worry about the new features of this file stream. As the features, their functions and the working process are slowly introduced via the internet. We can learn at our own speed without hurrying oneself.
  8. Google drive before being relaced has always focused on providing the user with a friendly experience, convenience, and comfort. With the drive file stream also, Google has followed the same trend. In fact, it has made the app easier and convenient with additional features of accessing files wherever and however we want.
  9. Now you don’t have o carry your PC to open your files, you don’t need to carry your USB to store your files or to have access to the files. If you have internet access, you can open and work with your files from whichever devices and from wherever you like.
  10. File stream itself differentiate which files you are working with and download and synchronizes them. It also removes them from your computer after you are finished. This means is that previously you have to select yourself which files to download, synchronize and delete is now decided by the file stream for you.

I think these reasons are enough to persuade to use drive fie stream.

Features of Google File Stream

  • You can quickly view all your Google Drive files in Finder/Explorer (including Team Drives).
  • You can browse and arrange Google Drive files without having to download them to your computer.
  • You also have the option to choose the files which you want to make available offline.
  • You can also open files in usual applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.
  • It has unlimited storage space.
  • Can access files in My Drive and in Team Drive
  • Sync selected files in My Drive
  • Sync only individual files in My Drive
  • But it cants sync other folders such as documents and desktop

What is Google Team Drive?

Google team Drives are the shared spaces of a team or teams where members of teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere from any device. Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to the particular group instead of an individual.

Even if one or more members of the team leave, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done. You can move files between My drive and Team drive. For which you need to drag the files into the destination team drive folder.

As you move the folder from My drive to Team Drive the ID will change, however. You also have full access over the original team drive or at least should have access to edit the files in the Team Drive.

How does Drive File Stream?

With Drive File Stream, you can view and use your Drive files directly from the cloud on your Mac or PC. In this way, you will free up disk space and reduce bandwidth usage.

Since Drive files are stored in the cloud, all changes you or your collaborators make will be updated automatically everywhere. You can always access the most recent version.

You can also enable offline access to Drive files. Files are cached and synchronized with the cloud when you are back online, so you have the most up-to-date version on all your devices.

Install or implement Drive File Stream

Verify that Drive File Stream can be used in your organization. This application is compatible with these operating systems:

Windows: Windows 7 and later versions

Mac: El Capitan (10.11) and later versions

If you have not already done so, activate synchronization in your organization. It allows the use of Drive File Stream and specifies whether users can view the download links of this application.

Follow one of these two options to install the drive file stream on users’ computers:

  • Allow each user to install Drive File Stream on their own computer.
  • Download the Drive File Stream .exe file and implement it in silent mode

In Windows:

  • Download the file GoogleDriveFSSetup.exe.
  • Run the installer in silent mode: GoogleDriveFSSetup –silent
  • Uninstall Driver for Mac / PC and Backup and synchronization in your organization.
  • Delete the Google Drive folder found in \ Users \% USER% \ Google Drive. Be careful when deleting this folder as it may include content that has not yet been saved or synchronized.

Another method to install file stream in Windows

  • Open a web browser and open The Deploy Drive File Stream page displays on your screen.
  • Move down where you will see two sections: one for windows and another for Mac. You can see a downward-pointing arrow beside windows and Mac. Click on the arrow beside the windows.
  • Click on the download now button and it will start downloading for your system.
  • After the completion of the installation, search for the downloaded files which usually is located in the download folder.
  • After you find the file, click on the file two times. It will ask for your permission to install the application. Click on yes and the installation process will begin on your computer.
  • You may be asked to entering your username and password of your computer by windows user access control.
  • After the completion of the process, you can click on the close button. The same process a be adapted to install the file stream in other computers as well.

On Mac:

  • Download GoogleDriveFileStream.dmg.
  • Run the installer in silent mode: Sudo installer -store -pkg GoogleDriveFileStream.dmg -target
  • Remove the Drive applications for Mac / PC and Backup and synchronization.
  • Delete the Google Drive folder found in ~ / Google Drive. Be careful as you delete this folder as it may include content that has not yet been saved or synchronized.

Othe method to install drive file stream in your Mac

  • For another easy method to install the file stream, you can follow the same method as explained above for windows. You can go the same web page and scroll down to the step where two labels are displayed.
  • One window and one Mac. For Mac, simply click on the downward pointing arrow beside the Mac.
  • Rest follow the same process as has been described above.

Drive File Stream includes Google Update so it can be automatically updated on your users’ computers. If you prefer to update this application manually, you can remove Google Update after deployment.

Start to work with Google Drive File Stream

The first thing you need to do is to install a google drive file stream which has been explained above. After the installation, a folder named Google Drive will appear on the left side in Finder or File Explorer.

This so formed folder contains personal Google Drive and any Team Drives that you are part of.

The important point you need to understand is that these files are not stored in your computer and so any modification that you make in these files automatically sync with your cloud storage.

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If there is an error saying that Google Drive Stream has found a problem or error and stopped working. Then you have to go to system preferences. Then click on security and privacy and allow google to drive the file stream.

How to access your files in your Google Drive file stream?

  • Go to the Start menu of your computer, then click on Google drive file stream.
  • Your personal files that you don’t want to share with any team are stored in My Drive which you can view in the google drive icon. Copy those files to your google drive to upload them.
  • You can now delete the original copies of your files and you can also create and arrange the folders in G: drive just like you do in D: Drive or C: Drive.
  • You do have to remember though that files with the icon of the cloud are available only when you are online. They will download on their own when you open them.
  • If you want to access your files when you are not online, you can download the files that you need which you can have access offline. The process is explained below.
  • However, any change that you have made will be updated only when you are online again.

How to make the files available offline?

The default setting of the google drive file stream is that it doesn’t store a copy of your files o your computer. So if there is no internet connection available, then you won’t be able to access your files. To make this file accessible to you even if you are offline, follow these steps:

  • Go to your file which you want to make available offline.
  • Right-click on the file and select the available offline underdrive file stream.
  • Your file will be available offline but remember that by doing so, a copy of that file will also be stored on your computer. Which means taking up more space in the hard drive of your computer.

If your google drive file stream is not syncing, here are the steps which you can follow:

  1. Upgrade the File Stream Service

This is a simple method in which you can request for some settings to be configured. So that syncing to the drive can be easier.

  1. Remove the old version

The version which you have downloaded may not be compatible with your operating system. In the case, remove the older or previous version of the file stream and install the new one. Or you can even the latest pack and use the existing version of the file stream.

  1. Make the files save offline which have been explained above.

Transfer files from Google Drive to Drive File Stream

File stream is one piece of google drive that manages files in The Cloud storage. With the drive file stream, you can search files in google drive on your computer.

You can choose the files that you need to save offline so you can have access to them even if you are offline, you can also view and organize files of your computer file system.

You can also open files with the application installed on your computer, view your google drive files with or using the storage space of the local hard disk drive of your computer.  It allows much more similar use to what we could do to a normal folder on our computer.

You can keep a local copy of files, configure them by pressing the right button key. Before moving, the files to google drive file stream,  be sure that the files are completely moved to the cloud storage. Or that they haven’t been deleted completely before they are being backed up.

However, google file stream can be worrying too

If you are using G Suite software, and you were used to syncing your google drive data to your computer, you probably had to migrate from google drive sync to google drive file stream.

Google Drive sync posed lots of problems, especially when selecting the directories to synchronize which could take several minutes. And the fact that the synchronization was done on a directory scale whole, not just a single file. With google drive file stream these problems are resolved. But others appear.

Google Drive sync is far from perfect. Every time we wanted to add a directory to synchronize we had to open the navigation tool, wait for it to appear, check the right boxes, and pray for that everything goes well.

Not to mention the desynchronization mode,  which left zombie files in the trash which invariably led to wonder if we had deleted the files in question by mistake. In short, a mini nightmare when you use Google Drive at the scale of a workgroup.

With google drive file stream,  things are simpler. Google has finally managed to integrate its Cloud with the file explores of the computer you are using such as Dropbox.

The possibility of selecting file by file tose you really want to synchronize, the others appear in the tree structure. But are only pointers to online files? In the case of internet disconnection, you have no access.

This allows Google Drive File Stream to provide optimal management of disk space. On Mac, this is particularly well done. How ever there are problems as well, during the first synchronization Google drive File stream will try its normal to synchronize everything at the risk of filling your hard drive with useless data.

So you have to hurry to select the root and indicate Online only. You will then be free to select one by one the directories to be synchronized in Available Offline Mode.

Sometimes the icons represented by a small full or empty cloud which symbolizes the presence pf local data disappear. The same goes for the menu option as well which allows you to indicate whether or not you want to bring the file locally.

But the worst part is when the Google Drive File Stream process takes up all the power available. The hard drive, as a result, will turn into a turbojet.

These may seem minor but these details may shake your trust in the Google Drive file stream.

Frequently asked questions regarding Drive File Stream

Drive file stream is quite a new application introduced by Google. Therefore there may be some questions regarding this application. Some common questions that may come to your mind can be as follows:

  1. Does File Stream of Google make the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office unnecessary?

It does the drive plug in unnecessary. The data or files you need can be accessed directly from the newly formed drive that is G: within all Microsoft office applications.

  1. Can I keep on using the old Google Drive app and Drive File Stream at the same time on the same device?

Drive file stream has been introduced so that you don’t have to use the google drive and you can save the hard disk space on your computer.

  1. How do I know if I need to have the Google Drive sync app uninstalled from my device?

If you need to uninstall the Google Drive sync app, you can check the status of the sync app by locating its icon n the system display. You can see it in the bottom right corner in windows and in the top right corner in the Mac Operating system.

While in windows and Mac, the drive file stream is similar. But they may appear black and white in color rather than multicolored.

  1. If I want to disable the old Google Drive sync app, how to do it?

You can simply contact them INfodesk or file a WebHelp ticket.

  1. How do I install Drive File Stream on my business owned computer?

If you have windows 10 on your computer, the drive ile stream is already installed. You have to simply launch the software from the start menu. Then you can sign in when asked with necessary information.

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If you are the Mac user, you have to download the file stream.

  1. After installation, how do I access Drive File Stream?

After installation of google drive file stream, a new drive named G: is created from where you can access your files.

  1. Can I make the shortcut icon of G: drive on the desktop?

You can create the shortcut icon on the desktop for which you have to click on the Computer. Then you will see the G: drive. Right clicks on this drive and click on the create shortcut.

  1. Can I see the files in My drive and shared drive?

Yes, you can see and have access to the My Drive and Shared Drive of G: drive.

  1. With the drive file stream, can I edit and save files in Google shared drive?

If you have full control and access to the shared drive, you can edit and save files.

  1. Do I have limited or restricted access to files present in the google drive file stream?

Yo have access to all the files or folders that are present in the google drive file stream.

  1. Where do the files saved in the computer via google drive file stream?

The files or folders are stored in the Cloud by the file stream and not in the hard drive of your computer. You can access, open these files by clicking on the cloud icon and you should have an internet connection.

But it also offers you the option of storing the files in the hard drive if you want to have access to certain files even when you are offline.

  1. How to restart Google Drive File Stream?

If you want to restart the google drive file stream, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Start menu of your windows
  • Then search for google drive file stream or drive file stream
  • After this, click on the program and wait for 20 seconds. So that file stream will reload so that you again can have access to your files.
  1. Can I sync google drive file stream with multiple computers?

If you install this drive file stream on several computers, it is possible to sync os same account across several computers.

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