20 Hot Themes For Google Chrome Which Are Famous & Free In This Year 2020


Google Chrome Theme for 2020: – Google Chrome is a browser to use the internet which is developed by the Google company with a minimalist look. It was first released in September 2008 for Microsoft Windows and was later used for Linux, Mac, IOS, and Android.

Google Chrome is also the main component of the Chrome operating system. Its function is to run web applications and application development.

The first version of google chrome was released on the 2nd of September 2008 as a beta version. And on December 11, 2008, it was released as the first stable for the use of the general public. It is available in more than 51 languages. It has emerged as the most used browser in the world.

Today, it is the most widely used browser in the world, causing headaches for rivals and forcing them to speed up their development process. With each new update, Chrome gains new functions and becomes a broad tool for anyone who accesses the internet.

Google Chrome is compatible with almost all operating systems currently used, be it for desktops or mobile devices. You can find versions of chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, as well as versions for Android and iOS. On Android devices, you can download the app directly from Google.

The great popularity, desired by any company, takes its toll. Numerous malware and viruses began to be developed specifically for the browser. Thus, there were many annoying problems, such as the unauthorized exchange of the default search engine.

The replacement of the home page, the appearance of invasive advertisements on all pages accessed and slow performance. Therefore, Google has also developed the Google Chrome Virus Removal Tool, an official tool that aims to facilitate the removal of any type of malware that is impairing performance.

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Reasons why you should use google chrome

With its first stable version launched, Google Chrome has taken the internet world with a wave. While Microsoft insisted on using Internet Explorer 6 when Google surprised everyone with an application completely different from what was seen until then.

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The new google chrome has a compact design, focus on speed optimization and tabs working on individualized processes. These are some of the new features that Chrome brought to a market that seemed to be stagnant.

Other than that, the other reasons for which you should use google chrome are as follows:

  1. Each tab is a process:

In addition to the completely different look from what was seen in any browser so far, Chrome’s great innovation was to associate a tab with an exclusive process.

This means that the Google browser is a kind of several applications of the genre running together, but independently of each other. Thus, when something goes wrong with a tab, only it locks and is closed, without harming the others in any way.

  1. Task Manager:

You already know the Windows Task Manager. There, you have access to all processes running on the system, among other information, and you can close those problematic ones. Chrome has something similar: through the tools menu or using the shortcut Shift + Esc, you access a manager with similar functions.

In the Chrome Task Manager, you can view processes individually. It is possible to close a problematic tab or even a running plugin that is defective. So you don’t have to close the entire browser whenever something goes wrong.

  1. Speed:

The fact that it has tabs that work independently of each other makes Chrome really a little faster than its competitors. This is because a slow tab, where a very heavy file is being loaded, does not interfere with the operation of another. Chrome has always shown the best performances in this regard, both to be initialized and to load pages.

  1. Stability:

Since each tab works independently and, in case of problems, it can be closed without harming the others, Chrome also stands out for its stability. This all allows the browser to be used to the limit, almost without presenting considerable problems with regard to locks.

  1. Perfect Sync:

Google Chrome, already has a more improved method to accomplish the syncing task. The tool is broad: it synchronizes applications, extensions, themes, fills, favorites, passwords, and preferences. To use this feature, simply login to a specific part of the browser with your Google account data.

6. Instant Chrome:

Added in one of its last updates, the feature of instant display of a page already visited is similar to the one present in the Google search engine, Google Instant. This tool causes a page to load in the browser the moment you start typing its URL. The result is much more practical to revisit a website.

  1. Drag and drop downloads:

Another advantage that places Chrome as one of the most practical and usual browsers today is the download through a simple drag and drop. If you take the link to a file inside Chrome and drag it to any folder on the system, it is automatically saved.

This function is very useful to save attachments you receive via email on your PC. In addition, Chrome has a very simple download manager that ensures the organization of the files you have downloaded. It is even possible to drag links from downloaded programs to any folder on the system to move them.

  1. Search from the address bar:

In addition to searching Google from the address bar, which almost all major browsers also do, Chrome allows you to do the same on almost all web sites that have a search feature. Just start typing the page URL and the option can be accessed using the Tab key.

  1. Extensions installed and without having to restart:

Undoubtedly, one of the major drawbacks of Firefox is the obligation to have to restart the application whenever an extension is installed or removed. In Chrome, this does not exist and you can remove an add-on just by right-clicking on it and then on the Uninstall option.

  1. PDF without a plugin:

Another recent feature of Chrome is the possibility to view PDF files within the browser without the need for any extra plug-ins. This means the following: when opening a PDF, it is not necessary to wait for the Adobe Reader plugin to be loaded before opening the file.

  1. Chrome Web store:

Firefox was the first browser to invest in the issue of extensions, which allows you to give new options for surfing the internet. Google went a step further and launched the Chrome Web Store, a virtual store of applications that can be installed on both the browser and the operating system of the web giant.

Thus, you can install games, Twitter clients, social networks and online radios, among others, within the browser itself, accessing everything through Chrome’s New tab page. Simple and practical like almost everything that exists in Chrome.

12. Ease of Use:

Without sacrificing resources, Chrome has an interface that allows you to focus your attention on the websites you visit. Among the most popular browser, Chrome uses the least amount of vertical space.

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So that you can focus your attention on the websites you visit. The browser can be improved with the installation of extensions from the Chrome Web Store, which allows you to add features found in other browsers.

  1. Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage of information in the browser is a central element in Google Chrome and you can easily sync bookmarks, history, extensions and other installations of Google Chrome on different computers. Chrome also integrates with a variety of Google’s cloud-based services, including Gmail, Google Docs, etc.

  1. Voice search:

Google Chrome 12 brought, for the first time, integration with Google’s new voice search service. From there, you can perform searches on the largest search engine on the web just by dictating what you want into the microphone.

  1. Search in Options:

Sometimes, you want to find an item in the browser configuration menu, but you have no idea where to find it amid so many options there. To put an end to this difficulty, Chrome offers a search function in the options and the results appear as you type the desired term.

  1. Hardware Acceleration:

This function of Chrome allows you to put all the graphics processing part of the computer to assist in loading web pages. The feature is a great outlet for those who have a great video card and want to take advantage of all the possibilities it has.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome

  1. Privacy:

Like all things at Google, some users have concerns about how much browsing data is sent to Google. The browser sends Google a series of data, including autocomplete suggestions, the address entered in part, Google Instant Search results, and synchronized settings.

In addition, each installation of Chrome includes a unique identification code and string. Although this information is not used to identify users, it is worrying for some users that unique codes are used.

Chrome is an open-source browser, a browser privacy authorization variant, called Ferro Browser, was created for users who do not want their data to be sent to Google.

  1. Resource usage:

While separating each card, plug-ins and extension is useful for preventing accidents at the browser level, this method also causes the browser to use many more features.

This is not a problem on modern computers, with sufficient RAM and processing power, but on older computers, users may find Chrome to be extremely slow.

  1. High load on RAM:

Despite the speed, Chrome takes up a large amount of RAM. For weak computers, this can become a serious problem while working with a large number of tabs.

  1. Adaptation to a single search engine:

The browser interacts well with the Google search engine. When setting up an automatic search through other services, some of the functionality disappears.

  1. High battery consumption:

A critical flaw for portable devices. It is associated, to a greater extent, with the load on RAM.

  1. Sending browser usage reports:

Partially the collection of information can be turned off, but some data will be transmitted to Google.

  1. Only one search engine:

Since this browser was created by Google, it works flawlessly only with this search engine. When working with other search engines (for example, Yandex), some browser features disappear.

  1. Not very convenient viewing page code:

Viewing the source code in Google Chrome is not implemented well enough. When viewing, only the lower half of the code is visible. Therefore, you must always move the mouse cursor to see the desired area.

  1. Problems with WordPress:

This is true for those who blog on the WordPress engine. This is a twisting of the displayed data in the visual editor of the engine. For example, when writing posts, all paragraphs and sentences can be knocked together.

  1. Chrome is watching you:

You can hardly say that Chrome respects your privacy. The browser painstakingly transmits to Google everything that is possible – your location, search history, history of typed URLs and much more. All this to show you targeted ads and improve Chrome specifically for you.

  1. Chrome allows itself too much:

Chrome is more than just a browser. It is practically an OS inside your OS. And he lives with his mind. Chrome users noticed that the browser scans their documents and files. As it turned out, Chrome performed an antivirus scan. He did not ask permission for this.

  1. Chrome takes up too many system resources:

Chrome also eats memory and a processor. If you run the Task Manager at the height of your work, you can estimate how many Chrome processes are there. The browser generates a separate process for each tab or extension, and also performs preliminary rendering of pages, which contributes to their speedy loading.

Yes, this method allows Chrome to not fall if one tab hangs, and generally adds stability and responsiveness. As long as you have a lot of RAM. And Chrome can remain in the background even after closing the window to delight you with its applications.

  1. Chrome is no longer the fastest browser:

Chrome used to be truly the fastest browser in the world, but those days are long gone. Chrome shows better results in tests related to support for HTML5 standards, but Firefox and Edge are not much inferior to it in this.

And when loading web pages, Firefox in some cases overtakes Chrome. In tests, DigitalTrends browsers Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi bypassed Chrome in three benchmarks.

  1. Chrome interface is not very customizable:

Let’s look at the Chrome interface. It is very simple and convenient. It is not easy to clutter it with extraneous buttons, and it will satisfy all your needs. Until you want to tweak it a little finer.

Move extensions to the other side of the panel? No, you can only hide unused icons. Add and change new panels and buttons? Not. Resize address bar, move bookmarks bar to another location?

Use what Google designers have created for you. Safari, where the buttons, address and search fields can be sorted in any order, Vivaldi with its customizable panels and grouping of tabs. And Firefox, whose interface can generally be changed beyond recognition, look at all this with bewilderment.

Google Chrome Themes

A theme is a combination of desktop background images, window colors, and sound. The theme is a visual pattern or collection of patterns that the appearance and feel of a graphic interface. Themes are used in about any computer program that relies heavily on graphic elements. Such as a browser, software program or operating system.

Themes incorporate both practical and stylistic functions. Themes can be explained as a design created to give a facelift to the browser, to make it more attractive. With themes, any browser that you are using can be changed in its appearance, it’s the color palette.

One of the advantages of today’s browsers is that almost everyone has a theme system to customize their appearance, and Google has a whole theme store to find the ones you like best. Google chrome has developed the store where you can customize Google Chrome at will, namely the Chrome Web Store.

It has been transformed into an application store divided into categories, with extensions and themes. If you haven’t customized your browser yet, it’s worth taking a look at Google Chrome’s to-do list, because you might find something you like.

The benefit and the reason for using or applying the theme to your browser are that the new theme appears easier on your eyes and also reduces eye strain. It becomes boring when you use the same appearance for your browser day today.

Seeing the same color, same design, the same picture often makes you lazy and hard to work in your browser. Applying the newly designed theme freshen you up, makes your browser attractive and fun to work with. Some themes also come with new features that you can work with.

Sometimes, a gesture as simple as activating or deactivating the dark mode or changing the theme makes us feel that we are facing a new experience.

How to install or change the theme you like in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome as the most popular browser also provides theme options for its users to make the browser look more attractive in person.  Google Chrome allows users to install different types of artistic themes that change the colors of the navigation interface.

Free to download through the chrome web store, these add-ons are ideal for people who want to personalize the Google browser. The installation is done by accessing the themes page, without the need to confirm forms or install software on the PC.

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These themes can be installed instantly, without the need to restart Chrome or special modifications. You can also turn off the theme if you feel uncomfortable with how it looks. The following are the steps to install the theme on Google Chrome.

Steps to follow:

  • Launch Google Chrome, click the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner, then select settings.
  • Look at the Appearance section, then click
  • Search for the theme you want, through the search field.Make sure you are in the Themes category when searching for themes.
  • Click on a theme, then clickAdd to Chrome to begin the installation process. The button can only function if you are logged in to Google.
  • Wait until the theme file download process is complete and the results will appear immediately.
  • Use themes with small file sizes so they don’t consume too much CPU resources. This is very helpful on low specification devices.
  • To delete the applied theme or return back to the default theme, simply enterSettings then click Reset to default.
  • There are no video themes right now. Hopefully, Google Chrome will develop sooner or later. But there are some plugins that play a role in presenting videos in each newly opened tab.

Some Hot themes for your Google Chrome this 2020

  1. Incognito dark Theme Material:

What is more hot and elegant at the same time than the dark theme. If you’ve ever opened Chrome’s incognito mode and you have thought that your design like more than the look of Chrome when you open pages normally.

incognito dark theme
incognito dark theme

It’s called Incognito Dark Theme Material, and it’s designed to mimic the color scheme of Google’s incognito mode. If you decide to install it, you will have to pay close attention when using it, because Chrome in its conventional mode will look exactly the same as in incognito mode.

This is going to make it easier to get confused by thinking that we are browsing in this mode when we are not really doing it.

  1. Carbon black metal and silver

A theme that you may like if you like metal and carbon fiber finishes because that is the design proposed by this theme. According to its creator, it is a theme that tries to please both lovers of minimalism and those who are looking for elegance and dark colors with which they do not force both sight and light.

The dark color of the carbon black metal with the infusion of white silver adds the extra glamour to the theme. On the one hand, the theme keeps the white wallpaper that comes by default in Chrome, so there are no changes in that.

What it does is put a very elegant metallic skin brushstroke to the toolbar, with a very beautiful silver color. While the area of the eyelashes puts a carbon fiber background that also looks good. Maybe that same fiber could have been used for the wallpaper, but it seems they have opted not to saturate.

  1. Rihanna theme:

The singer Rihanna was born in Barbados and became known in the music world with the song Umbrella, with the participation of rapper Jay-Z. The single broke out all over the world and became the summer anthem in 2007.

In the years that followed, the muse made no break from the charts and hit hits such as Take a Bow, Disturbia and Live Your Life. Rihanna also made several partnerships with popular artists, such as Justin Timberlake and Marron 5. Fortunately, to the delight of the fans, Rihanna’s glow has not faded like that of a shooting star.

rihanna theme
rihanna theme

The pop muse continues to shine and collects more hits and fans every day that keep multiplying. If you follow her career and fall in love with the singer, be sure to personalize your Google Chrome with this special theme. In the image, Rihanna is divine, curled up on a red sofa, ready to follow all her steps in the browser.

  1. Katy Perry theme:

Katy Perry took her first steps in the world of music with gospel songs, but it was in the pop world where she stood out. Her debut album, One of the Boys (2008) caused a real stir, starting with the first hit I Kissed a Girl.

Since then, the singer has been recording successes and gaining ever-larger audiences. With a beautiful voice and a lot of talent, the muse also enchants for her modern pin-up style and her incredible stage presence.

katy perry theme
katy perry theme

If you love Katy Perry and use Google Chrome as a browser, be sure to adopt the theme created especially for fans of the singer. The theme of Katy Petty Chrome is completely free. Decorate your chrome with the image of this hot singer.

  1. Selena Gomez theme

The actress and singer Selena Gomez won legions of fans with a lot of talent and sympathy. From the beginning of her career to the present day, the young woman has not stopped working and discovering new paths.

Selena sings, acts, composes, and more recently, opened a clothing label. But even with so many appointments, Selena can be very close to you in these three themes for Google Chrome.

selena gomez
selena gomez theme

Selena Gomez began her career in 2002 on the children’s series Barnie and Her Friends, with the character Gianna. Five years later, the series Wizards of Waverly Place debuted on the Disney Channel, where she sang the opening song. In 2009, she released her first studio album, Kiss & Tell, with her band Selena Gomez & The Scene, which burst with the songs Falling Down and Naturally.

Selena continues to reconcile the careers of singer and actress and accumulates dozens of nominations and awards, under the media spotlight and the applause of thousands of fans. The theme shows this hot singer in sparkly red dress holding the mic in her hands and singing.

  1. Angelina Jolie Theme

Nearly every man and boy have thought and dreamt about her, her flawless beauty. Now you can have her as your company all the time. With Angelina Jolie Theme for Chrome, you make that dream come true and stay close to the famous Hollywood actress while working or browsing your Google Chrome.

angelina jolie theme1
angelina jolie theme1

Angelina Jolie became known worldwide for her role in adapting the video game Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, where she had to learn the British accent and go through martial arts classes. The film not only boosted the actress’s career but also made her unique beauty known in the four corners of the planet.

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In addition to leading several lists of beauty, sensuality, and talent, Jolie has become one of the most engaged celebrities in the humanitarian cause. Being named Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner (UN) for her work with refugees from Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Pakistan. Angelina Jolie starred in the films Mr. & Mrs. Smith, opposite Brad Pitt, her Ex-husband, and Wanted, Salt and The Tourist.

  1. Miley Cyrus Theme

Miley Ray Cyrus is an American actress, singer, and songwriter born in Nashville, Tennesee on November 23, 1992. she is the daughter of Leticia Tish Finley and country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Her great opportunity came when Disney Channel looked at her to star in one of its television projects.

In early 2006 the Hannah Montana series was released; in which she plays Miley Stewart, a common girl who leads a double life as a superstar of the song. Miley Cyrus became the best-paid youth artist in the world in 2007. Vanity Fair magazine published photos of her half-naked for artistic purposes.

miley theme

because of the reaction, she apologized at a press conference for the misinterpretation that generated her photos. Miley along with figures like Tony Blair and fellow countryman Oprah Winfrey was included as one of the 100 most influential personalities in the world according to a list published in 2007 by Time magazine.

To have the company of this beautiful girl, download this Miley Cyrus for your google chrome. You can see the beauty in a red tank top from her song Wrecking Ball.

  1. The theme of Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina is a stage name of Victoria Celeste Carvalho. She was born in February 1997 in the city of  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. As an actress, she has worked for studios such as Kick-Ass, Brazzers, Reality Junkies, New Sensations, Digital Sin, Lethal Hardcore, Evil Angel, among others.

gina valentino theme
gina valentino theme

In addition, in 2017 she was nominated for the AVN and XBIZ Awards in the category of Best Revelation Actress. This hot actress now can be with you all the time via this google chrome theme where she is showing her beauty and glamour.

  1. Shraddha Kapoor theme

Shraddha Kapoor is a popular Bollywood actress and singer who was born on March 3, 1987. she is the daughter of popular actor Shakti Kapoor. She began her career with a short role in the movie named Teen Patti released in 2010.

shradhha kapoor theme
shradhha kapoor theme

she bagged the leading role in the teenage drama Luv Ka The End.  She gained popularity from her role as a singer in a movie named Aashiqui 2. she also acted in a Hindi movie inspired by William Shakespeare Hamlet in a leading role. She has ups and downs in her career via commercial films which didn’t gain recognition.

Such as Rock On 2, Haseena Parker. But she again gained the stardom she needed from the movie like Stree, Baaghi, and Saho. The google theme of Shradha Kapoor demonstrates the real beauty and the hotness of this beautiful girl. So download this theme if you’re a fan of this gorgeous actress.

  1. Hot Megan Fox Theme

Megan Fox is one of the most sensual actresses in Hollywood. Her short but successful career has allowed her to be the protagonist of several commercial-type hits. The Transformers saga is the one that has made really popular but Jennifer’s Body, New York for beginnersIf it were easyI want to be superfamous or Whore belong to her list of films.

As a star, she was born at a time when the competition is enormous and the actors must demonstrate ample solvency. so as not to be forgotten in the face of the emergence of new generations that are strong.

megan fox theme
megan fox theme

In 2014, after a while away from the business, Megan returned as the protagonist of The Ninja Turtles. Her sculptural body has always made her head in the rankings of the hottest women on the planet since 2006. In addition, her beauty has earned her brands to be interested in her.

She was the image of the Armani Underwear campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010, and the Motorola telephone house. This theme of google chrome has shown her in a blue less dress revealing her hot curves and her flawless beauty.

  1. Sunny leone hot girl theme

Karanjit Kaur Vohra aka Sunny Leone is an Indo-Canadian, American actress, businessman and former pornographic actress.she had to face opposition from many types of organizations before coming to Hindi films because that has been her background.

It is well known and in a country like India, the sentiments of people are soon hurt. Well, many people from the industry also raised voices of protest against her, but finally, she got a break in Hindi films with Bhatt Camp. Sunny is married to Daniel Weber.

sunny leone theme
sunny leone theme

Sunny adopted a baby girl in the year 2018, after which she became the mother of two twins from surrogacy. In the early stages, she had to struggle a lot in Bollywood as she was a former porn star. And no producer or director wanted to cast her in the movie.

Despite this, she has acted in many Hindi movies on her own. Recently her autobiographical web series was released depicting her childhood and journey from pron star to Bollywood item queen. This google chrome theme of sunny leone shows her in a beautiful floral dress holding mask. Make this theme your own.

  1. Bella Swan Twilight Vampiress Google chrome theme

Isabella aka Bella Marie Swan Cullen is the main character of the Twilight series.  tetralogy consists of the novels Twilight, Eclipse and Dawn narrated from Bella’s point of view.

In the first adaptation of the book to the middle of the cinema with the 2008 film Twilight, The American actress Kristen Stewart was chosen to play Bella Swan.

bella swan theme
bella swan theme

To embody the character, she used the brown contact lens and hair extensions.IN Eclipse, she wore a wig, as the actress had cut her hair fro another film.in In Dawn she had to lose eight kilos to represent how pregnancy impaired the character’s health.

In the Bella Swan chrome theme, she is presented with a red-eye lens giving her an intense look. She is in the role of vampires.

  1. The theme of Taylor Swift

There are few people who don’t know about Taylor Swift. She is the Nashville singer who started her career with nine years framed in the country style and has evolved to almost Madonna from her throne of The KIngdom of Pop.

At the age of 26, the singer has managed to reach the top and create an authentic entourage of followers throughout the world.she has been listed as the richest celebrity of 2016 by Forbes. Because she, with her elegance and air of diva, has always behaved like a real princess.

taylor swift theme
taylor swift theme

And except rarely, Taylor usually adopts silence by the response and avoiding any kind of controversy. Taylor writes and composes all her songs. Unlike other artists, she writes the lyrics on her own.

It is rumored that she is one of the composers who less time to write a song. The theme here shows the singer ina blue outfit with red lipstick. She is portrayed giving her intense and hot look.

  1. The theme of Justin Beiber

This young singer has suddenly reached to fame from his childhood. In December 2009 he played in The White House in front of Barack Obama and his wife.

He also makes his first step as an actor in the first chapter of the eleventh season of CSI. He can’t be understood without his millions of fans who are called the Beliebers.

justin beiber theme
justin beiber theme

Justin Bieber is a character adored by millions of people but also generates animosity and controversy. He tends to let himself be seen, to be photographed, to hang on twitter images of his private life, constantly recorded with mobile phones and those images go around the world.

With which we have been able to see him stamping against a glass door, spitting his fans from a rooftop, fighting with paparazzi, urinating where he was not supposed to or running over a photographer. the hot singer is shown in the black vest and cap. Make this adorable and hot guy at the same time your theme at once.

  1. Priyanka Chopra theme

She is an actress, model, singer, businesswoman and philanthropist of Indian origin. At 35 she has shone on catwalks and red carpets around the world.

From Bollywood studios to Windsor Palace, she is the celebrity of the moment. She married in December 2018 with Nick Jonas in two ceremonies in her home country. It was followed by endless events. Since then their happiness has not ceased for a moment.

priyanka chopra theme
priyanka chopra theme

in this chrome theme, the actress is shown in a black and white picture laying on the bed. Make this Priyanka Chopra theme your own by adding it to the chrome list.

  1. Scarlett Johansson theme

This hot actress is the daughter of a builder and her mother, a film producer, is of Polish descent. She has three brothers, of which Hunter is her twin. Since she was little she knew she wanted to be an actress and that’s why she studied at the Professional´s Children School in Manhattan and at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

Scarlett Johansson theme
Scarlett Johansson theme

The executives of Hollywood noticed her when she represented, together with the actor Ethan Hawke, the work Sophistry which earned her to debut on the big screen with a small role in the movie A Boy Called North (1994).

After several supporting roles in several films, Scarlett achieved her first starring role in the movie Manny & Lo, for which she earned a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards. The man who whispered to the horses (1998) made critics point it out as one of the great interpretative promises of the 90s. Later came titles such as Ghost World (2001), The man who was never there (2001) and Arac Attack(2002).

But without a doubt, success and fame come with the movie Lost in Translation with which she would obtain two Golden Globe nominations. After this film, she would shoot: Diary of a nanny (2007), The Bolena Sisters (2008),  Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), The sprint (2008), What happens to men? (2009), Iron Man (2010,2012), etc.

The best-known romances that are known are the ones she had with Jared Leto and Josh Hartnett. In 2008 she married actor Ryan Reynolds and they separated two years later. After her divorce, she had a short affair with Sean Penn. You can see her under the baby pink silk cover showing her beauty and hotness at the same time.

  1. One direction theme

One direction is a British Irish band of boys which was formed in 2010 in London on the grant platform of The X Factor program. During the broadcast of the contest, the band was formed by Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Loius Tomilson.

one direction theme
one direction theme

They were sponsored y Simon Cowell. The boys’ debut song was What Makes You Beautiful and was released on September 11, 2011, reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart. The next working song was Gotta Be You released on November 13 of the same year, and soon after the band’s first album, Up All Night, dated November 21, 2011.

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The album was so successful that it was the sixteenth best seller of the year in the UK, with approximately 468,000 copies. The band soon signed to Columbia Records to release the same album in March 2012 in North America.

With all this, in less than two years of career, the band is already the winner of three 4 Music Awards, two Kids Choice Awards, an NME Awards, two Bizarre Awards, and even a Brit Awards, due to the best single of 2011.

The boys are inspired by pop singers and bands, also British and American rock, especially Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Elvis Presley, Robbie Williams, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. You could make this theme for your chrome theme with the picture o these handsome boys.

  1. The theme of Denise Milani

Denise Milani was born on April 24, 1980, in Czechoslovakia and Her mother tongue is Czech and her second language is English. She is named the Queen of Eroticism. She is one of the most famous models od her generation.

She emigrated to the United States where she began a career as a physiotherapist.she began her career as a model in 2005 after being discovered by Sports by Brooks. She was crowned as Miss Bikini World in 2007.

Her popularity is increasing day by day and is one of the most beautiful women in the world.she has a large number of international fans as well.in this theme of Denise Milani, she can be seen in a black tight-fitting outfit. make this theme your official theme for chrome and let this beautiful girl accompany you all the time.

  1. Theme of Madonna

One of the greatest musical figures of our time is without a doubt, Madonna. And this singer has not earned the title of the queen of pop in vain. Having countless successes and defining practically, part of the culture of an entire generation, today she is a star that sets trends wherever she goes.

madonna theme
madonna theme

Madonna has stood out mainly, for having a large number of successful singles that cover the genres of pop, dance, and electronics. Apart from venturing into the world of cinema as an actress, she has also worked as a film director, music producer and even a writer for children. She has composed several songs as well.

She has a daughter who was born from the relationship she had with the Cuban Carlos Leon and she also has a son from director Guy Ritchie. At the age of 50 plus, she still can steal the hearts of millions of her fans. She has created new fifty where she still managed to look so hot.

Make her the theme for y our chrome browser. The diva can be seen in black lingerie with high leather boots hot as always.

  1. The theme of Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis rose to fame with barely fourteen years for her character Jackie Burkhart in the American series That 70s Show. To receive this role, she lied about her age.

Instead of leaving her out of the cast, they valued her initiative so much that they gave her the role. Thus began her career as an actress. Mila comes from a middle-class Jewish family. She has an older brother. Her mother, Elvira, was a physics educator and her father, Mark, a mechanical engineer.

When she was eight years old, in 1991, they moved from their home country, Ukraine, to Los Angeles. There, Mila attended the Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School, while receiving acting classes at Beverly Hills Studios. Mila Kunis has one green and one blue eye.

mila kunis theme
mila kunis theme

In 2012 she was named the hottest woman in the world and has made a photographic model for magazines like Maxim.

From almost the beginning of the series, she is a voice actress in Family Guy, where she lends her voice to Meg Griffin, the daughter of the family.in this theme of chrome, this beautiful actress has been shown in black bikini revealing her curvaceous body and elegant figure.

These are some of the hot google chrome themes that you can apply on your choice. Beautify your chrome and experience the pleasure.

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