How To Set Up Your Business Meeting With Google Meet – The Ultimate Guide


business meeting with Google Meet: – Google meet is one of the applications made by Google. Google is a multinational company which specifically provides diverse services and products on the internet. Products owned by Google include search technology, computing on websites, software, and one of them is advertising.

Google itself was founded by two students from Stanford University. Since becoming a private company in 1998 google has continued to innovate to provide services to the public, especially those related to internet services and technology. The development of technology-based services and the internet has been raised by Google, one of which is Meet.

Brief introduction of Google Meet

Google Meet service launched in 2017 which is an online-based application that can be used in meetings and discussions with several people at once. Meeting used to the gathering in a room while discussing a project. Not with google meet, the meeting can be done ina more flexible way.

Google meet which is also known as Google Hangouts Meet, is built to let dozens of people join the same virtual meeting, and speak or share videos with each other from anywhere with internet access.

It is created for the use by businesses Enterprise and other organizations. And it’s a great way for colleagues and staffs who don’t work in the same building to communicate.

A Google Meet organizer can share and let others view whatever is on their screen with everyone on a call. And any participant can turn their own audio and/or video feed off at any time as per their convenience, participating however they want.

Google Meet Hangouts Meeting
Google Hangouts Meeting

To set up, create and host a Google Meet session, you need to have a paid G Suite account. Anyone with a standard Google account can also join and participate in Google Meet meetings. G Suite has a few different membership tiers, and the more you play, the more members you can have on a single Google Meet call.

The Meet application is part of G Suite and can be used on mobile devices through applications specially designed for iOS and Android, as well as online mode.

The meet is designed to avoid the headaches that surround corporate video calls. Simply set up a meeting and share the link. No need to worry about whether teammates or customers have the correct account or plug-in. You can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or an email invitation.

All the vital details of the event are there when you need them, whether you are joining from a laptop, phone or conference room. For G Suite Enterprise Edition customers, there is also a phone number created for each meeting. It offers users a great experience even if they do not have access to Wi-Fi or data.

Origin of Google Meet

Hangouts is a messaging application platform developed by Google Inc. It was created to replace Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Google+ Hangouts services, unifying all these services into a single application.

In March 2017, Google announced that Hangouts would become a product aimed at business users with the brand Hangouts. It was divided into two main products: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

Due to its low acceptance and with the final withdrawal of Google+, in 2019 Google announced plans to close Classic Hangouts and make the transition from G Suite customers to Hangouts Chat.

Features of Google Meet

The meeting used to be able to use teleconferences. But the shortcomings of the teleconference are more complicated because it requires equipment or supporting equipment that is quite troublesome.

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With google meet, meetings will be easier and simpler. Meet itself means meeting, as the name implies this service is suitable for business people. At first glance, this application looks like a hangout but is more designed for business users with limited functionality. Meet can be accessed by website, android or iOS.

With the help of the following featured by Google Meet, we can take its advantages.

  1. Video call

The first feature that can be done by Google Meet is a video call. Users can connect and start videos from mobile devices, computers or conference rooms. Maximum meeting of at least 25 people or 50 people with certain criteria.

  1. Invite people to connect

The feature that is owned by Google Meet next is to able to invite others to connect with the company or business they have. Business people can schedule meetings using google calendar or compile them after connecting to a video call with them.

  1. Telephone CAll

Not only video calls, but business people can make phone calls. Phone numbers with a PIN will automatically be added to the video meeting. People can use that number to join including external users.

  1. Make a meeting schedule

What google meet can do is schedule a meeting. The meeting scheduled with Google Meet uses a calendar that is accompanied by a link to connect to the video meeting. In the scheduling, there is also a telephone number that can be contacted so that it can make it easier for other users to be able to call or access the video.

  1. Instant meeting

This Google Meeta application can be used as an instant meeting maker. Business people can invite other users to join together.

  1. Presentation

The sophisticated Meet is useful for being able to share screens which can be used as slide presentations or other information sharing via desktop screens.

  1. Record

The contents of the meeting can be easily lost so that the Meet application can be used to record the contents of the meeting. So that members of the meeting always remember the contents of the meeting.

This way there is no need to discuss the overall meeting that has been done before. This way Google Meet can make the meeting run more effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Google Meet

With some of these features, there will be some benefits that businesses can get by using this one application. The first benefit is being able to enjoy meetings that are free of technical problems.

During this time there are many obstacles that occur when a meeting begins. Thanks to this Google Meet business people only need to set up a meeting then share the link.

Another benefit is that Google Meet is designed for all types of businesses so you can join meetings directly in calendar events or from email invitations. Event details will be directly available to the computer or mobile. Thanks to this application, now many can hold meetings anytime and anywhere.

With the help of Google Meet, it makes doing things easier, including meetings for businesses though.

So it can be concluded that Google Meet is a multifunctional application whose function can be used by business people to make meetings more flexible so that operations in a business run more smoothly.

  1. Screen sharing

During an event, you can share the screen to show a presentation or other information on the desktop.

  1. Meetings without interruption

Hangouts Meet allows you to have no interruptions while participating in a video call. You just need to set up the meeting and share the link without worrying about the attendees having the right account or plug-in.

  1. Greater security

The contents of the Hangout audio and video streams are encrypted and therefore all users can participate safely.

  1. Use of multiple devices

Meetings are synchronized on all devices, this does not mean that you cannot participate in a meeting with tablets, smartphones or computers and change devices during the meeting itself.

Thanks to the iOS and Android apps, the scheduled event is visible directly on Calendar and therefore with a click you can join the meeting.

A list of the meetings that have been scheduled, along with details such as time, place, object, participants and more are displayed on the main screen of the application.

  1. Simple and intuitive

The layout of the Hangouts Meet is simple and intuitive. All active meetings are easily viewed. Hangout Meet integrates completely with G suite for education and therefore, as for the other G Suite applications, it connects easily with the console applications allowing quick sharing and easy accessibility.

  1. A phone number for each meeting

In the Enterprise version of G Suite, each meeting has a phone number to call to attend. In this way, all guests can access without any difficulty, even if they are traveling without a Wi-Fi or data connection.

  1. Integrated with Calendar, always just a click away

With Hangouts Meet, you can join meetings directly from an event or from an email invitation from Calendar. Connect from a computer, phone or conference room: thanks to the appropriate iOS and Android apps, you can view and participate in the day’s meetings with a single touch on the screen of your device.

  1. Connected to meeting rooms

With Hangouts Meet hardware, a single click is all it takes to connect any meeting room or meeting point to a video meeting. All units, easy to use and designed for scalability, install in minutes and can be managed online.

  1. It also works with other meeting solutions

Teams that use Skype for Business or SIP and H.323-based meeting systems, such as Polycom and Cisco, can easily join a Hangouts Meet meeting via the Pexip Infinity platform.

  1. Easy to use, wherever you are

Joining a Hangout is really simple: just one click and the whole team can participate from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones with the same ease.

  1. Integrated screen sharing

Google Hangouts allows you to review the latest slides or present a tutorial remotely thanks to the ease of sharing the screen. Then send useful links in the integrated chat and displayed on the screens of all participants.

  1. Compatible with Chromebox

Google Meet is compatible with Chromebox video conferencing systems, mini PC to be placed behind the TV, with camera and microphone, remote control and online setting of the room with excellent audio-video performance.

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Chromeboxes integrate with the G Suite account, read the meeting calendar and in this way know which appointments will take place in the room, who the guests are, which times are free for further reservations and which are not.

  1. With Google Meet, online meetings with many participants can be planned and carried out in no time at all.

Hardly anything saves more time (and therefore money) and is easier than holding a meeting online. Video and audio conferences are particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations or for discussions with customers.

With Meet, Google offers its own solution that works completely web-based and also includes its own Google calendar. It can be used to hold online conferences with up to 100 participants.

Disadvantages of Google Meet:

  1. It is not totally free, there are some standard calls that have charges
  2. It is not possible to keep your profile as Invisible, compared to Google Talk
  3. You cannot send multimedia files at the moment, and this plays against you, because Telegram, for example, allows you to send files up to 1GB.
  4. It is not possible to know if the message was reached to the recipient, or if it even left our device, compared to the other best-known services.

Google meet vs google hangout

In all companies, the system administrator is not the end-user of the computer who on average cannot install what he wants on the computer but must have it done by the technicians in charge.

Sometimes this means that to install the Hangouts extension in Google Chrome the user had to ask for the intervention of technicians. Thus discouraging their use in favor of other solutions perhaps already native in Windows such as Skype.

The new version, Google Meet works perfectly without having to install anything. You go to the link of the meeting and, through the browser Chrome and Firefox and you participate by authorizing the browser to use webcam and microphone.

Google Meet allows you to participate in meetings not only through supported browsers. But also through the link that appears in Calendar, the URL of the meeting, the alphanumeric code of the meeting, the phone, the Chromeboxes. and not least for those who work on the move, through the Meet Apps for Android and iOS.

Meet allows you to present documents and share the screen, send chat messages and of course make video conferences which, depending on the type of G Suite account, can contain up to 50 people.

Another important aspect for those meetings that take place with outsiders, Google Meet does not necessarily require that the other user have a Google Account. It is also possible to participate in meetings without having a Google account.

Finally, the audio management of the participants can be silenced in order to better manage the interventions.

Google Meet vs Microsoft’s Skype

Besides WebEx and GoToMeeting, one of the most important Google Meet competitors is Skype for Business. The application form Microsoft, which was formerly offered under the name Lync, represents an independent solution for online conferences.

It mainly has the name and a part of the optics in common with the known Skype for end-users, but otherwise works with its own IDs and therefore independently.

While Google Meet mainly scores with a simple online setup, Skype for Business as part of an Office 365 package solution enables you to hold conferences with up to 250 instead of 100 participants (with Google Meet). As part of a Skype Live conference, you can even give lectures to up to 10,000 participants.

In contrast to Google Meet, there is also an (optional) client for Mac and PC for Skype for Business. In addition, you can use Skype for Business seamlessly with Outlook mail, contact and calendar software.

If you already use Office 365 in your company or plan to set it up, Skype for Business provides you with a solution that can be easily integrated into the other Office components as Google Meet.

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However, if you rely more on a browser-based approach for online meetings without client support for Mac or PC, Google Meet also does a very good job.

How to take advantage of a Google Hangout Meet for your business?

  1. Organize your company in a much more flexible way

If you have a small business or are self-employed and outsource to people, you know how complicated it is to support a fixed cost structure with those tremendous ups and downs of work.

That you suffer from such a company, more in a situation as complicated as the current one in those great difficulties arise to collect. For this type of company, the development of freelance marketplaces can be a very interesting alternative since there are already very good sites such as

In this way, you can maintain a small business core and hire specialized professionals on demand. This in itself is nothing new, but what a tool like the Hangouts Meet adds is that it makes it a much more viable and operational way of working.

Because it makes it possible to work practically the same in the distance as in the office, especially when several people have to meet to discuss something.

  1. Be more productive

Most meetings and displacements of professional life are unnecessary, it could be resolved perfectly with a medium such as a videoconference via Hangout Meet.

All this without mentioning that many of the meetings tend to be somewhat unproductive. The problem of this is merely cultural, many clients will not feel comfortable because they simply have not tried it yet.

But others, although few, will be open to this possibility, they will even know how to value it once they see its advantages. Consider it not only with customers but also with suppliers and collaborators, even if you only manage to create this habit with a few, every improvement in productivity is good.

  1. Perform marketing actions with minimal costs

An unlimited number of people can participate in the variant of Hangouts Meet. This fits very well with the organization of marketing actions that are increasingly popular in training and online marketing.

Among the most obvious is the comfort for the participants, the fact of being able to reach a large audience that otherwise could not attend in person. And the accessibility of the speakers (usually use some form of direct feedback type chat). Surely there is a way to take advantage of this for your business and all with zero cost.

  1. It improves the quality and reduces the cost of traditional services

There are many offline activities that can be perfectly transferred to the online world. In this case, the advantages of using a Hangout Meet are evident instead of having to organize traditional training with the room, catering, etc.

It is a great opportunity to reduce costs and be more competitive, although it is not about banishing traditional activities. Such as presentation training, but of complementing the traditional offer with new options.

  1. Save time and money

The use of Hangouts Meet also involves cost savings. If you are a large company that needs to have contact with many customers, you will appreciate saving the costs of transportation, accommodation, and other diets.

In addition, your team will be much more productive by not having to make long journeys to meet with your customers. All this, in the long term, can imply an optimization of all your resources.

  1. Explore new frontiers

If you have not yet dared to make your company jump out of the country, the acquisition of video conferencing solutions can be a good reason to do so. With Hangouts Meet you can expand your business and communicate very easily with all your offices and customers, without the need for long trips.

  1. Improve the marketing actions of your business

On the other hand, it is also important to remember the marketing strategy of your business. With videoconferencing solutions, you can add other options, as you can improve your YouTube channel and create webinars.

Webinars are online (and often free)  that are accessed through a subscription. This will allow you to increase your databases, with new users subscribed to your website.

  1. Offer new services to your customers

In addition, you can also offer new services to your customers. One of the outstanding activities is coaching or consulting.

You can offer totally personalized customer service, closer, face to face and wherever you are. Training, tutorials or solving queries will be easier than ever.

How to schedule a meeting with Google Meet?

If you want to hold your next meeting with Google Meet, you can simply use your Google Calendar to schedule a meeting. However, this requires a company license (a so-called G Suite account).

If you don’t have them, you can only attend Google Meet meetings, but you can’t organize them yourself. First of all, make sure that you are logged into the G-Suite-compatible Google account in the browser you are currently using.

How to plan your Google Meet conference using the Google Calendar?

You can use your Google Calendar to schedule a Google Meet conference. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your Google calendar.
  2. Click on a free area to create a new appointment.
  3. Click on More Option and Enter a meaningful name for your meeting above.
  4. Enter the usual details for the appointment such as time, duration and so on and add guests via their email address.
  5. Under Add video conference, decide whether you want to use Hangouts Meet(Google Meet).
  6. If you have chosen the Hangouts Meet conference, you will be assigned your personal conference code after a short wait.
  7. As soon as you save the conference date, all added participants will receive an invitation and together with this the corresponding link to your conference.
  8. Click the conference link on your calendar at the specified time to start your conference and greet the participants.

You can also hold a meeting spontaneously

To spontaneously start a Google Meet meeting, do the following:

  1. Go to the Google Meet page at
  2. Click Start a New Meeting.
  3. Your conference is initially put into a kind of standby mode.
  4. Under the lettering Meeting ready you will find a meeting link that you can now send to the desired participants. Alternatively, they can dial into the conference using a (chargeable) telephone number by first entering the number and then the displayed PIN using their telephone keypad.
  5. Now start the meeting by clicking on Start meeting.
  6. Little by little you will be notified when more participants dial into the conference.
  7. You can find the registration information for the conference at any time in the lower-left corner of the conference window under the Meeting details.
  8. Alternatively, on the Google Meet homepage, enter a code for the conference under entering the meeting code to join an existing conference by another organizer.

How to Starting a video conference with Hangouts Meet?

The process is very simple for which you just have to schedule a video call in Google Calendar. Depending on the device you are on, you can do it with a few simple steps.

  1. From the web
  2. Open Google Calendar and create an event.
  3. In the section Guests> add guests, write the email of all the people participating in the video call.
  • In case you have your videoconferencing rooms set up, you will also have to add it before saving. You only have to access Rooms> Search room or resource.
  1. On mobile devices
  2. Open the Google Calendar application and create an event and Add guests.
  3. Click Add conference and Click Done.

III. If you simply want to start a video call, you can immediately go to Google Meet,  Start the meeting, click Copy access data and send it to the people you want to participate in.

  1. Join video Call

If on the contrary, you are not the organizer of the call and you just want to join it you will have it very easy. You can access:

  1. Calendar Event: Enter the event and click Join Hangouts Meet> Join the meeting. If you are from the phone, you will have to click Join the video call.
  2. Join from Meet: when you’re on their website, select the event you want to join by clicking Join the meeting in the list of scheduled events. If you are on the phone, you will have to give it to Join.
  • URL meeting: if the URL has been sent to you, you just have to click it to join it.
  1. Using meeting code: If you have been given a code, open the Google Meet website and click Use a meeting code. Write it down and click on Join. If you are from your phone click +, write the meeting code and click Go.
  2. Call: in case you have the G Suite Enterprise plan, you will also have the option to access from a call, only with audio. To do so, open the event in Calendar and touch the phone number.
  3. Third-party system: this option is only available if the specific organization allows it. To access you will have to open Calendar, give More options to meet. Click on Third-Party Systems and follow the instructions you are given.

How to use Google Meet on smartphones and tablets?

You can also use an Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet for Google Meet.

  1. Simply download the relevant Hangouts Meet app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS).
  2. Within the app, there is also the possibility to create a conference and to send the corresponding link via Share participation information.
  3. You can also use messengers such as WhatsApp for your invitations. The invited participants may receive a link to install the Google Hangouts Meet app.

Options that are available during the meeting

Depending on the G-Suite license used in your company, you have the option of holding conferences with up to 100 users or taking part in them. During your Google Meet conference, you have several options:

  1. With the help of the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, you determine whether your Google profile picture or your camera picture is displayed.
  2. Click on the microphone symbol to switch it on and speak to the participants, or switch it off if. for example, you want to hold a brief consultation or if you do not want to hear it temporarily or permanently for other reasons.
  3. Click on Share screen to make the content of your screen available to the other participants. Then navigate to the content you want to show. In this way you can, for example, give a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Use the three-point icon at the bottom right to access further options. These include automatically generated subtitles, full-screen mode or setting options for the microphone and camera.
  5. Click the red handset at the bottom center to exit the Google Meet conference. As soon as all the participants have left the conference, it ends.

Record a Google Meet conference

A particularly practical function is to record a Google Meet conference. This way, participants who missed the conference can also follow up on the text and picture. However, recordings are only available to G Suite Enterprise users (also in the Enterprise Educational version).

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It does not matter whether you are the organizer or just a participant in a conference – as long as both are in the same G-Suite corporate structure. Here’s how you do it:

  1. As an organizer, start a Google Meet conference as described above or take part in it within the same organization.
  2. If possible, ask all participants whether they agree to the recording of the conference.
  3. Click on the three-point icon and select Record meeting.
  4. The participants will now be informed of the start and later the end of the recording.
  5. You can also stop the recording later in the same menu by clicking on Stop recording.
  6. The recording can be found a few minutes after it ends under My filing | Meet Recordings in the Google Organizer of the meeting organizer.

What to do if the recording doesn’t work?

  1. First, make sure that the Google Drive cloud storage solution is enabled in your company.
  2. Make sure that Google Meet conferences can be recorded in your company and in your location.
  3. Make sure you have one of the G-Suite versions, Enterprise or Enterprise for Education.
  4. Log in to the Google Admin console with an administrator account and go to the Apps | area G Suite | Google Hangouts.
  5. Click on Settings for Google Meet and, if necessary, select the relevant organizational unit within your company.
  6. Click Meetings can be recorded to activate the function.

How to play, share, download and save recordings?

As we discussed earlier, meeting recordings are saved in the Google Drive folder of the event organizer and the participant who has also recorded it. Both will receive a link in their emails minutes after the end of the meeting.

To share or play the recording, just click on it, wait for the file to open, select the Play option. Or in share with other users, entering their email addresses.

In addition, when recording a meeting, a link to the recording is automatically included in the corresponding Calendar event. With this, all participants belonging to the same domain as the meeting organizer will be able to access the recording from there directly.

How to Adjust your devices?

During video conferencing you may need to manage and adjust your devices, be it the camera, speakers, microphone or image quality.

In case you want to adjust the camera, speakers and/or microphone, follow these steps:

  1. Click on more options (the three points in the corner) and click Settings.
  2. Click on General and Modify the setting you want to change.
  3. Save by clicking Done.

If you want to adjust the image quality simply:

  1. Click on Network and choose an option ( Maximum send resolution and/or Maximum receive resolution )
  2. Click on Done.

Hangouts Meet Hardware

One of the main novelties associated with G Suite in the field of communication is the meet hardware kit. These are hardware products designed specifically for videoconferences and transmissions: a touch screen with high connectivity, a microphone-speaker that offers the highest quality sound.

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A 4K camera that rotates up to 120 degrees and the Chromebox, the brain of the meetings, which is updated automatically. With these elements, it is possible to connect in a very easy way (with a single click) any meeting room to a video call, which can also be recorded for later viewing.

It is perfect for meeting rooms of any size. It has a camera with a wide field of vision, which is ideal for small rooms. And with the optical zoom with mechanical pan, tilt and zoom functions, it is also excellent for large rooms.

What does the Hangouts Meet hardware include?

Although the Hangouts Meet hardware pack may change depending on the manufacturer you choose, it is generally made up of a speaker, a camera and a Chromebox.

These elements are key to Google videoconferences. In addition, you have the possibility of having control over your videoconference, without relying on any computer. If you buy this equipment, your video conferences will change completely!

  1. Chromebox

The crown star of Google’s Chrome devices is the Chromebox. Fast, efficient and versatile, in a moment it offers the possibility of connecting to any support (screen, monitor, audio, etc.), wherever you are.

It is a powerful device with the Intel i7 processor, 4K video support, Wi-Fi and multi-device ports. These allow connection to multiple types of screens: videoconferencing, touchpad and/or workstation screens.

In case you want to mount it on the back of your screen, you can do it thanks to its compatibility with the VESA system. All these technical aspects, together with their experience of use make Hangouts Meet hardware a good option if you want to optimize the space without losing power.

It should also be noted that, like all Chrome devices, it is cloud-based. In this way, you will have at your disposal all the information about your meetings and calendars, accessing it from your touchscreen.

  1. Touch screen

With a simple user interface, which allows you to join, record, mute or anchor with one touch. Its HDMI capabilities allows you to present from your own device instantly.

These make the pack the most appropriate if what is sought is to be able to make videoconferences and connect with anyone, quickly and easily. This touch screen allows you to have absolute control over your video conferences.

On the one hand, you can call any contact directly, by entering their number on the touchscreen. In addition, you can also see all the information about the scheduled meetings in your room.

On the other hand, the panel has an HDMI port. Consequently, you can share your presentations with videoconference attendees.

  1. Speaker microphone

The Google speaker microphone offers the possibility of quickly connecting to video calls, controlling access to the microphone from the palm of your hand. Its innovative design allows us to improve the sound and avoid ambient noise, adapting to any space.

In the case of having a small videoconference room, this videoconferencing system will adapt to its characteristics. It will allow you to decrease the echo and create a crisp and clear sound.

On the contrary, if you have a large videoconference room where many people attend, you can use as many speakers as necessary, connected on a single cable, since it does not need external power.

  1. Camera

Another essential factor for your videoconferences is having a good camera. It is for this reason that, like the rest of the components, it also has an intelligent design.

It adapts to the number of attendees and the size of the room videoconferencing. Thanks to its wide field of view (120º) and its intelligent optical zoom, the camera detects the participants and focuses them, automatically framing the image. This makes it a good option regardless of the size of your room.


Google Meet as introduced by Google is not a new concept application. But it is the improvement in the already developed applications with the intention of providing convenience to the businesses especially.

Using this application, you can conduct a meeting anywhere anytime. However, google meet doesn’t only mean that you can use it only for the meeting.

You can use it for marketing, you can use t for teaching. Be innovative, be creative and use Google meet to promote your business, work, and products.

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