50 Most Asked Questions About Doctor Google on Google Search Engine Are Now Answered


Most asked questions on Google about Dr Google: – Dr Google is one of the most famous among all of us who seek for medical advice. Down below some of the questions and answered about it which may clarify its important and some weak phase.

50 Most Asked Questions About Doctor Google on Google Search Engine Are Now Answered

  1. Where you can find Dr Google?

Dr Google is everywhere who wants to search or want to know about their health condition. Any one of us have any symptom related to our health than doctor Google is one of the most trending and somehow accurate.

Every people have smart phone on their pocket and internet access in it. Just one swipe and internet will take you to Dr Doctor where you can find anything related to health issue.

  1. Is Dr Google safe to search?

Well, it depends upon what type of symptom you want to search in it. I can’t prefer it personally if you ask for me because it almost contains same type of list of symptom for everyone.

Doctor Google Questions Answers

You can’t trust it half as well but of course it is safe for some common illness like common cold, little headache and like some really simple symptom. It will make you really confused if you start to keep searching more and more as well.

  1. What type of suggestion Dr Google include?

Dr Google has a lot type of recommendation for you and it will provide as per the symptom. Sometimes, it shows the exactly what is the reason for your illness and other time it may mistaken the symptom because it doesn’t hold degree like professional one.

Dr Google is give you suggestion a lot time even you don’t need them a lot time but to take that seriously or not it depend upon us. Information about health may be misleading in Dr Google a lot time.

  1. Why Dr Google is so famous?

Actually it is more famous in western part rather than east or we can say it is more famous on America rather than Asia. It is so easy and cheap to use that each and everyone prefer it wherever they are.

People find it so attractive and effective for their health now days that and we also don’t need to take appointment from doctor to see what is happening with us. They say that Dr Google save hours of time and money at the same time with accurate result. So it is really famous among all of the people around the world.

  1. Who invented Dr Google?

Larry page and Sergey Brin was the founder of Google who invented the search engine too. Indirectly we can say they were the inventor but after Google include various page and website and make it comprehensive than Dr Google come into existence.

Many people start to create website about health and cure of symptom than all those part has given the name as Dr Google in internet. Now, it covers really great part in Google and also play vital role to treat peoples illness.

  1. How Dr Google get information of health?

It is just simple as like other because Dr Google is neither a human who have some professional degree nor it is from official health organization. We can see that many people were interested these days or may be from past decade about health.

Everyone start to gather info about symptom and home cure medicine and put in on some articles. Same articles of different peoples are found in various website which is the source of Dr Google and we can find not only one of those sites but more than 100 were there.

  1. Is Dr Google smart enough?

Tell me one thing first, if you ask me one simple question and want really short and sweet answer but suddenly I start to give you so many same type of answer with a lot of confusing things.

Now, did anyone think that it is smartness or absurdity? Same goes for Dr Google because there will be so long list of each and every symptom you search on it that everyone will get confused about which is actual illness. Sometime it gives more frustration to people rather than solution of their diseases.

  1. Does real doctors suggest for Dr Google?

No, that a real and professional doctor put someone life on so risk by suggesting Dr Google to anyone of them. Doctors know everything about how much accurate Dr Google is because they get so many cases related to these internet folks and put their life in danger.

Many people reach to last stage of their life by searching unnecessary symptom and get so unusual answer. Especially they know that, all the content on internet about health is just written by someone who have not a single experience of doctor in his life.

  1. Can Dr Google lie something to us?

Well we can’t say that it will lie anything to us but how you assume it, that depend upon us.

Actually whatever topic or symptom you search on Dr Google, it will provide you all the things related to it and it will not hide anything from you by itself but the main thing is if the content written by other who put it on Dr Google may be misleading us many time.

People may put fake or false information about that particular subject and we may be receiving some nonsense answer.

  1. What is the difference between professional doctor and Dr Google?

There is really huge difference between two of them because professional were qualified, educated and most important experienced one who has a lot of skills with them and they are practical one but Dr Google only exist on theory.

Behind the information and recommendation of cure is even not real a lot time. Nobody has a little experience because all Dr Google exists on some people imagine theory which may lead to everyone on risky path of their life. Symptom can’t be unseen but we should think first practically before jumping into conclusion.

  1. Why Dr Google is important?

Well talking about its important side than sometime it has really great use on health improving sector. It will help people to get informed about health and how to live healthy life by mentioning various balance diet food.

It may be useful when time comes for sudden reaction or quick treatment like hiccup and constipation. It really has somehow importance in people in very emergency situation and it will recommend you nice answer with reason as well for certain purpose.

  1. How can we take advantage of Dr Google?

Well, it does depend upon ourselves that what type of treatment we want for our health. There will be a lot short method to use for minor illness like common cold because it will tell you the homemade medicine for it which is actually good for you rather than other medicine from clinic.

It will provide you the perfect way to be healed in a natural way but still some of them may be little dangerous sometime. Using Dr Google to diagnose already known symptom for natural cure is the best way to take good advantage of it for everyone.

  1. Is Dr Google legal in all countries in the world?

Well yes, actually it is legal in all those countries where Google is legal and support. Anyone can search it and all country citizens adopt it because it is one of the famous tools to help each and everyone.

Anyone can search their symptom in Dr Google and they even don’t need to go anywhere like for appointment for doctors in hospital. So, all the countries allow Google to help people in their respective country. I really feel that somehow people feel safe after access to Dr Google for their health.

  1. Can all age group people use Dr Google?

Of course, all age can utilize its advantage as search engine when they felt sick. In many site 18 plus may be required because less age children may not understand it properly and may be harmful for them a lot time.

So, at least teenage were enough aware of all site and may not be panic by seeing their symptom and reason of illness. Parents should tell their children about its all positive and negative affect before their children used it by their own.

  1. Is there any disadvantage of Dr Google?

Why not, everything has its negative and positive side by the way. But Dr Google may have little bit more disadvantage because there is nothing professional and experience recommendation by official hospital.

People may get a lot confused and panic by seeing a lot illness and may be serious one sometime for their simple symptoms. Many times it gives us misdiagnoses and put us into more stressful situation. It really provides more and more suggestion on any simple and small symptom we search which is totally unnecessary for us.

  1. Why some people feel so uncomfortable with Dr Google?

Well, there is always a reason why people don’t want to use something and with Dr Google they may find how terrible it is. Many people feel so bad after they search their symptom in it and get unnecessary answer for just simple illness.

Those people who feel so uncomfortable surly experience the negative impact of it while using. These days results were little bit unexpected because people start to know that searching their symptom lead them in more panic situation rather than decrease it. When nothing cure their symptom even Dr Google recommendation medicine than anyone leave it side.

  1. What is the response of people after using Dr Google?

People have both negative and positive response after they used it. If symptom is simple and you already know the cause than for homemade cure to search is super effective in Dr Google.

But if we don’t know anything about our disease and we start to trust on Dr Google each words than things will run out of control. Many emergencies short method is useful for everyone but when it comes to so pain and actual bigger health condition than, it may lead to worst.

  1. Is it possible to completely treat your symptom with the help of Dr Google?

Nobody can give you the really accurate answer of this question because it really on what is the illness and how much reliable the source is. Inside Dr Google there were many sites, among them some were totally fake and useless.

Some of them were so effective too so, if anyone has some kind of middle level or not too much serious health condition and source of information is very official than that may be cure perfectly. A lot people as well have pretty good response of becoming better again with the help of Dr Google.

  1. How much people trust on Dr Google?

Well, in the case of trust, we can say so many people have really good faith on Dr Google these days. More than sixty percent people use Dr Google every day and not a single percent is in decreasing any day.

May be it is because of saving time and money to go hospital. Whoever use internet and even more educated, well qualified people also use more Dr Google than other. by calculating above situation, huge population of today’s world have trust on it.

  1. Did using Dr Google worthless?

I won’t say worthless to Google your symptom because you may gain some knowledge from it about your illness. Like if snake bit you and like that sudden emergency, just within 10second you may find some cure to stable the poison and give little more time to run towards hospital.

But in other case it may took your life in those conditions by providing unnecessary step to take. We somehow need to be careful while using Dr Google and it depend upon us as well for how we use it for our need.

  1. It is necessary to use Dr Google when you were sick?

Nothing is necessary and nobody going to force you to search it either. Only you are reasonable of everything and you can force yourself to search your symptom on Dr Google.

I seriously suggest to those who were afraid of health problem to step back from Dr Google because of its confusing nature of giving answer. Why type of sick you are like simple as common cold and fever or serious as heart attack. So, it’s better to run towards hospital rather than searching and creating more junk thinking.

  1. Does any hospital recommend you to check on Dr Google before you go there?

The answer is never, hospitals were made for the patients who suffer from bad health condition and to cure them through professional doctors. They have qualified doctors and have proper experience of years and years training as well.

Searching your symptom means putting you in more danger and hospitals were well know about that but sometimes nurses in many hospital use Dr Google for short use. They use it to search name of newly medicine and other simple way of claim down the patient.

  1. How much time Dr Google take to provide you answers?

It depends upon your internet speed and clear questions. If you ask Dr Google a clear question, you may get right answer within a second or minute. In the case of providing answer, Google is super fast and it can also give you a lot options related to your symptom.

Providing answer to your question is the best thing Dr Google can do with in a short period of time. It takes really very little time and you will get your answer on your item.

  1. Did Dr Google really have all the answer related to health issue?

Dr Google is huge platform and it has a lot of information inside it whether that is about other topics or health. That’s true, it has almost everything inside it but we can’t say all the information related to health and symptom is so correct.

You can search your illness symptom and there will be thousand of cure will pooped up on your screen with in a second which may be confused you. Dr Google has long list and it will not give you only your answer but also provide you a lot related issue of your topic.

  1. How much support Dr Google get from people?

People having formal level of education and at least can read properly are the one who always support Dr Google. Age between 35 to 50 years of people were also have so faith and confident on Dr Google.

Especially, women feel so overwhelmed by the information of Dr Google which teaches them to be a local house Dr for much illness. According to the research, it found that those people have full support to Dr Google who lived far from hospital and can’t get easy appointment.

  1. Does educated person also search on Dr Google?

Of course, all level of people used to search on Dr Google because it is for every age people. According to doctors well educated are the one who search more on Dr Google rather than normal or little educated one.

They were more curious one who has urge to know about their health and can’t be sitting quietly. So, as we look at the ratio of people who use more Dr Google than top list will be well educated and well qualified people from all over the world.

  1. Is there any guaranty of health on recommendation of medicine by Dr Google?

It really depends upon what type of symptom you have on your body like if you have just a simple flu than it surely will. Many illnesses like cancer and heart diseases were just a folk or you can say somehow useful to make it slower.

Those homemade medicine or local medicine suggested by Dr Google will help you to slow down your disease and make you little bit relief from pain. Rest it is never full guaranty for anyone to cure their symptom by Dr Google neither it can.

  1. What is the side effect of Dr Google on their patients?

There may be a lot side effect of it in a straight way. Dr Google provide similar type of list of symptom and many people got confused about that which lead them to use medicine in wrong way.

People may feel whatever in the list of symptom is exactly the same as their and the recommended medicine will affect them seriously. So, people should be so fixed about everything on Dr Google before used its solution to their symptom.

  1. Is Dr Google addictive?

It seems that many people from young age to old use Dr Google frequently from all over the world. Without thinking that it may drive them crazy to used Dr Google so frequently, they used it. Nobody was too much aware of that because people fear about their health.

If a small cough can make the scare about what is going to next with me and they start to search about it. From teen age group to old age use Dr Google to make them sure, symptom were not so big to go hospital and like that every day they check their health issue which is the one of major cause of addiction of Dr Google.

  1. Is it bad to Goggling your illness symptom on Dr Google?

I won’t say it is fully bad because last year one of my cousins saved his life my knowing he was suffering from lung damage just by searching on Dr Google.

There were thousands of cases which tell that Dr Google is as much useful as it is useless and if many people gain pain from it still many get relief from it as well. But it almost like 30 percent get cure while using Dr Google and rest 70 percent get more pain.

  1. Does it helpful to doctor for curing to have history of Dr Google on your phone?

Sometimes, yes of course it is a lot helpful to them because of your history on Dr Google on your phone. Doctors really get confused because of your unusual behaviors while testing your symptom and if you have something on your phone which you regularly search about your health than it will be a lot beneficial for them to cure you.

Many times we forget about what was happen yesterday or day before yesterday but with the help of your history, doctors easily get to your symptom.

  1. Why so many people were against Dr Google?

No, nobody is ever against Dr Google but many people certainly were after wrong information provided by many website inside Dr Google.

People feel so depressed after knowing about their bad health condition and when they start to open it on Dr Google to know cure, more and more related list make them confused. Like this people have distrust on Dr Google and its suggested cure these days.

  1. Can anyone put health information on Dr Google website?

It may be little long process to tell everything about how website and Google work but overall yes, anyone who is the owner of that website can put information on it.

Hence, they were not that much qualified to know every cure and medicine but someone they research on different various article with fix proof. We cannot make sure about all the list which is provided by Dr Google is only for us but if we only take little advise for prevention than it will be a lot better for us.

  1. What are the some frequent questions asked on Dr Google?

There were a lot of questions which people used to ask on regular bases but some are so regular and match with a lot people. Is Dr Google safe to use? Does Doctors recommend Dr Google to their patient?

Can symptoms be similar with other illness? Why people use Dr Google in large number? It is easy process to use Dr Google? Does Dr Google suitable for all age group? How Dr Google get sufficient information about all the illness?

Like this there are a lot of questions and their answers which are always regular question for Dr Google.

  1. Can anyone become like doctor after having proper knowledge through Dr Google?

Well, that is the major problem and totally wrong belief among everyone that they become doctor. How can you even think that just reading some information on some website or internet will make you professional doctor?

Neither have you any degree nor any experience of curing any illness. Most important, many students give their life to become doctor and have a lot experience and finally they have achieved it. But I see people start to become doctor after having some information about certain diseases and it is surely not possible to be doctor through words.

  1. Does Dr Google may confused sometime?

I never think Dr Google going to be confused by you any question because of its perfect searching engine. Our questions should be exact to the point and Dr Google must understand it than it will never going to mistaken.

Our symptom may not exactly match on the list of what we search but our question will match and it is for sure. Confusion will occur when we failed to write what we really going to ask on Dr Google.

  1. It is true that Dr Google has its answer before we ask?

Yes, I got your question that Dr Google have all the answer inside it or someone may put inside it even before you ask it and it is not live. Dr Google is not like those doctors on the hospital which will tell your answer by listening it live.

Dr Google already has all the information about a lot illness and when we put our question inside it than it will show you all the possible diseases. It will also provide you curing method sometime, even we don’t ask for that.

  1. If Doctor never suggest you to use Dr Google than why it is on internet?

First of all, internet is global platform which is almost totally public. We can search and put according to internet rule in it so, nobody can force us to do anything on internet neither they have any right to do so.

Simply, Dr Google is just a side for health issue where anyone can go and treat themselves and no need for permission as well. Doctors never recommend cigarette than why there were so many cigarette factors, now it is similar to above questions.

  1. Did any hospital staff ever use Dr Google?

Last time when I take my mom to hospital, before a nurse take blood to test her health, first she search the area of main vain on her hand on Dr Google.

So many staffs get confused a lot time on small things and it will be easy for them to search on Dr Google for those things rather than running to doctor who may be so far. They use Dr Google to clear up their confusion but only on simple as well as pre knowledge situation otherwise, it’s better to ask to professional doctors.

  1. Does someday it is possible that everyone going to use Dr Google?

We can’t say what is going to happen on our future days but one thing is sure that, if everyone gets access to internet than Dr Google will be surly used by everyone.

It is also so easy to use and for common illness, it is trusty and useful as well. Many remote areas of country don’t have sufficient hospital and doctors so, it can also be so helpful for everyone live there and everyone as well support it for betterment.

  1. Which is the most asked question on Dr Google?

There were so many questions people always asked according to their symptom and illness but one question is frequently asked on Dr Google How to lower blood pressure? Well, this question is so much in everywhere because people regularly check their blood pressure wherever they are.

Blood pressure always increase or decrease with in short period of time so everyone feel little quick symptom. It is actually very common as well because it depend upon how is your daily life going on so, everyday blood pressure change like our daily life.

  1. Is goggling question is common everywhere?

Yes, somehow it is too common among us because every age group people use Dr Google to know illness. If we go through all the things which is happening right now than it is clear that people cannot wait to appoint for doctor.

It becomes one of the fashions for people to search on Google for all the symptom they were suffers. It works easily for them to see on Dr Google than book a sit on hospital for doctor.

  1. How to know that Dr Google is right when we search?

Well, we cannot say it whether Dr Google is right or wrong until we apply that recommendation on our life. You are feeling the symptom and ask Dr Google to give some homemade medical list and any suggestion than apply it.

Only take it on real life and you will find out whether it will work for you or not. We are not a doctor and whatever Dr Google tells us we can only follow it. Until we feel good we cannot say it is going to cure our symptom. It’s all depending upon ourselves that how we apply it on our life and health.

  1. Did you support Dr Google?

Of course, I support Dr Google because it is one of the best ways to know what is happen with you. It is helpful for me in minor case only because I cannot risk my own life if I suffer from major symptom than I will go to checkup my health in hospital.

Whenever I feel like little low or common illness which I already know than I will surly search for homemade medical suggestion. Just in minor case we really should use Dr Google for our benefit rather than Goggling on serious issue.

  1. Does Dr Google give different answer to the different people?

I never think it going to give different answer to different people because all the answer is pre fixed. Well, if you ask to any doctor or professional doctor than they will surly give suggestion according to you age and everything.

But Dr Google is very much different than those people because when symptom match with its detail than it is going to provide you the same answer. Actually, it will not watch who you are but what is your illness symptom is.

  1. Why Dr Google is so unsafe?

Dr Google is so unsafe because most of the content inside it is taken from unknown resources and mostly people used it as minor symptom. I never say Dr Google so unsafe but without proper guide it just confused a lot to everyone.

It is not easy to get your illness cure without go through a lot inside Dr Google. Once a person start to see its list of symptom and find out that how much it has unnecessary other topic too. It may bring sometime some serious case on your symptom as well.

  1. What are some of review on Dr Google?

People keep giving their view for Dr Google on regular basis. Some of them give really interesting and nice about Dr Google than other one will give totally bad one or negative one. Yes, it may differ from person to person about their health condition as well.

Dr Google may be helpful for a lot people and whoever they were, has nice and positive experience on Dr Google. Same with another one who may face extreme pain due to Dr Google who may have totally negative experience about Dr Google and like this it goes on.

  1. How much healthy is Dr Google for people?

So you mean healthy as good for everyone and I say someone perfect. Those people who upload information in Dr Google will surly watch out and do research about particular symptom.

Page owner must take all the responsibility as well in any false case of information provided. Without any need or urgent case never Google your symptom well, you ask with me than.

Many people fall in the trap of searching everything which is happening with them and all symptoms. Like that more tension and more pressure you need to bare and it will never going to help you like you used to think.

  1. Can Dr Google be hacked?

It is some kind of tricky question but nice one because most of the people I meet used to ask me about what if someone hacked Dr Google and kill people?

Well, never worry about those things because to hack Dr Google means you need to hack Google as well. It is not possible and neither can you put all fake data on Google as well. It is that much safe to see symptom of your illness and other minor things.

  1. Give your view about Dr Google?

Dr Google is almost honest way to see the reason or cause of your illness but it is not a place to treat that symptom. We can analyze all our illness and symptom with the help of Dr Google but almost never take too much recommendation or suggestion from it until you feel urgency.

Dr Google is never been a too much for me though but it really have mind confusing list for you. it may sometime de motivate you by giving fear of unknown diseases and a lot people afraid of that so much.


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