SEMrush Pricing Plans 2020 | The Ultimate Guide & Tips For Bloggers


Semrush price plan

SEMrush pricing plan 2020: – SEMrush is software that helps companies execute digital marketing methods, such as SEO campaigns. This all-in-one digital marketing program helps you run SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and content marketing campaigns.

You can identify trends that occur within your industry niche with SEMrush. Audit your SEO on the page and help you improve your pages. This allows you to better understand your page and optimize it for SEO for better lead generation.

Additionally, SEMrush helps you identify valuable keywords for your campaign. You will learn what keywords your competitor uses and how they rank on search engines. It gives you information on how you compare to the competition.

This software is designed for people who need assistance with digital marketing. If you have limited experience or knowledge, SEMrush makes it easy for you to understand and use SEO if you have.

SEMrush started in 2008 with the mission of making online competition transparent and fair. Its goal is to create a platform where everyone can have the same opportunity to trade.

Only in a span of 9 years, this company developed in such a way that everyone wants their product from small businesses to large organizations.

For SEMrush, it all happened because of their constant experiments and efforts and they are now the world’s leading competitive research service for digital marketing specialists. Big organizations like Amazon, eBay, Disney, Hewlett Packard, and many more trusts this product.

semrush empower your content marketing
Empower your content marketing with data

Advantages of SEMrush

  • Find and solve problems on the website.
  • Monitor website performance.
  • Useful for finding updates on keyword rankings.
  • Improve website SEO.
  • You can find out the success of social media.
  • The reputation of the brand can be monitored.
  • Facilitate tracing of the search engine robot.
  • A user-friendly experience can be created with optimization techniques.

How does SEMrush have data?

When you use the SEMrush software, you will see that it collects data to help you understand how your and your competitors’ sites are performing. There are two main ways that SEMrush extracts data.

The first way is through your search bar. By typing the URL of a website in the search bar, you’ll get reports on that domain and see keyword selections. This helps you research your competitors and find valuable ways to compete with them.

The second way is through creating a project. SEMrush projects collect data from outside their database. They analyze the visibility of your website and help you see how it competes with your competition.

What are the SEMrush tools?

SEMrush Toolkits are a combination of different reports and tools that you can customize to better understand your campaign. When you use a toolkit, you have access to a variety of reports and tools.

While you may not need all of those offered, you do have the option to customize your toolkit to fit your business. When you start using SEMrush, you may not know what tools you need.

To discover the right tools, think about your plan and your goals. What are you trying to achieve with your SEO campaign and what tools would help you achieve that goal?

There are toolkits for all the methods that SEMrush offers, so you should choose the tools that are best for your campaign. Also, don’t feel compelled to use a certain amount of tools. The most important part is that you select tools that will help you monitor the success of your campaign.

Using SEMrush in SEO?

If you are looking to run your SEO campaign on your own, SEMrush is excellent software to use. There are numerous benefits to using SEMrush in SEO.

  1. You will understand the performance of your site

When you run an SEO campaign, it takes time to show results. You wonder if your optimizations are working. With SEMrush, you can get information about the performance of your campaign.

SEMrush tells you how your site is working. You will see how much traffic you get through organic means (as well as paid traffic). It will show you if you are seeing an increase or decrease in your website traffic.

explore markets in a few clicks
explore markets in a few clicks

You will also see how it is ranked for keywords. SEMrush will inform you if you are ranking better or worse for keywords. This allows you to optimize your campaign to maintain the ranking of your keywords or improve your campaign to rank better for them.

  1. You will find valuable keywords

Keyword selection is an integral part of SEO. When your audience performs a search, it uses keywords to find relevant search results. With SEMrush, You will be able to find valuable keywords for your campaign.

To find the right keywords for your campaign, you will do keyword research. This helps you generate a list of valuable keywords that your business can use.

In general, you’ll want to focus on long-tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words. Long-tail keywords are better for your SEO campaign because they generate more relevant leads to your business.

With SEMrush, you can also identify the keywords that your competitors use. This provides information on the keywords your business may be missing so that you can reach valuable leads. Keyword selection is an integral part of SEO.

  1. Will understand your competition

As you run an SEO campaign, a large part of your strategy revolves around monitoring your competition. For example, there are dozens of companies that will compete for the same keywords, so it’s helpful to know what keywords they want.

You can learn what your competitors are doing with their SEO campaign using SEMrush. This will help you improve your SEO campaign, so you can beat them.

It is also valuable to learn from your competition. They may have keywords that lead to successful traffic. If you know what they are, you can take advantage of this knowledge and implement those keywords in your own plan.

SEMrush is a valuable tool to help you understand and compete with your competition. When you get to know your competitors better, you will create more impactful strategies.

  1. Will keep existing traffic

When you get valuable traffic, your next goal should be to keep that traffic. You don’t want to make every effort to get traffic just to drive them away. It is critical that you strive to keep your prospects engaged and interested in your page.

With SEMrush, you can choose to track certain locations, monitor keyword positions, connect to Google Analytics, and more to keep your current traffic happy. SEMrush offers all the tools you need to keep your existing traffic satisfied while attracting new traffic to your page.

  1. You will gain valuable backlinks

Backlinks are a crucial part of your online presence. These are links you get from authority sites. They help improve the trust as well as the authority of your site. When you get backlinks, you should get them from credible and authoritative sites.

semrush research a new market
research a new market in 3 steps

Google trusts your site more when it gets backlinks from established sites that the public trusts. You will get more valuable backlinks with SEMrush. This tool allows you to see where you can get backlinks if you are not already getting them from a particular authority site.

It’s also a great way to see which backlinks your competitors earn. You will know how many backlinks they have and you can use that information to create a better strategy for your business.

SEMrush Features;

  1. More effective keyword research

SEMrush is a super effective keyword research tool. For paid search, this will help you identify popular search terms and refine your cost-per-click offers. For organic search, this will help you identify high-volume keywords that are easier to classify.

The must-have keyword research offering in SEMrush is appropriately called the Magic Keyword Tool. With this tool, you can enter any keyword and SEMrush will provide a large list of search terms related to corresponding search volume, search trend, target cost per click, ranking difficulty, organic search competitiveness, and SERP features.

SEMrush organizes keywords into categories to make it easier to focus your research. You can also view broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords.

When you find the new keywords you want to target, you can add them to a list and export them for further analysis or upload them to Google Ads.  Your keyword strategy should be the foundation of your content marketing plans. The keywords are how your customers will find you.

What SEMrush does is identify the keyword phrases that are likely to give you the most search traffic. SEMrush arms you with an incredible amount of SEO intelligence and helps you with your content optimization and keyword strategy.

SEMrush helps you discover the different variations of keyword which are associated with a particular root word. This will give you a much better understanding of how people actually search online. This takes the guesswork out of the game and helps you identify user behavior much faster.

semrush check out your website health
check out your website health with site audit

You can see the average number of searches for each keyword phrase per month in SEMrush. You’ll be able to see the competition for them, the average prices of a click on a PPC (AdWords) ad, how many pages Google has for the search query, and the top-ranked sites on Google for any keyword search query.

For any online business owner, you must find the right keywords to optimize your content. This is crucial to reap the benefits of a successful SEO and / or PPC campaign.

With relative ease, you can compile an extensive list of long-tail keywords. This type of keyword is ideal because they are generally not as competitive to rank for and generally address a specific consumer need, i.e. the more emotional the keyword is, the more likely a customer will buy from you, even if your prospects are scattered all over the world!

With just a few clicks, you can compare competitive domains and keyword difficulties. This takes any guesswork out of SEO optimization, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

With SEMrush you can generate up to two million keyword ideas and group phrases. This works great to keep your keyword research organized and easy to use.

You can then export the selected keywords to an Excel document and use this data in conjunction with other SEMrush tools. You can also track your current search engine ranking for any given keyword, discover your local competitors, and target different devices through SEMrush SEO optimization tools.

  1. Comparative Competitive Intelligence

Before analyzing how well your competitors are doing and what they are doing well, it is important that you first come to a better understanding of what you are doing yourself.

When you enter your web address into the SEMrush tool, you’ll see a summary screen, which tells you everything you need to know about the traffic you’re receiving, whether it’s paid or organic. You can see if your traffic is getting better or worse, and how it’s ranking on Google in real-time.

SEMrush submits monthly PDF SEO reports that leave you in no doubt about your speed of progress and traffic growth in the last 12 to 24 months. Be sure to check your dashboard every week and keep a close eye on your progress.

  1. Analyze and Strategies

There are tens of millions of blogs, many of which are not very different from yours. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the competition and discover exactly how they are doing it.

SEMrush allows you to have a deeper insight into your competitors, as well as the keywords for which they get the most traffic. Once you know the keywords your competitors are using with the greatest effect, the next step is to make them part of your own content marketing efforts.

Develop content that targets these search terms. SEMrush enables you to create a very successful content marketing strategy that is based on understanding your competition and targeting the traffic they get for your best keywords.

  1. Identify new keyword opportunities

SEMrush is a great tool for generating ideas for new keyword ideas. If you click on a keyword “content marketing” in SEMrush then many more keywords will be displayed that are relevant to it, such as “effective content marketing”, “content marketing case studies”, “success content marketing “etc. in.

Every time you click on one of these keywords, you will see new related keywords. This allows you to identify better keywords for your content creation.

  1. Track your past and current rankings

With SEMrush, you can easily track your current and past rankings. You can see the progress (or regression) of your rankings on Google over a period of time so you can identify what worked and what didn’t.

Maybe there was a blog post you wrote 12 months ago that led to an increase in your rankings. Why not use the same strategy that was used to write the blog post that made it so successful? Find similar topics, keywords, and try a similar style or script.

  1. Analyze your competitor’s competition

It’s easy to use SEMrush to discover the websites you compete with the most in online search, identify the keywords where they beat you, and spy on their online advertising tactics. SEMrush helps you to analyze your competitors.

It allows you to analyze your competitor’s competitors. Basically, it uncovers all the websites that rank well for similar keywords and gives you an accurate estimate of the amount of traffic received for the top 20 keywords used by each of these sites.

semrush competetive intelligence software for digital marketing
The world’s leading competetive intelligence software for digital marketing

This would give you a very good understanding of your traffic levels and formulate a strategy that takes this into account. With SEMrush you can get a better overview of your competitors’ digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter what campaign you plan to launch:

  • Show ad,
  • Organic search,
  • Paid search,
  • Link building,

You can use SEMrush analytics reports to see what keywords your competitors are optimizing for your content. In that same process, you will know who your organic competence is.

In addition, you can observe (more easily) any change in the classification of domain names. For your convenience, you can collect all your SEMrush data in one place by creating an elegant PDF report.

You can use your own brand to personalize the document and write down any comments, queries, or notes you have about the figures. Then you can share this data with your team and schedule periodic reports.

This is amazing to keep up to date with all the latest competitor research impacting your brand. In simple terms, the more expensive the package you buy, the more extensive your analytical reports will be.

In the report, competitors are plotted by the number of keywords and traffic. This is a fast and effective way to identify your online competitors. From this report, you can click to compare your website’s top-performing keywords to your competitors’ highest performing keywords. The most valuable benefit of this analysis is finding high-volume keywords where competitors rank well and you don’t.

SEMrush provides insight into the paid search tactics of competitive websites in addition to organic search intelligence. For example, TechCrunch can gain competitive intelligence on what keywords.

The Verge is targeting, how much they are paying, and see the copy of the ad that The Verge is using. This report of Advertising Research illustrates Google search ads that The Verge has actually used.

  1. Keyword position tracking for SEO

Once you’ve identified your primary keywords, you’ll need a way to keep track of how your website is in the search results. SEMrush’s position tracking tool tells you how well your site’s pages rank over time for the specific keywords of your choice. The position tracking tool also makes it easy to detect big positive or negative changes in your organic search rankings.

Here’s how it works: Depending on your subscription level, you load a certain number of keywords that SEMrush will automatically search for on Google every day. SEMrush then records its SERP ranking for each keyword and summarizes the data in the report.

To get the most out of the tool, it is recommended loading a combination of keywords from the following list:

  • Brand Keywords
  • Short-tail keywords
  • Medium-tail keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

As in the SEMrush position tracking report, you will see a visibility score for the selected keywords.

This visibility score is a summary of how your keywords are ranked each day: 100% means that you are in the top organic position for all your keywords, while 0% means that none of your keywords are in the first 100 results.. In addition to the visibility score, you can also see the average position of your keywords and the distribution of rankings.

A very useful feature of the report is that SEMrush records any known changes to Google’s search algorithm. You can see the Google logos in the previous report, each registered on the date of the algorithm change with a specific description of what changed.

  1. Don’t waste your existing traffic

Although SEMrush helps you get new traffic, it gives you the tools to make sure you don’t end up losing existing traffic. Taking care of your existing traffic is absolutely essential. You may be high-scoring for a while due to new traffic coming in, but if you start to lose your existing traffic, it won’t stay there for long.

You can choose what you want to track (your domain), the location for which you want to track your keyword positions, compare the results with those of your competitors, connect to Google Analytics or Google Search Console to get the additional information you need and add keywords to track using SEMrush.

The tool allows you to add 20 main keywords to crawl from a text file or from the information you retrieve from Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

  1. Find better advertising opportunities

One of the best ways to make money online is to show ads on your blog and look for other advertising opportunities. There are several companies that pay a lot of money for the traffic generated through Google AdWords. However, AdWords can be actually expensive for competitive keywords.

A great way to monetize your own blog or website is to contact these companies to display their ads on your site or join their affiliate programs. To become a successful affiliate marketer, you must first create great content.

You can’t make money from affiliate marketing without creating content that is informative, interesting, and useful to your readers. You can reveal the advertising strategies of your competitors (including rival startups on AdWords and Bing Ads).

By this, you can familiarize yourself with your marketing methods, advertising budget, and ad copy. This is great for improving your own marketing efforts.

This is especially true if you want to locate your advertising campaigns. With this software, you can really hone your local SEO techniques that work wonders to appeal to nearby consumers.

semrush website health
website health affects your SEO ranking. Fix issues now!

SEMrush plays a vital role here. It scans the keywords for which you are trying to rank your website or blog and identifies the various companies on the Internet that are paying for pay per click ads that are based on these keywords.

SEMrush then displays these keywords in a user-friendly graph and connects to the companies that use them. Thus, you will know which company to contact while looking for great advertising opportunities.

  1. Create an effective guest blogging strategy

Guest blogging is one of the most effective content marketing strategies that will bring you great results every time. There are a number of websites that accept guest posts, there are so many that identifying the best blogs to post your guest posts is not easy.

This is where SEMrush comes in. With SEMrush, you can do your research on a website or blog you’re considering guest blogging on, and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, you will be able to know better if the guest blogs on these sites would be beneficial for you or not.

  1. Use your tracker and social media poster

With the SEMrush social media tracker and poster, you can develop a terrific social media strategy and analyze the results, all from an easy-to-read report.

You can quickly post and schedule your content for Facebook and Twitter, all from one place, saving you tons of time and energy.

  1. Better handle Panda updates

A number of websites were heavily affected by Google updates, such as Panda, when they first came out. If you are not careful, you can also be hit. Panda updates are essentially content filters for Google’s algorithm.

They remove any duplicate content or misspelled content with lots of keyword stuffing etc. SEMrush performs site audits of your website and identifies things that can cause Panda to hit you. Therefore, you can make changes accordingly and ensure that all gaps are addressed.

  1. Perform backlink analysis

The goal of any content marketing strategy is ultimately to get more inbound links to content. Links are the currency of the internet. As a content marketer, you must have a link building strategy in place. With SEMrush, you can find out where your competitors get their backlinks from and the total number of backlinks they have.

Then you can use this information to design a more effective backlink strategy for you. SEMrush uses a pie chart to show backlinks and breaks them up into dofollow and nofollow links so you can see how many high quality links a website has, including yours.

As you develop your digital store, you will want to improve your organic backlinking strategy. You can use SEMrush to do an in-depth analysis of all your current backlinks.

This is useful for identifying areas that need improvement, for example, the authority of your referring domains, the type of backlinks you have, your geolocations, etc.

semrush keyword research course
keyword research course

Just use the search console integration to access all of this backlink information. This also reveals any potentially bad backlinks you have, so you can go ahead and remove it. Then, keep your backlink profile clean by doing regular searches. This is the easiest way to stay on top of things.

SEMrush vs. an SEO company: which is better?

SEMrush has various great features to offer for your business. You may start to wonder if it is better to use software like SEMrush or if you should hire an SEO company. So which one is better for your business.

  • If you have the time and patience to learn about SEO, SEMrush is a great option. It gives you the ability to be in control of your SEO campaign and makes it easy to understand how to run one. The downside is that you will have to trust your team to implement your strategy, which means more time spent on your SEO campaign than other projects.
  • For companies that don’t have time to run an SEO campaign, an SEO company is an excellent option. You can worry about your business while your SEO company runs your campaign. An SEO company will have the knowledge and experience to run a successful campaign for your business.

How much does SEMrush cost?

You could probably see on the Pricing page on the web site that has 3 subscription levels: Pro, Guru, and Business. Pro is the basic subscription, Guru is the most popular for SMEs and growing agencies, and Business is the advanced choice for agencies, e-commerce projects, and companies with a wide web presence. Subscriptions differ in the number of tools available, as well as the number of limits.

However, if you are not yet familiar with SEMrush functionality, it can be difficult to analyze the number of limits available without personal experience of working with tools. To choose the correct level of subscription, you can try SEMrush for 7 days for free (you can easily cancel after the trial ends).

The top three plans are recurring subscriptions, which means they will be renewed and billed on the same calendar day of each month.

SEMrush Feature

SEMrush Free features

You can use SEMrush with a free account, but the number of features and the amount of data will be limited. You can configure 1 Project, with the ability to configure each project tool once.

  • Position tracking: 10 keywords, updated daily
  • Site audit: 100 pages per month
  • Social media profiles: track 5, post on 2 (schedule 10 posts)
  • On-Page SEO Checker: recommendations for 10 units of keywords per month
  • Domain and keyword analysis: 10 results per report, 10 reports per day
  • Brand monitoring: historical data: 1 day, tracking 1 keyword in a project, 1 location, data sources – Web
  • Content audit: 50 pages to audit
  • Post Tracking: 5 URLs
  • Thematic research: 2 topics
  • SEO content template: 1 template and 10 keywords to add
  • SEO Writing Assistant: 1 Template

SEMrush Pro Features

A standard subscription plan provides all the basic SEMrush tools for specialists on a limited budget. The price of the pro plan is  $ 99.95.

It is better for freelancers, startups, and internal marketers with a limited budget. You can run your SEO, PPC, SMM, and content projects with over 40 advanced tools and learn about traffic sources, rankings, social media results, and more from your competitors.

It has features like 10,000 results per report, 3,000 reports per day, Show advertising research, 500 keywords to track, 3 projects, 100,000 pages to crawl per month, 50 social profiles for monitoring, 10 social profiles to post, 5 scheduled PDF reports, Projects: 3, Position tracking: 500 keywords, updated daily, Local CPC and search volume data in PPC Keyword Tool, Site audit: 100,000 pages per month, Social Media Profiles: Track 50, Post 10, On-Page SEO Checker: recommendations for 500 units of keywords per month, Domain and keyword analysis: 10,000 results per report, 3,000 reports per day, Schedule PDF reports: 5, SEO Writing Assistant readability check.

SEMrush Guru features.

The price of the Guru plan is Guru – $ 199.95. This plan is for SMEs and growing marketing agencies. With Guru, you get all the Pro features plus: Content Marketing Toolkit, brand reporting, historical data, and extended limits.

It provides various features such as 30,000 results per report, 5,000 reports per day, Show advertising research, 1,500 tracked keywords, Branded PDF reports, Historic information, 15 projects, 300,000 pages to crawl per month, 100 social profiles for monitoring, 30 social profiles to post, 20 scheduled PDF reports, Post Tracking: 50 URLs, Marketing calendar: 1 calendar, unlimited collaborators (share), Thematic research: without limits

A Guru subscription offers extended limits, all the features of the Pro plan, plus:

Historical data: Having only lived analytical data is not always enough to make informed decisions, so our Guru and top-level subscribers can explore our database files, which date back to January 2012.

Multitargeted Tracking: To get a complete picture, companies with a large online presence need to monitor you with precise targeting (a combination of location, device, and language).

Starting with your Guru subscription, you can track the search visibility of a website across multiple devices and locations within a single campaign.

SEO content template: number of keywords to add according to your SEO idea units

SEO Copywriter: Number of Keywords Based on Your SEO Idea Units, 5 Plagiarism Checks, Tone of Voice Check

SEMrush Business Features

This plan is mainly for agencies, e-commerce projects, and companies with a large presence on the web. With the business plan, you get all the features of Guru plus: white-label reporting, API access, extended limits, and sharing options.

As well the other features are; 50,000 results per report, 10,000 reports per day, API access, Historic information, Product listing ads, Branded PDF reports, White Label PDF Reports, 5,000 keywords tracked, 25 projects, 1,000,000 pages to crawl per month, 300 social profiles for monitoring, 50 social profiles to post, 50 scheduled PDF reports, On-Page SEO Checker: recommendations for 2,000 units of keywords per month, marketing Calendar: unlimited number of calendars, share in read-only mode, share a link to a person without SEMrush account, SEO Writing Assistant: 10 Plagiarism Checks.

The business subscription customers get all the features listed above and more:

  • API Access – Choose how you get SEMrush data. Extract the information that is relevant to you and integrate it into any type of user interface, application, widget, or control panel.
  • White Label PDF: Remove mentions from SEMrush and add your own brand to create clean and professional reports.
  • Product Listing Ads Research: Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns With SEMrush Data
  • “Read-only” sharing: If the number of people involved in your projects continues to grow, you may begin to restrict editing rights.
  • AMP Checks in Site Audit – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a great way to provide a mobile-optimized experience, and our site audit will ensure that you have successfully implemented it.
  • CPC map: comparison option by country, region or industry and export function
  • Extended display advertising analysis

Some Questions Related SEMrush

Can SEMrush help me improve my ranking?

Of course! However, how you use our data will determine how well you can improve your ranking. Since there are so many facets of digital marketing that contribute to the ranking of a website, it is difficult to guarantee a specific level of improvement that can be expected.

But do not worry! The SEMrush toolkit has been providing solutions for all aspects of digital marketing since 2009. Each website is different and has unique needs based on its age, market, and size.

semrush improve your content with SEO writing assistant
improve your content with SEMrush SEO writing assistant

Whether you need help creating website content, creating backlinks, starting an ad campaign, or researching your competitors, SEMrush can help. With a SEMrush subscription, you can research profitable keywords, perform competitive backlink analysis, and keep track of daily website rankings.

With a Site Audit, you can uncover all of the problem areas on your website that are potentially affecting your SEO potential. Clean up your mistakes, warnings, and notices to improve your chances of better rankings.

Check the status of your site with the SEMrush SEO analysis tool. Once you have identified the problems, you can start to fix them. It’s as simple as that.

You can also ensure the security of your website by doing one of its extensive HTTPS checks. This will reveal potential AMP deployment issues, so you can quickly address them to keep your site running at its best. SEMrush has tools to track social media competitors, brand mentions, external content, and more so you can get a complete picture of how well a brand performs online.

If you’re looking for a guide to get started, check out the suggested PPC start points or SEO start points on the SEMrush websites. While testing the tool, you can request a demo, subscribe to a webinar, read industry news and tips on our blog, or subscribe to our YouTube page.

What can SEMrush provide that Google Analytics can’t?

  • Improving your own website

SEO tools such as Site Audit, On-Page SEO Checker, and Position Tracking to carry out SEO research and track the results of a campaign.

  • Backlink auditing and link building tools to improve your backlinks
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Ability to research your competition’s search engine keywords (in Google’s Top 100 Organic Results and Top 7 Paid Ads Results)
  • Market research tools to study any niche or website in great detail.
  • Traffic Analytics estimates on your competitor’s website
  • Month-by-month analysis of search engine positions for any domain gained and lost over time
  • Investigating backlinks on your competitors
  • Content marketing and writing tools to help you create great content for your website
  • Brand monitoring tool to manage online reputation and public relations
  • Social Media Marketing tools to analyze competitors and trends and also manage your own content calendar and publish to all your channels
  • Customized creation of PDF reports
  • API available to customize your own solution

How do I update my account/subscription?

To update your subscription, contact the sales team at + 1-800-815-9959 (United States). If you are outside the United States, you can find your country’s phone number in the footer of the website of the Semrush, call your local sales representative (if you are already in contact with them) or email at mail @

Ask about updating your plan, buying more limits, or a custom plan to meet your needs.

How to check your plan summary and limits

You can find the current summary of your plan on the Subscription Information page. From there, click the Update button to go to the Pricing page to view our other subscriptions, request a custom plan, or get more information about our Enterprise Plan.

Buy more limits with any of the “Buy more” buttons that will prompt your Account Manager to contact you by email. If you need to purchase additional limits more urgently, then you can contact your Account Manager directly and they will be happy to assist you by phone.

How to downgrade your account

To downgrade your account, you can contact in the support by sending a request to There are no restrictions on the number of downgrades, but you may lose your existing Projects.

Please note that SEMrush retains your Project data for 30 days after degradation in case you choose to refresh again to retrieve your data. To cancel your account, you must email a request to and our Customer Success team will process your request.

How to switch to an annual plan from a monthly plan

There are currently three ways to change your subscription plan from monthly to yearly.

  1. From the pricing page

The first, and probably the easiest, is simply to navigate to our pricing page. At the top, click on the annual plans button. Switching to an annual one may not only be more convenient for your needs, but it can also save you up to $ 800!

  1. From the subscription information menu

This process can also be done through the Subscription Information menu under your Profile. Navigate to your profile and then click on Subscription Information, from there you will see your current plan.

To change your billing payment from monthly to yearly, simply click the update button next to “my plan.” You will return to the pricing page where you can upgrade to your desired plan after clicking the upgrade button.

  1. Via phone call/email

The final way to change from a monthly plan to an annual plan is to contact one of the sales representatives at + 1-800-815-9959 or From there, your representative will help you change your payment plan in a matter of minutes.

How to buy or remove additional limits

If you don’t have enough limits on your subscription, you can buy additional limits like:

Keywords to Track – Using the position tracking tool, the total number of keywords you can track for all your projects simultaneously.

Plagiarism Checks – The total number of plagiarism checks that you can perform with the SEO Writing Assistant.

Projects – The total number of projects you can create. Projects allow you to obtain all the necessary data on the performance of your site so that you can develop an effective marketing strategy.

Pages to Track – The total number of pages you can track for all of your projects per month using the Site Audit tool.

SEO Idea Drives – The total amount of keyword analysis you can run per month using the SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, and On-Page SEO Checker.

Social Profiles for Monitoring: Using the social media tracker, the total number of social media profiles that you can track for all your projects simultaneously.

Social Profiles to Post: The total number of social media profiles that you can connect to all your projects simultaneously on the Social Media Poster.

Locations: Number of authorized directories for which you track that your company’s data is presented correctly using the listing management tool.

Additional limits can be purchased on the Subscription Information tab. All of these additional purchased limits are eventually integrated with your subscription plan, and the payment for next month will be increased to the price limits.

If you no longer need additional limits, you can remove them by contacting Customer Success at


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