48 Proved Strategies For Maximizing The Use Of OK Google Now


Strategy for maximizing the use of ok google now

  1. Set it up right

Ensure you have set Ok Google Now up correctly before you begin exploring. Right off the bat, get Ok Google Now to perceive your “OK Google Now” command from any screen by tapping the hamburger menu icon in the Google app. At that point go to Settings > Voice > “OK Google” detection. Here you simply slide all the toggles to one side.

When that is done, you’ll be prompted to prepare OK Google to your voice, which you do by saying “Ok Google” three times.

OK Google Now Voice Search

Next, head over to Settings > Voice > Offline speech recognition and ensure all the dialects you need have been downloaded. Along these lines, you can in any case use OK Google Now commands that don’t require the internet when you’re disconnected.

2. Learn all the OK Google voice commands

Google Now’s OK Google offers many voice commands that can be utilized to achieve an entire host of operations. The more you know, the more you will get out of Google Now.

3. Add even more voice commands

In the event that you download Commandr from the Play Store, you can include a host of additional commands to Ok Google Now. From turning on the flashlight to empowering rotation lock, clearing notifications to take a selfie, the app extends the repertoire significantly. You can likewise set custom voice commands for each features.

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That, however, Commandr incorporates joining for Tasker, transforming Google Now into a mechanizing machine.

  1. Google Now cards

You could likewise swipe to the right from your main home screen on Nexus gadgets to bring up the cards. On different gadgets, you can install the Google Now Launcher to have the option to do something very similar. A few cards will likewise show in your notification bar.

So as to access the cards, you have to enable Google Now. At the point when you first launch it, you’ll see a brief to “get Google Now.” Select “Next.”

From there, you’ll see another screen that clarifies that Google should “use your synced schedules, Gmail, Chrome, and Google information for updates and different suggestions.” as such, you’re empowering Google to pull data from your Google accounts and to utilize your location history.

Your location history isn’t exactly a similar thing as location services or GPS. Your location history is, well, where you’ve been while location services are utilized to track where you are.

To customize your cards, enter some data about yourself. Look to the bottom of your cards and you’ll see a couple of different icons. Select the icon that resembles a magic wand and take the plunge!

You can include and evacuate sports groups and stocks to follow, work and personal addresses under spots, and TV and video on request providers under TV and video. That will permit the relevant information to be pulled up and even influence which cards show up.

In the event that Google doesn’t think you need something right now, it won’t be shown. For instance, it won’t display event cards on the off chance that you have no upcoming occasions being pulled from your email or schedule.

4. Use location-based reminders

For your location settings, first, head back into the Ok Google Now settings and tap Privacy accounts. As a matter of course, these settings ought to be empowered.

Next, tap Manage location settings. This will bring you into Maps settings. For best outcomes, you’ll need location history empowered.

Take a little look at the base of your card stack, where the wand and three dots icons show up. On the left, there’s an icon with a bow tied around a finger. You can set an update there to go off at a particular time or to go off when you find a certain place.

Uh oh, it looks as though it’s an ideal opportunity to take care of my flat mate for my portion of the Internet bill. Location services should be on for this to work.

Next, with the goal that Google Now can recognize your home and work address effectively (rather than your preferred spot to hangout) launch Maps. Presently select Location history. From here you’ll have the choice to arrange your home and work areas.

Add locations to your Calendar occasions. Google Now will at that point give you a notification when you have to leave to arrive on schedule.

On the off chance that you need to remember to do something in a specific spot, yet you don’t know what time you’ll be there, you can request that Google to remind you once it recognizes that you’re there.

This can be valuable for remembering what you have to purchase when you land at the shop, or that you have to turn the stove on when you show up home, for instance.

5. Let it help you with travel arrangements

On the off chance that you use Google Calendar, OK Google Now will furnish you with cards and notices that let you know in advance what time you should leave at to arrive at an arrangement on schedule.

These notifications even account for traffic conditions, making you an increasingly dependable and viable person.

Ensure you have your favored method of transport selected (Customize > Transport) and afterward head into Settings > Now cards and switch Commute and Time to Leave on.

6. Use it to track packages or flights

In the event that you get flight affirmations and delivery tracking information to a Google email account that is connected to Ok Google Now, these emails will be utilized to give cards that track bundles and update you on your flight’s status.

The same should be possible for any trip via looking for the flight number. In the event that you have web history empowered, Google Now will make a dedicated card for the flight.

7. Ask follow-up questions

Google Now is entirely acceptable at contextualizing what you state. On the off chance that you’ve asked, “How enormous is California?”, for instance, you can ask a follow-up inquiry, for example, “How many individuals live there?”

8. Launch apps

Google Now has consistently been there to give a hands-free experience, so why keep on utilizing your fingers to relentlessly open applications? Just state “Open [app name]” and let Google do it for you!

9. Set up relationships

Google can recall which of your contacts is your mom, father, sister or sibling, among others. Essentially state something like “Oscar is my dad” and Google will deal with the rest of the matter.

On the off chance that there are multiple Oscars in your phonebook, you should affirm which is the correct section and afterward select Add nickname.

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When this is done, you have access to new commands, for example, “Call my mom” or “Email my father”.

10. Replace Shazam

Google Now can comfortably replace Shazam for you. You simply need to ask it “What tune is playing?” and it will bring you the outcome.

11. Use punctuation and smiles

Messages you send utilizing Google Now don’t need to be a tremendous confounding series of words. You can undoubtedly include punctuation in by saying “period” or “comma”. You can likewise add in smiles utilizing voice commands, for example, “tragic face”.

  1. For Activity summar

Suppose you’re trying to get or remain fit. This card shows up once per month with how much you’ve strolled or cycled in the previous month and analyzes it to your earlier month’s activity.

Location reporting and location history must be turned on for these to work appropriately. Your activity is figured dependent on samples from the accelerometer of the Google Now-empowered gadget you utilized most inside the previous month. Perhaps utilizing this card would assist you with being better at working out.

  1. Occasions

This is another card that gets data from your Gmail and calendar. Occasions will help you to remind you of shows or different things you purchased tickets for and assist you with arriving there on time.

Man, you would have to put this card to utilize on the off chance that you had the option to purchase passes to Sir Paul McCartney’s show when he recently came to Salt Lake.

To give you suggestions for when to leave to get there on time, Google will use your location to figure out directions. Those directions and delay and traffic data will be utilized to decide to what extent it will take to get there.

  1. Parking location

In spite of the fact that I don’t see this one in the list of cards Google gives, there is a card that will assist you in finding your parked car. The card is controlled when your gadget’s sensors, uh, sense that you’re leaving a vehicle.

Your principle method of transportation should be set as driving for this one to work. You can modify your principle method of transportation in the menu where you tell Google about yourself.

Select the wand icon, at that point “Everything else,” at that point “How would you generally get around?  And then tap “Driving.” Now in the shopping center parking area you don’t need to waste your ten minutes looking for your vehicle.

  1. Translation

In spite of the fact that you communicate in Spanish, yet you don’t know it all. It’s pleasant to realize you can pull out your telephone and look into words in a hurry, regardless of whether it’s using this card or an application like Spanish Dict. Saber es Poder. This is a travel card and should work when you’re away from the area you have set as home.

You can ask Google Now to do real-time translations for you, say “OK Google” followed by “‘Hello’ in Spanish”, “‘Thank you’ in Japanese”, “What’s ‘Good morning’ in Italian”, or “Translate ‘airport’ to French” etc.

  1. TV

This card can give you more data about shows at present being broadcast on link, satellite or over-the-air TV. It doesn’t naturally “listen” to realize while bring this data up, however it can consequently recognize when you’re watching a supported program in the event that you have a Smart TV and it and your OK Google Now gadget are on a similar Internet network.

At the point when the card appears, you can choose “Listen for a TV show.” If you don’t have an Internet-associated TV, you can touch the microphone icon when you open Google Now and state, “Listen to TV.” This is just accessible in the US of A until now.

You can use Google Now in each and every activities (small to big).

17) Play music

You can ask Google Now to play some music, say “ok Google Now” followed by “play some music”, “play some Jazz”,  “play some romantic songs”, “play some sad songs”, “play some exercise music”, “tune in to Daft Punk”, and so forth.

You can set your default music app in the Services tab of Google Now settings and it will naturally play from that music from that source.

18) Watch something on Netflix

You can ask Google Now To start up Netflix and get watching, state “ok Google” followed by what you need to watch: “Watch Luke Cage on Netflix”. This will open Luke Cage on Netflix. You don’t need to watch Luke Cage, however you should, and it is acceptable.

19) Listen to news

You can ask Google Now to narrate news from sources you’ve pre-chosen, state “alright Google” trailed by “what’s the news”, “international news”, weather news, sports news “what’s the news about Trump”, or “What about the Barack Obama”, and so on.

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20) Control smart devices

You can ask Google Now to control compatible smart devices, you’ll need to set them up. After which, you can say “ok Google”, trailed by “turn the kitchen lights off”, “advise iRobot to begin cleaning”, “turn the lounge area map on”, “turn up the heater/ AC”, and so on.

21) Ask about your day

You can approach Google Now for your day by day preparation, state “OK Google” trailed by “hello”, “good evening”, or “goodbye”, and so on. You’ll get the information about climate, upcoming gatherings, a news portrayal, and so on.

22) Set reminders

You can ask Google Now to set reminders for you, say “OK Google” followed by “set a reminder…”, “remind me to buy milk”, “remind me to buy milk tonight”, “remind me for my shopping”, or “remind me to do laundry when I get home”, etc.

23) Set alarms

You can ask Google Now to set an alarm for you, state “ok Google” trailed by “set an alarm…”, “wake me up at 9AM”, wake me up at 10AM regular and so forth.

24) Fetch sports news

You can ask Google Now To get some information about games news, state “ok Google” trailed by “Did the Red Sox win”, “Did Arsenal win”, “Did Real Madrid lose”, “Did Manchester United lose”,?

25) Ask a question

You can ask Google Now a general inquiry, state “ok Google” and afterward pose any inquiry, for example, “who is Archimedes”,  Who is Shakespeare”, At what age Shakespeare died”, “how far is the moon”, “what number of ounces in a cup”, or “how many ounces in a pound”, or “what is a dangling participle” and so forth. Much of the time, Google will read the data back to you, disclosing to you the source.

26) Find stuff close by

You can ask Google Now to find stuff close by, state “ok Google” trailed by commands like “find a café”, “close by occasions”, “close by inn”, “what are some close by bars”, or “what comedy films are playing” and so forth.

27) Find stuff while voyaging

You can ask Google Now to find stuff while you are voyaging , “ok Google” trailed by “flights to New York”, “hotels in Boston”, “cafe in Barcelona”, “where would I be able to paraglide in France”, or “Is United flight 16 on schedule”, and so forth.

28) Check your next flight or booking

Google Now will know things about your booked travel in the event that you have confirmations sent through to a Gmail account. Simply state “ok Google” at that point “what’s my next flight” and you’ll get a rundown of upcoming flights. You can likewise ask “when am I going to Barcelona?”  And “At what time I will land after my flight?” for instance.

29) Place a call

You can ask Google Now to put a call for you, state “ok Google” trailed by “call Sally”, “make a call”, “call Alice Walker”, or “call mum at home”, and so on.

30) Send a message

You can ask Google Now to communicate something specific for you, state “ok Google” trailed by “send a message”, “text Eric”, “send a WhatsApp message”,” message Alice arriving at 5pm”, and so forth.

32) Open any application

You can ask Google Now to open an application for you, state “ok Google” trailed by “open YouTube”, “Open Calendar”, or “Open Wi-Fi Settings”, and so forth.

33) Search Play Store

You can ask Google Now to discover an application for you in Play Store, say “ok Google” trailed by “Facebook in Play Store”, “WhatsApp in Play Store”, “Twitter in Play Store”, and so forth.

34) Search Google

You can ask Google Now to search Google, say “ok Google” trailed via “search for…” trailed by whatever you’re searching for – be it travelling ides, zebra realities, jokes, or realities about the moon, and so forth.

35) Show your photographs, show photographs of your dog, food, kids

You can ask Google Now to show your Google Photos, state “ok Google” trailed by “show me my photographs”. Google Photos realizes that photos contain, so it will likewise return photographs of items, like your dog, food, children or spots, simply state “show my photos of cars” and you’ll get your vehicle photographs showed.

36) See your messages

You can ask Google Now to show your Gmail email, state “ok Google” trailed by “show me my messages”. This will show messages from your linked account.

37) Voice dictate in applications

You can ask Google Now to direct in supported messaging applications, including Google’s own Messaging application, tap the microphone in your icon.

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38) Unlock your gadget

You can ask Google Now to unlock your gadget, just say “ok Google” (must enabled in Google Assistant Settings). In case you’re in a noisy spot, it probably won’t perceive your voice appropriately.

39) Take a selfie

Google Now will help with this fundamental task. Basically say “ok Google” trailed by “take a selfie”. This will in an immediately open the camera and start a 3 2 1 countdown. Make sure to grin.

40) Toss a coin

The universal method of decision making. State “ok Google” and afterward “flip a coin”. Associate will flip that coin and let you know whether it’s heads or tails.

41) Turn on light

You can ask Google Now to turn on light. Simply state “ok Google” at that point “turn on light” will turn on the flash on your telephone.

42) Play trivia

You can ask Google Now to play trivia, basically state “ok Google” trailed by “play trivia”. It’ll at that point let you browse different subjects, for example, maths, geology, diversion, and so forth.

43) Say ‘I’m exhausted’

You can ask Google Now to engage you, simply state “ok Google” trailed by “I’m exhausted”. It’ll at that point let you play a game, or make you laugh by cracking joke. It’ll even “shock you with some irregular enjoyment”.

47) I’m feeling fortunate

This maybe the gem in the crown of Google Now skills. State “ok Google” trailed by “I’m feeling fortunate”. We won’t destroy the surprise, however, Google Now truly gets down to business in managing Google’s notable inquiry.

48) Time at Home

At the point when you are in a different time zone, Google can show you the time at home, so you don’t wake up the children when you call the house.

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